After many years of encounter their own

1 bookstore, I was flipping through random.  ”Young man, there is a master-year-old Confucius where book?”Bookshelf along came an old man, clean, lean, competent, confident look, about seventy-five-year-old, his face lightly with a smile.  I washed the old man smiled, subconsciously retorted, “Hello!”The old man repeated the question, his eyes full of expectation, but also like to watch intently, my eyes back to the past or from the future.I looked at him, between me and him to find something, a coordinate, may need in a precise coordinates, we can be to each other as each object is expanded in the crowd calm narrative.  I move the body forward slightly, the share before the indifferent, frankly as if the problem statement to where I coordinate time, and I can be issued in a position to answer.I feel I am in question, the old man like a mirror in front of this mirror, I was in the face of their questions asked to a future of their own, so doubly vigilant.I can not find him, he’s my past my heart forlorn.Eagerly, I need to get rid of dislocation and chaos this role as soon as possible, to find a way from the front.    2 So, I pulled out a cell phone to find related story, the source, remove the “Warring States” on the shelves, “Huainan”, etc., from glycopyrrolate item to sack, to the “three difficult items sack Confucius,” to item sack life; from the annals of history, local history to folklore.Word for word explaining how, during which the old man very happy, interrupted from time to time, on the “sage of the division” is not stingy praise, and he kept me give thanks.  In fact, the story itself is completely explain later, I wanted to tell him what this clever glycopyrrolate cited Code means, from my heart I do not believe thus continue to add and transform what “items sack Confucius three difficulties”, but see the elderly full of joy, the way I could not bear to tell self-righteous views.  Further thought, perhaps when engagement is organized Confucius.When I saw I was on the end table on a platter, I did not speak; even if I raised my chopsticks toward the plate, picked up a small piece of yourself into the mouth, and I did not speak.Long-term does not seem to speak so I understand what that is, I will spit out an opening fragmented me, spit platter of nausea and disgust.This legendary coach of the plot, especially so I am tempted to spit out my meal lonely.  However, excluding the story of the characters, content, and I do not think I can really say something meaningful words.Moreover, I think it’s fake and it really was not necessary connection between the viewfinder historical material, more like a way of thinking based on my later ones, the use of modern tools to make a distant word story perspective, but not between the story and Tools.That we are not a reliable history of the so-called real or realistic judge, this judge with the imprint of the times and the individual characteristics of the “I” where the.On the contrary, we are sure the same is true of the.So think about it, I get happy, what better reason than that it allows the elderly?  This story is not complicated, why I actually think outside of significance Happy elderly get in my understanding of the story?Perhaps, as he so age, experience or already detached from the outside of the story, the meaning of this story is important for him to do?The purpose of it is that he seeks?He needs to find it warm during Bale.    3-dialogue, that: the elderly eighty years old, living in a local town, a man just travel back to Beijing, chat with people on the return train, talking about this the other party do not understand his allusions.So, after coming home immediately rushed to the bookstore to find, ask a few bookstores administrators nil, the intention to leave, but feel the answer is here, after seeing me, I feel there should be an answer, the answer is here in my the.  What a coincidence!Comin afternoon did not intend to visit the bookstore, because just going to the bookstore not far from work, too early, a person going to a bookstore shopping, do something Meiban Cheng result of this, because that in itself is actually not what a thing.That being said, if I was dedicated to “encounter” the old man, specifically to send an answer, specifically to meet the future may be one of my version; not so much to send a special answer, as it is dedicated to solving one problem, looking for an answer.  The elderly are also things like finally sent out just as happy, but, because I was like, “get” and the heavy hearts, like something which filled.This could be the one thing you?If it has been something I have not become aware of thing, but today brought the old man turned the key Bale.  Over the years, like: reading, reading in the end is read into a question, the answer is read into a?The problem with “yes” to solve the problem of “no,” ask this question of the “no” what can it?As an answer to the question “no” is not always out of question, always in question.And I answer given by delusions of “there” can not help but fall into the stereotypes.The reason why so many years I actually thought out, figured it?It only has itself back in, and it has given itself, so that it can see photos of themselves without?Who knows?    4 Under the old man kept gratitude, under certain indescribable look forward to the elderly, also, or out of curiosity, I feel like I have a question, a concern.Further learned that some of the relevant information of the elderly.Old man was originally a Chinese medicine, his childhood love of literature and history, familiar with before the Qing Dynasty history books, poems, stories, according to his words the four famous, historical romance, etc. etc. in poetry reading by heart, Medical Classics verses, Cuba, are also case.  I feel like a hopeless patient standing in front of the elderly, I think the old man always ready and took out a magic prescription, it has been given a prescription, like, I’m not sure.In the text, had a dream, confusion, worry; the crowd, it faces as a hieroglyph more puzzling, I went through a round shadow they cast, such as stepping on the cold ice floe, at any time, text all the joy, sadness will be because of bumps and floating down one place.Of course, this is just an illusion patients, there may be a better treatment than with the illusion of an illusion prescription it?  Do I accept the medical side of it elderly?Some hesitated.Think about what I have read, the days of non-stop flew away, I read a root hair sigh, read the disease from the heart, the heart can not read too.However, I still staggering so stubbornly to heart medicine to treat fall of the name “non-heart” of the fleeting dream of it?  The text gives the name, concept, title, and many more in mind what is the difference with a multi-service blindly drugs, those drugs do not give you a way of introducing drugs, the introduction of disease.At the moment, I am sleeping a question and answer who is being gradually awakened.    5 old man getting high spirits, then I simply responded to a few.Speaking of that, the old man suddenly said to me: “Thank you!Young people, I want to give you a poem I wrote, it is to travel this time I saw and heard, and this story is about. “.I nodded and stood to give thanks.  Old man deftly took out a pen and a mind full text of the dense little book, squat body, on a bookshelf out of a hard shell loaded thick book on his knees for a writing board, I squatted down with both hands to support stable books.A stroke, about seven or eight minutes, a sixteen lines swing on the ancient poetry.Due facing, to see is not very clear.We also got up, return the book to the shelf, the old man seemed to be somewhat solemnly handed poems.I took the piece of paper written poetry, as in the religious ceremonies took an inheritance can be used like sacred objects, some heavy.  Traditional, font tough, clear writing.We read it together, afraid I do not know, the old man went on to explain again.Meaning probably say “tourism” after, but also like telling travel long life quietly.  Old man contentedly, take off his questions and answers all away, I quietly made a while to stay, carefully hides the good old poems.Then, remove the heavy body, put the book back on the shelf, put a heavy book back on the shelf.At this point, I feel just back into himself, back to one of their own roles and positions.Those in front of the city suddenly disappeared, people as usual, I do not have to detour the detour, the crowd made me more poetic disappeared in the crowd, disappeared at the beginning and end of the problem.    6 I do not know in what form existed in the world after many years, it also is a story as old people, legends and happy, as the book themselves forward, or as nothing but indifferent hearts of verbal memory.Perhaps, then I had to put aside the tears can ignite fireworks, text scrolls aside, put aside the “Buddha” in phase I, the line in the mountains of silence or a person walking in the deserted shore, either birds crisp drown me, tide erase any footprints on the beach.Maybe.Note: 2015.11.20