After Past Fragment

Amah Rock Millennium Shiren dream, as the surging river, muddy, and the there anymore.  Thousand years of wind and rain, knocking the hard hearts, broken dreams.  The commitment of love, was so pale; silly watch the how sour.  Silly woman Fuxin Han, Shiren to cry tears have dried.  Remember the dream dried, frozen in time in love.  Let it dusty history!Today, the face of the era of cheap love this auction, you should feel how sad their own deplorable!    Wei Wei Bar Bar is bound to be emotional relying.  Body according to danger bar, monopoly Wandering Road, boundless Bicao.  Tears wet Xiangsai, fascinates me?Yeah blame?I hate Jesus?  Bar crisis has become a distant vanish.  Lined with modern buildings, but no danger fence, but no man leaning against the railing.  Fast-paced, changing convey feelings: once the fields are green and flexible, and now into the fragile glass.  No sea of green grass.  Dry the pale man-made stockings on balcony.    Butterflies that a butterfly fluttering limp walk.Chuang Tzu interpretation of confusion: I do not know I was a butterfly, or a butterfly is my.  From the contemplation of trees, brilliant flowers fly, fly to the true height, just across a river.  Rustic passion, altar baptism of life, love transformed into a pupa.  That a pair of butterflies flutter phase play, among the flowers, like a jumping notes, playing the eternal farewell Butterfly.    Wuyi Xiang mouth swallow.setting sun.Weed.  Mao eaves, the swallows whisper.  Oh, that is from the Tang Liu Yuxi flying swallows.  Perhaps, then whisper, talk with most of the vicissitudes of Psalms.  Old house near the swallows who fly?Sigh, carrying Wen Tianxiang endless confusion and frustration.  Old house swallows fly long yurts, that is not his Spirit.Wear out iron heel of rivers and mountains, the rocket did not make the slightest inclination needle happen – the South, after all, will always be the South.  Only go south cuckoo bird Tears of Blood, and was bitterly lonely and hot talk a poetic heart of the burning pain!