After marriage became stepmother found

Used married men late 2009 of a business meeting, I met Shen Jun.He was 13 years older than me, married, divorced.Did not know how long, Shen Jun intentions began to unfold my enthusiastic pursuit of money, I am defenseless.    I do not care about the age disparity between us, but the identity of the man he used some concern, fearing that he and his ex-wife in money, as well as the emotional entanglement or children, and fear the reputation of the back of a stepmother.    These concerns Shen Jun has long been taken into account.He said his ex-wife is an independent and decisive woman, the two married, conflict in the character of growing, eventually leading to marriage breakdown.After the divorce, his ex-wife apply for transfer to overseas work, long time no contact.Because there is no children’s concerns, he can continue to live so free and easy.    But my parents have been opposed to dealing with Shen Jun.They wanted me to find a simple number on the emotional experience of men.Father also went to see Shen Jun, hope he can quit.But instead of shelling Shen Jun, cheek every few days knocking on the door of my house, fruit, health products, movie tickets, bonsai, precious pet dog who is likely to please my parents do, he tried.After more than six months, he finally sat in the dining room of my house, and my parents ate dinner meal changed my life.    He will restore Taoxintaofei preceding marriage in front of my parents, and repeated assurances that I would be good parents finally nodded concessions.    Grab a stepson married more than a year, Shen Jun to me worth of favor.Late last year, we also set up travel plans to go to Greece for the New Year.    As I excitedly looking forward to the dream of the Aegean Sea, one of the arrival of this moment the sea dries up.    Hillview, Greece might go one more person.One more person?I direct you think went with his father, back when your piece is her mother, but cold face, said Duan was joke about it?    Shen Jun Zhang mouth a few times, a hesitant expression.Then, his eyes closed, Hillview, I lied to you, in fact, I have a son, he immediately came back from the United States.    I look to Mongolia.Shen Jun has said he has no children, after the wedding, I have been looking forward to bring his life first child.But today, just when I am full of hope to travel abroad, to grab a man named Shen Li stepson to.My mind buzzing ringing, I do not believe this is true.    I’m sorry I lied to you!Shen Jun kneeling in front of me.He pulled from his pocket a picture.The photograph younger than it is now, and a casual dress woman standing side by side, the two men laughed so natural, but also arms woman holding a little boy smiles.Children less than two years old to follow his mother to the United States to settle, and since then I have not seen them, and when the son did not want.    The fact is available.He quit after his ex-wife tone far in South America, the child did not take care of people, so the thought of getting along fine at home Shen Jun.Older children can not take care of her in-laws, I was forced to go to meet the concealed child into my home.    Shen Jun, you are a big liar!How you did with me and my parents say?I’m sorry now we just want to cover up the past of deception and injury?I’m going to divorce you!I severely slapped a slap in the face Shen Jun, the picture will be torn to pieces, pajamas did not change then a taxi back to her family.    I solved this problem yourself unacceptable deception Shen Jun, but has no interest in becoming a stepmother, full of mind when angry only one thought: Divorce!    After the parents learned the truth to him outside her door son.But anger go angry parents that evening and I sat down long talk, only one theme: Do not hasty divorce.    Parents of very sensible reasons.Although the deception earlier, but Shen Jun is indeed very nice to me, because a child can not be more wrong, we must learn to take the initiative to solve the problem; and once the divorce, I became second-hand woman, which is fatal Mishap.    I was then upsets parents did not mind.I understand what divorce and second-hand means that just as their own concerns at the time of Shen Jun, like, my next husband will probably worry about my ex-husband and the emotional entanglement in the economy, will be hesitant, even prohibitive.Maybe I want to be like the original Shen Jun, like, in order to try to be the second marriage for.    Yes, there will be endless trouble in the marriage, if you do not learn to be patient and to face, I and Shen Jun sooner or later will face more disputes.Children accepted and divorce are meant to face the unknown of a new life, I had to choose one.    Under the auspices of the parents, and I meet each other halfway Shen Jun.I followed her husband to go home, but do not intervene between him and the children; and he and my parents to ensure: that he would resolve the matter as soon as a child, never let me suffer.    Plan froward child and incompetence husband went aground in Greece.Before the Spring Festival, Shen Li dragged three boxes of belongings to live in my home.Children are innocent, I understand, but it can do is try to put him as the air, hoping to not interfere with each each other.    But the child is not really air.    After dinner, I sat on the sofa watching laughed, “You Are the One,” Shen Li in the side with a bunch I do not understand the fuss ABC.Shen Jun doing the dishes from the kitchen ran out, took the remote control from my hands and handed him the plate, he did not cried, selected at random with Taiwan.I do not want to sulk with not a matter of children not want to quarrel Shen Jun, went straight to the library online.Shen Jun came to see me, I whispered a request to the child a little better.    How I bad for him?I could not even get angry too lazy to do things, coldly self-deprecating, I did not give him the TV yet?Am I still a hateful stepmother?I put the word stepmother heavy, every time I think of the word I would feel aggrieved and indignant.    Shen Li is sensitive and stubborn, I’m indifferent to him, he tricks exhausted my revenge.Estee Lauder Essence soak up the rice in two appear Dior perfume in the toilet was filled, high heels, I can not find another intolerable called him at work in front of me, pointing to my lonely heels Q: whereistheothershoe?The answer is spittle, smashing the bird in my bare feet.    Shen Li also spare no effort to involve his mother to my world.My computer desktop is replaced with photos of his mother, browser home page set his personal space, which is full of photos of mother and child.Every time I and Shen Li clash, he will immediately call his mother, and regardless of the other end of the earth middle of the night or early in the morning, he complained loudly in English: Mom, that wicked woman abusing your son, come back and save me!    Shen Jun once again received ex-wife’s phone.Such a phone would call every day, and sometimes the mail.I do not know what they say on the phone, Shen Jun sometimes speak loudly angrily, sometimes it is sad to request, are all in English, and occasionally I could hear his name.It is definitely not a good word.I think.    What did she say to you?I can not stand this chaotic life, I just wanted to let me know Shen Jun everything, wondering how he would solve the problems, rather than continue to hide it from me.He just repeatedly emphasized: Hillview, you believe me, I will soon deal with this thing.    How long is soon?I waited countless quickly, just waiting for the inability to Shen Jun.    Abandoned children of men and post-conflict Shen Li again, and I ran back to her parents.    Shen Jun night pick me up again, this time, I do not want to say anything back to him again.I’ve always tried to be a good wife, good mother, but her husband’s lies and brutal truth, so I became a Jour, a nasty child’s stepmother.    In order to let me go home, Shen Jun in front of my face reassure parents: I have punished the Shen Li.You do not get angry.I know you wronged, then I let him stay in his room, you can not see him just fine.Or up to one year, his mother worked in a stable Mexico, I let him go back, and they will do Contact.Hillview, I will only love you and my children, I swear.    Hillview, for you, I am willing to give up anything!Shen Jun burst into tears again.    Parents are also advised me, they said Shen Jun really love me, I do not self-willed, always care about the past, I should go with him to solve the problem, live well.    Shen Jun Xiangbao me, but I dodged him.    To me, you can not son?I was shocked at what he said.If this is a lie, I do not believe that will only make him.If this is the heart and soul, for he was at home where I?He can be so unsympathetic to Shen Li, the future will adopt the same attitude to my child today?How can this man to blame their own incompetence in their children?    Only then did I see the crux of the matter, I may have too self, rather break than bend the reason not to, but let things get worse is the attitude of Shen Jun, his deception, his ambiguous, his chances.    Without the trust of marriage, we can continue to do?