I want to see you on the Internet

One day you inadvertently entered my space, you left greetings and blessings, and you left a sincere heart. Let me know you, also attracted my attention. I read your space mood log and listened to your space song music. Those words and songs of yours immerse me in inexpressible emotion and joy, and I begin to chat with you and communicate with you.     When I was in pain and disappointment, you gave me support and enlightenment. When I was frustrated and confused, you gave me comfort and persuasion. My lonely heart and my feeling of world weariness have changed slowly. From then on, I thought this life was predestined friends with you. I thought you were also my spring breeze. I thought you gave me a wisp of sunshine and rain that quietly moistened my heart. I am also waiting every day for your greetings, your blessings, your Internet access, your opposition, your confidences, and unconsciously I expect to chat with you in front of the computer..     I want to see you every day on the Internet! See if you are online or not, see if you have left me any information, see your space, see your articles and listen to songs in your space.. Whether you are online or not, I will visit you online every day.     Looking at your head portrait is like facing you face to face. Although we are separated from each other, there is a feeling of heart connection. Looking at your head portrait is like meeting a loved one. All the happiness and sadness you want to tell you. Looking at your head portrait will remind me of the happiness you have given me and give me encouragement, so my heart will be calm and will keep a calm heart to deal with all the helplessness in life.!     I visit you online every day. If I see you online, I will immediately read your name and send you a smiling face to express my mood at the moment and tell you how much I miss you.. If I see that you are not online, I will quietly look at your head and miss you, sometimes waiting for you to go online while reading articles and websites..     Maybe you don’t know, I like to wait for you like this, like to look at you like this, I like the feeling of waiting for you. There is also a person in this world worth waiting for and a person worth thinking about. I think this is also a kind of sustenance and happiness. I am willing to wait for you like this. I am willing to visit you online every day like this..     When you are willing to chat, I will stroke the keyboard on the computer, pointing to you flying, with my heart fluttering and my soul fluttering to the other side of the network with characters.. My happiness, my pain, my confusion, my wandering, all flow under this fingertip … ah