After Past childhood under the autumn sun country

An early autumn morning, dazzling light touch of the sun shines on the windowsill of the building, I know this is the autumn sun, I simply open the window, facing the distant through the autumn sun, his thoughts have wings look like, across the county in high-rise buildings across the slopes of the mountain slope slope Ling Ling Gou Valley Valley back to the depths of the mountain autumn sun in the countryside.    My childhood nostalgia of our country under the autumn sun.    When I read in fourth grade, he wrote in an essay in: the autumn sun, early autumn round of Mid-autumn late autumn sun, a sun a mass of red glimmer of light.Morning, when she was coming out, just go out like a new wife, shyly revealing long face red and distended, it was exceptionally bright light through the gaps between the leaves, forming a thick bundles of thin light beam, the hillside dyed yellow, the valley dyed yellow, the earth domain dyed yellow, the Tin Par dyed yellow, the yellow dyed woods, the village dyed yellow, the fluttering veil-like mist countryside Akira red light shone.Unlike Chunyang shy autumn sun so charming, so candidly reveal fiery than Hsia, less so within the warm winter sun.But it is happy with the folks heart, laughing in the face of the villagers…    In that time the autumn sun, basking in the sediment had spread engraved with the childhood I can not forget.    In my childhood, or the rural collective production team great era, life and well-off folks who are members of the production team, throughout the year Kulei bitter earn work points to points made against the grain to live, so, in my childhood where folks are eagerly looking forward to the autumn sun, the autumn sun can be sent to harvest them, brought joy, desire and fantasy sent, the winter sun in the land preparation, planting next spring sun, cultivating between Hsia flash gold concentrate yellow reward.For a look at the autumn sun, they are a tangle of heart suddenly see the light, standing under the autumn sun, in front of their days are invigorating, and the earth Lang Lang, who also Lang Lang, Lang Lang also say, laugh Lang Lang, Lang Lang’s mountains and rivers, Lang Lang high slope land, keep hope Lang Lang, Lang Lang’s season.    I remember, early autumn each year under the autumn sun, I will come quietly began Yanghwajin edge of rice fields, focused and carefully watching the rice flower.I see, though small rice flower is very beautiful, no calyx and corolla, anther across the sun can be seen through the shadows in the glume due to the filament elongation gradually pushed to the top of Ying Department.Meanwhile Glumes like a clamshell-like opening, a pale yellow stamens and six females, from open to Xie only 35 days to open quietly, quietly Xie, there is a hint of fragrance.For my part, mid-autumn sun to see the rice flower, rice each to see Huadu let me think, grow rice folks like rice flower open quietly, quietly Xie, quietly grout, quietly strong seed, silently mature.    Gradually see yellow rice, a Sunday, I called a couple of partners holding a long bamboo pole came to the ridge side yelling, waving eat those expelled from sparrow flocks on the slopes of millet, our actions touch the villagers, they put on the several scarecrow, put on a worn-out clothes, wearing a broken hat, holding a bamboo pole, plug in the rice fields, a sign of trouble like the real thing instead of our Moriya on the time spent on homework after school.    To the Mid-autumn the autumn sun, which is the busy harvest season.At this time, our country’s schools will put five or six days of busy leave so that half of the country’s households teacher back home to help harvest.Those of us farm kids naturally feel and participate in a holiday atmosphere during the busy autumn harvest, the corn soil, harvest rice in the fields, the harvest is rush in, grab Shang Hao weather is driving corn millet brought home.Pick a woman carrying a clay large men in the corn people coming and going on the mountain road between the earth and the family, I also back a small basket, which is also equipped with my own corn under the flap trailing behind them to see them busy, but I think they gave corn weeding scene, made me think of summer I’ve read in the text of the Tang Dynasty poet Li Shen “hoe Wo day when afternoon, sweat Wo lower soil, who knows dishes on the menu, A Journey “poem.    