After our article dedicated to the 70

70 after us, part of our youth, in the unconscious, has quietly away from us.Inter surprised to see that they have entered the ranks of middle-aged.    Once, when was young, had goofed bar, where the restless youth squandered period.70 after us, living in a just saturated, less affluent years.After a young age, did not personally taste of the so-called iron rice bowl, just listen to the above big brother, big sister who talk too, when parents angry with us, behind the big pot’s.    Childhood, tender voice over interpretation of nursery rhymes that era, chasing a ghost through the fields of fine dragonfly, fantasy over the moon in Chang E, peep through the wilderness wildfire strange.Fantasy during the young, as young and youthful slowly push the wheels of years, can remember, but also gradually disappear in our liner after 70 years.    70 after us, charged with the responsibility of the family, carefully maintains a dull marriage, care of gradually grown-up children, worrying with the daily necessities of life.Inner restlessness, want to vent, but no shred of show it.I thought with the same unbridled youth, thought more frequent contact with the opposite sex, but also thought about his own maverick.But, we are 70, his thinking is not completely solved.    Restless restless heart, did not restricted rings, and stopped to calm.70 We, like a sharp knife, bald frivolous youth, middle-aged mellow printed on the rational beauty.Rational us, no crazy nineties, there is no mad nineties, more interpretation of the dream of the seventies, following heart nineties, like a raging sea, wave after wave pushed.    70 after us, rational treatment correct network.Unreal network, did not affect our true confession after 70, dating cautious, careful selection of sites, a bold interpretation of their ideas, keyboard pounding real text.70 after us, with fanatical heart, embrace the advent of middle age, to the late youth, no longer that kind of fear, the opposite is secretly pleased, because only experienced a restless youth, you can taste the of charm.    The article dedicated to the 70 we, after 70 we would like to fly the shackles of the mind, flying in the blue sky with a broad middle-aged!