In summer, I have leisure to study

One morning in early summer, it was a time when all kinds of flowers were shining red and the mountains were full of flowers. On such a day, with the name of the bird, the mood was naturally released.. The birds’ green wings and a pair of bright red feet wish they were a painter and could record the most pleasing scenery this morning with their favorite pen and ink.. I think it is difficult for artists to pay lip service to the shape and color of foreign objects even if they are shiny. Only when artists can steal lazy and interesting flowers from their busy and green work will birds hear praise with an appreciative tone.. The sun is mild, not dazzling, and the clouds are light. It’s really nice to roam in the sea of flowers with bird songs.. I think when I get old, I must be a person who knows flowers, can grow flowers and can raise birds. What a happy and happy thing to watch a basin of flowers planted by myself and swaying flowers in the fine wind.     On the day of flowers, in the low clumps of trees where birds sing, and in the clear sky above, I often think: good times are easy to run away, and today’s youth may have white hair like snow.. Time is not greedy! In my spare days, I have to read a book even if I don’t read it carefully. Or go to the bookstore to see if you have any books you want to buy without holding them.. Books can certainly make the reader’s eyes glaze over, but is the reader satisfied with holding a book, reading through her and smelling the fragrance of books that he has refused to disperse for a long time?? I have been buying books for years. I often go shopping in idle days and find bookstores in quiet remote corners. Sometimes when I met with cash shortage, I would like to go to some old bookstores with discounts.. After several years of’ savings’, I have already had several boxes of books, roaming in the sea of books, and I feel the happiness and fulfillment that books bring to me. Some people buy books, which fantasy and myth novels they like best; On one occasion, when I went to the largest bookstore in the city to buy books, I saw a young man of my age. He was too lazy to take a look at other books, but he bought several fantasy novels. He may not have satisfied his desire for books yet, and his eyes did not stop scanning the shelves of popular novels.. This is what I think about the young man’s curiosity. He can get a lot of fresh feeling from the books he bought, but those books do not read well and cannot feel as fresh as they did when they were first read.. Why doesn’t he read our literary classics? Like Journey to the West, Dream of Red Mansions, Water Margin, Romance of the Three Kingdoms? These books are not very good at getting started, and they taste different from each other over and over again. Of course, in addition to the youth who read these books, they have also seen the youth who read other books.. What they have in common in reading is that they like to read books that cannot endure reading.     In a complex society, everyone has his own direction of reading. Some people like to read Chinese essays and others like to read foreign essays. Some people like to read modern anthology, others like to read ancient anthology. Some people like to read political essays, others like to read literary essays. I usually choose the readers of my favorite books to read. I am interested in reading together. A few hundred pages of books can be read in a few days.. In my spare time, when flowers are in full bloom and birds are singing, I will choose a quiet room with windows open and pick a book from among many books, or read it or read it intensively. When reading, I don’t like to open the room in a rash way, which makes my reading lose its sexual flavor. If you don’t stay alone in your room, you will go to a corner of the market, find a quiet bookstore or book reading room inside, and read the books inside.. Every time I go to the reading room, I will meet a large number of readers who are quietly enjoying themselves in the reading room.. The atmosphere inside was really good. I rarely met anyone reading a book other than literature. Some were reading a book in it. When I finished reading it and was ready to leave, I still had another book in my hand.. There are many kinds of books in the reading room, including political, economic, literary, historical, ancient and modern, and they can enjoy themselves when they enter the reading room.. As for reading, my opinion is that I love reading. When reading, I should take the initiative to find my own interest in reading. When interest comes, I can not only find valuable things in the book, but also read about sex and even forget about eating and sleeping.. If you force yourself to read a book that you are not interested in at all, it will not only lose the meaning of reading, but also spoil your brain power. There are a lot of people who do not start from interest in reading and end up getting nothing after reading.     I read books according to my preference, starting from the point of interest. When I buy books, I often have salespeople or store owners recommend this book and that one. I don’t usually answer this question because I know that only I like the book and am suitable for reading it.. Generally speaking, when I pick books, only classical books can impress my heart.. I have a classical tendency and it is not surprising that I like reading classical books. I also think it is necessary to read classical essays if I want to learn culture well. Because classicality is the foundation and there is no foundation, talking about learning culture well is empty talk, just like talking on paper. Chinese classical culture has a large collection, so you must be patient if you want to read it. For reading classical anthology, I choose the method of ” difficult before easy” according to the basis, starting from the book of songs and Chu ci. If a person likes Chinese classical culture and happens to meet a person who asks about the book of songs, he can’t answer it, so don’t make a big joke of it.. Chuci also shares this position with Chuci. Confucius once said, ” There is no saying without learning poetry.”. It can be seen that that status of participate in poetry regulations in ancient people’s mind. Then there is the selective reading of poems and songs, and the corpus about this is also like the stars in the sky, so it can only be read selectively.. After reading it again, it is the corpus of modern poetry. With these foundations, I believe that later I will be able to read with ease.     When talking about reading and looking at the way he has walked, he can’t help but say to himself that he must be single-minded in his work and must also be single-minded when reading a book.. In reading the classical corpus, if one’s mind still wants to touch other cultures, one will either be overwhelmed or will feel disturbed by a wide range of things and will end up with nothing. China has a large number of classical collections and an unprecedented number of authors, and each dynasty has its own characteristics. It is not realistic to want to read them in a short period of time.. Although extensive knowledge can be achieved, people’s energy is limited. I have seen a mother treat her children like this in her reading: she must listen carefully to her teacher during class and her father when she comes home from class. Have time to learn to draw and play the piano. Her mother’s intention was obvious: she wanted her daughter to broaden her knowledge and to help her pull out seedlings..Her daughter is quite obedient to her mother’s wishes. She has endless homework to do all day long. She still has time to learn to draw and play the piano.. However, her daughter’s performance was not outstanding, and unfortunately she looked weak. I have heard of my sister’s education of her niece. The modern peace conference is under great pressure to compete and talented children can stand firm in the society.. However, I think that niece is naturally talented in some respects, but she has a limited energy and can’t reach the other shore with only a moment’s enthusiasm.. Some people may say that you have read Chinese classical culture and do you know how many cultural classics there are in foreign countries? Maybe I can’t answer him. I can only answer him like this: besides foreign cultural classics, there are other classics, learning is limitless, and even if you have exhausted your life, you may not be fully familiar with them..     There are many volumes I can’t help but often read some chapters of Chuang Tzu in the numerous classical cultural collections.. Personally, I think the most important thing in reading is to cultivate one’s mind and nature.. There are many people who love reading in society. The biggest difference between them and those who haven’t read books is that they have the temperament of a reader, and that temperament is from the heart and manifested outside.. The temperament mentioned here can be interpreted as reading to a certain extent. I placed Zhuang Zi’s book in the most prominent place on the bookshelf. Sometimes when I was annoyed, I thought of reading Zhuang Zi’s book. When I finished reading it, I would only read other books when my heart was still.. When I am particularly happy in my spare time, reading Zhuangzi will get twice the result with half the effort. If you read Zhuang Zi’s book when you are angry, everything will disappear.     Reading in leisure time will only make time doubly precious. Reading with interest will not only smell the smell of books, but also not lose the happy state of mind..