“After meeting” college days at the same table

I know her, because people are not used around.Like her, because of his broken love.  She is “the meeting” at the same table my college age.Yilin.The so-called after the meeting, because our feelings are built up in the few remaining days.  At that time, I was in love with his girlfriend and.Ignoring the many beautiful scenery of life, just like her, this lovely, kind of the same table.Perhaps it is because inexperienced deep end, love will not hesitate to always give top priority.Regardless There are other important substances.Like friendship.Today, Gv, for the time being regarded recall this lovely woman, right.Because I was afraid that one day leave, I will lose the love of writing, no longer have the opportunity to miss.  My girlfriend said to look at fiction.In the network to download several long novels, mounted the booklet.To class.  After his girlfriend to get the novel, he got into a novel.Then, a few good relationship with his girlfriend girls will have to borrow, to see my literary talent.I was a relatively low-key person.Although it is not, but in order not to embarrass his girlfriend, so he agreed to their request.And she, when she is not my classmate, when the novel reached her hands, I will take it back.At that time totally did not expect her face, I let her move to embarrass.Later, his girlfriend inadvertently talk about the matter, said the new, the day you offend Yilin.From that moment on, her name for the first time deeply imprinted on my mind.  The days of living at peace.Because not used to the same table Original selfish character, so they have to change the idea at the same table.Class coincides with a major adjustment in the middle after a bumpy twists and turns, she became my classmate.  Although the first time in a long time, but I never forget that day thing.I’m sorry to say to her, but always trump up the courage.So within some time, we in the Cold War.More accurate to say that my heart Cold War.  SARS period, his girlfriend went home reunion.I am with Yilin home not in Beijing, so have left.  I finally climbed out of his girlfriend’s living area.And she came into my life circle that is at this time.And she together, without the slightest feeling of heartache and make life difficult.Just each other encouragement and joy.Younger than me, she often played the identity of their elders.At that time, only because my finger accidentally scratched, she ran upstairs, downstairs, just to help me buy a Band-Aid.At that time, just because of my message, she would drop everything in hand, came to help me.In my mind, in addition to moving, no other.Cold Lanna people quiet, think of what to do to repay her, but the years under the sun, I dedicate myself to love.Even if love is not around, my love still surging.His girlfriend is gone, in a cold dark night, because of a fever.She came, the sun is everywhere in the campus, because youthful enthusiasm.  After SARS, girlfriend back.After a period of time, I was again Yilin into the Lenggong.  That day, I bought a collection of essays ready to give Yilin, when the information I sent messages asking her where, she came back to let me into deep thought.  ”At the same table, Well, what you need help?”At that moment, my heart what seem to have been a thorn in the same.Chest Mende tears.Lamented that her so insensitive.She is like an unknown, any time I sent the slaves without any compensation to serve.Why should I?I keep asking myself.  In love, I quickly grew, understand a lot.Like now I firmly believe that the earth is round, the world is fair, it took much from you, it will quietly compensation to you in a moment.In the month after I transferred, I wanted to take the.Girlfriend said she fell in love with other people.She had vowed to veto all.At that time, my life in the darkest years.At that time, I was surprised to find, can not find people to talk.I have contacts within weekdays and good people are no longer true.They all have their own things to busy.Suddenly, I feel very frustrated at this world, not a foreign land close friends.But this time, she saw my displeasure, I approached quietly to.Along the way, stay with me through this bleak years.Sometimes I feel my life is in it she quickly continues.Behind some of the one-act play, she is doing tens of thousands of fatigues, her way back and forth busy without the slightest note of resentment is not seeking to get hold back a little, just to be her own, a way to fragrance in life woman.  The world is fair, how much it away from you, will give you much.Like I lost love, get the same table.In two different paths meet women, there is a miss in my life, I came to have a life.On the network, not the outcome I wrote many novels, perhaps because I missed a lot of life in it.And this friendship, I think I will cherish the.Always remember a word she said: “My friends and loved ones, of course, she is a main line your future life, but you are the best.Open the windows and let the sun approached, perhaps everything will be different.Cheer up.See you uncomfortable, I will feel sad.”In later days, I began to laugh hope of life.Walking in the commercialization of the campus, I began to understand the harsh reality of society and the human world.I let myself be gradually brightened, try to contact with the people around.Give yourself a chance to walk into everyone.This is the same table like to see, she likes to walk in front of me, I hope she’s better than she had.  One night I had a dream.Dream, she is a woman fall for mundane, difficult things in the dust in pay, she paid all the world for the people around him, while he is like a candle burning in general own lights others.And I, is one of her light follow people through the dark.  I think that in real life so it should be.  College to have this same table, nice!