After numerous failures equals success

Liao Yung United States Code, is an international investment consulting firm president, he had a very well-known law of percentages.    This law says: If you met 10 customers, received only $ 200 in orders at the last customer, then you should look at how the first nine times and failed to refuse it?    Mr. Liao further explained: Keep in mind that the reason why you earn $ 200, because you met 10 the customer’s sake, rather than the first 10 customers.Every customer let you earn 200/10 = 20 yuan.Therefore, each time refused to income is 20 yuan.So, when you are rejected, you should be smiling, salute to the customer, because he lets you earn $ 20.    Japan’s Nissan Motor to sell the king of the Austrian city of good governance has a similar argument.    He saw from a car magazine, according to statistics, the Japanese car salesman visiting customers’ success rate is 1/30, in other words, 30 customers to visit, it will have a person to buy a car.This information that he was totally.    He understands, as long as perseverance successive visit 29, is the first 30 buyers of.The most important thing is, he thinks not only thanks to the first 30 buyers, but also for the previous 29 more should be grateful, because, if there is no success in front of the 29 setbacks, how it will be the 30th!    Indeed, a rock, under the hammer 99 times violently beating, still motionless, the 100 th hit, finally cracked it crashing you would think that just by this last blow it?of course not!    You are very hungry, bought a five bread, when you finish the first five, you find the full.You would not think so: Had I known, in front of the four would not buy bread.Of course not!    Face all the frustration and denial in life, I think each of us in a good state of mind to face, and to thank them often, only so we pay each step will be harvested.Because the final success is always accumulated from the previous failed numerous times from.This is the typical percentage Liao Yung law tells us the truth.