Under the autumn sun, people received busy harvesting corn rice, shaking busy people on golden fields, the women bent over, waving shiny sickle, cut rice issued rustling sound, the women cut side of his mouth laughing, mouth, ever stop, previous or a large mound of rice waist suddenly been cut off, and very particular move neatly.The men followed behind, to cut the rice picked up, his hands tightly grabbed their arms high up up there, around a fir or piles of wood into a bucket side play Valley Valley, issued a very Valley play rhythm sound, sound off at the Valley bucket millet gradually increased, they stopped for a moment, play Valley millet four men two to pinch out Luokuang Li mounted for transport valley, but the other two the net play of millet straw bales will be up ted, restless moment, in their minds, have to rush in the harvest rush in the harvest of rice straw, can not leave the cattle farmer, grain straw cattle.Those burly man responsible for the full baskets of millet pick back, the curved ridge between the quartzite mountain faint shaking their running back and forth the figure of a day back and forth a dozen times, the valley courage one hundred kilos of pressure on them light shoulders leisurely.Pick Valley Valley play yard Par swathers under the autumn sun, Swathers play sound Valley whispered Huasheng pick footsteps Valley blend together, reminds me of Mao Zedong’s “likes to watch the rice beans a thousand waves, over and over under Xiyan hero “of the poem.    Busy during the holidays, my companions and took home early in the morning to catch cattle and sheep grazing in the mountains, we also back a small basket, taking advantage of grazing moment, to link some of the ragweed or pick up some firewood, cattle and sheep until rounded belly to eat, we are singing children, back a basket full of firewood or grass to catch a pig and sheep down the mountain.Back home closed to cattle and sheep, pigs, chickens and ducks to feed good, eat breakfast, come sun valley floor where the millet ted several times, then let’s at home on standby thermos fitted with cool mountain spring water to rush in the harvest of millet adults sent, taking advantage of bottled water, we also back a small bamboo basket, you play through the fields picking ears of corn in the valley of the big people, we pick up the corn spontaneous psyche happy to let the big people, they saw, farm the children love the farm, a grain of corn drop of sweat, but unfortunately the food such as gold, the particle positions ideas already in our young hearts took root.    After the autumn sun, folks close to finished dried millet car net, was busy to send public grain, then the state has not exempt from agricultural tax preferential policies, not inside the mountain roads, thanks to the labors to send food piggyback , from the production team went to the commune of granaries, folks sent out a long time ago, along a valley, walking through a field of Bazi, a thin across the brook and a curved stone arch bridge, across a lush tall people woods, the Shiji Li mountain all send public grain of.I remember, often in time to send public grain, the villagers often told us: “When the farmers have to deliver the best millet countries, States have a home, the country strong and rich people only, grain farmers do not pay, those who keep the border the People’s Liberation Army, factory workers and cadres in the organs, hospital doctors, school teachers what to eat it!”Every year, our production team in time to pay public grain will always pay the best and do not choose not to buckle exceeded.    Later, the responsibility of the Land to the home, the state implemented a policy of agricultural taxes, but also to subsidize grain farmers, as farmers even more proud and big arm out of the way.My unforgettable autumn sun childhood there anymore, but the folks who share the passion, share the Rye, the kind of simple, kind of focus, even if labor is an ancient gesture, he demonstrated a straightforward words, We are deeply engraved in my memory, just as parents bones blood has penetrated into my blood.Now often think of the autumn sun childhood, always felt there are always folks cordial determination eyes looking at me, clear warm asked to remind me when you eat rice shining white, do not forget the folks with the same kind of income valley valley people, our lives.Like crop season, ups and downs, he did not fail to get the bucket, interaction with others, to be magnanimous and selfless, not unworthy of their own conscience.    And me?Put the autumn sun wonderful childhood planted in the land of my heart, let it bear fruit, I know it takes a long time to mature fruit of the soul, a lot of experience and forging.Only the land of the mind every grain of sand are rounded to the most exquisite temper, cultivate the flowers of the soul to the most gorgeous and moving, the fruit of the soul was full of solid practitioners, I eligible to take an autumn filled with the most beautiful sunshine mind to write a brilliant chapter in life!