Guangxi Liuzhou vigorously promote new energy vehicles enjoy free on-street parking subsidy thousand Yuan

Data for: Liuzhou adjust the two new energy vehicles dedicated parking spaces from each city。  Cao Weijun photo It is understood that in the new energy automobile promotion process, Liuzhou Municipal Committee, mayor and several major new energy automobile manufacturing companies in charge of first-person decision-making。 Liuzhou City Development and Reform Commission departments in more than 20 joint working groups, each department stationed an officer with the SAIC-GM-Wuling marketing team consisting of field teams, a problem solved on the spot, without returning to the office to convene a meeting for approval department。   Liuzhou NDRC deputy Ren Fanghua introduced, in order to solve the charge difficult SGMW introduced baojun E100 can be directly three general household power supply plug ground line to be charged, the charging power of less than 2 kW or the equivalent of two rice cooker air conditioner 1 jobs。
  On the part of buying a car, in addition to central government subsidies to give a certain percentage of special subsidies, subsidies can also enjoy the local Liuzhou。
In addition, to encourage residents to use electric cars, each driving one kilometer electricity subsidy yuan, up to 1000 yuan, a total of three years of subsidies, subsidies from the government and car companies each pay half。   At the same time, to allow new energy vehicles as soon as possible to form a good application environment, electric vehicles can be parked for free on-street parking, commercial premises, electric vehicles can park free 2 hours。 In the new energy vehicles Vehicle Administration Rush "green channel" to open, allowing the new energy vehicles in the bus-only lane traffic, a series of preferential policies from odd and even number lines, etc.。
  Under the guidance of support green travel ideas and a lot of "privilege" of subsidies, new energy vehicles has attracted great public enthusiasm to buy local。 Now in Liuzhou, travel eco-city has undergone significant changes, more and more traditional fuel vehicles increment is gradually being replaced by new energy vehicles。   Data from Liuzhou official, as of December 2017, SAIC-GM-Wuling and Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor two local production of new energy vehicles, sales in Liuzhou to more than ten thousand。 Among them, about 90% of personal consumption。
  The country's new energy automobile innovation project team leader Wang Binggang pointed out that the process of Liuzhou in the promotion of new energy vehicles, through the formation of new energy vehicles to promote the application of the leading group, focus on promoting the three linkage mechanism, the formation of government-enterprise cooperation, to explore the country the development of new energy vehicles provide a common discussion and exchange programs。
  According to the plan, by 2020, Liuzhou new energy vehicles will form an annual production capacity of 400,000。