With the increase of material wealth, people’s happiness in spiritual culture, spiritual civilization, spiritual life and other non-material wealth will also be more easily satisfied.   Happiness is the ultimate goal pursued by human beings. All human actions are to meet the needs of life. Happiness consists of four things that life dreams of: fame, wealth, love and health. If you have these things at the same time, you will be lucky. Happiness will always be the next step and will be satisfied when you get it, but if you stay short for a long time, happiness will disappear with time and the motivation of happiness will never be satisfied with the status quo. People always advance in constantly raising needs, satisfying needs, pursuing happiness and obtaining happiness. Happiness is the satisfaction of the present situation and good expectations for the future.. Therefore, if you want to continue to have happiness and want to live a happy life, you must constantly satisfy more desires.. It is precisely because of people’s constant pursuit of social development that the quality of life and happiness will be improved. Subjective well-being is composed of cognition and emotion. Cognitive well-being is life satisfaction. Emotional well-being includes positive emotion and negative emotion. In an age of abundant material and colorful life, many people endlessly ponder the quality of happiness in their own hands with a skeptical attitude. Gradually, happiness seems to be getting farther and farther away from our life.. The main reason is that people forget love and emotion because they pursue too much desire, leading to imbalance between body and heart.. We were born for happiness. Don’t go astray. Realistic goals and expectations are the intrinsic driving force of happiness. Don’t set the goal of happiness too high, happiness will be everywhere.     The happiness of life can be divided into two kinds: one is the happiness caused by the satisfaction of desire, and the other is the happiness caused by the self-movement and fullness of life.. Happiness is not empty and abstract. The essence of happiness is people’s satisfaction, harmony and satisfaction with life. Simply put, happiness is to have something to eat, a place to sleep and someone to love. Because material needs are the motivation of people’s life and the motivation of people’s pursuit of happiness, the satisfaction of needs is the acquisition of happiness, and material supply is necessary for people’s survival needs to maintain people’s life. Therefore, material supply is the cornerstone of human happiness. On the contrary, there is no point in talking about happiness without material supply.     Happiness consists of three elements. Material, emotional and spiritual. Let’s talk about matter first. The pressure of reality is more obvious than in the past. Due to the relative lack of material resources, many people think they are’ unhappy’. People are unlikely to be happy when their basic needs for food, clothing, shelter and transportation are not met.. Therefore, before the basic needs are met, every increase in income will make people feel happier. However, after the basic needs are met, the effect of income on happiness begins to decline. The higher the income level, the lower the subjective feeling of happiness, because happiness is inversely proportional to desire. The smaller the desire, the greater the happiness value. Research shows that personality traits are the most stable and powerful predictor of emotional well – being. Happiness is the unity of happiness and meaning, enjoyment and development, subjective and objective. Happiness is not external goodness such as wealth and honor. None of these things depends on the subject of happiness itself.. The reason why people can get happiness is because people show the function of being human in their activities..     The purpose of our life is fundamentally to pursue happiness. All personal actions are diffuse and everything is constantly expanding.. In their efforts to pursue a happy life, people also spread tears and hardships in defending private property rights. What happened to the bottom society is actually what happened to everyone. Everyone sees his own rights and knows his own well-being in others.. When the people get rich, when the people’s thoughts are full of money consciousness, then the people’s thoughts begin to decay and fall, the society begins to sink and fall, the people are happy, and the people’s happy life can no longer be found. That is, with the development of economy, the material wealth of the people is increasing, except happiness. Money can’t change happiness.     You can’t be the luckiest person in the world, but you’re not the most unfortunate person in the world, either. It’s better than the shortage or the surplus.. People should have ideals, aspirations and goals of life. Desire and desire are different concepts. The former is a strong demand for the objective world, while the latter is a goal of the subjective world. People’s desires are endless and should be restrained and not indulged. A person of high quality does not necessarily have no desire, but can control it. Happiness and happiness are common, stupid people go far to find happiness, and smart people plant happiness under their feet.     In modern times, people have lost the dimension of spiritual existence, and the relationship between people has become increasingly naked. People are becoming more and more self – locked, losing their freedom and happiness. The main reason is that the crisis of love is also the crisis of human beings, which leads to the imbalance between body and heart because people forget love and emotion because they pursue too much desire.. Health is the natural and objective premise of happiness in life. Having a sound body and a healthy body is the cornerstone of happiness. If the physical defects and pain, psychological trauma is difficult to get happiness. The human instinct to pursue freedom and happiness in the midst of crisis makes human beings self-review and revise their customary values and call for another paradigm of values.     It is generally believed that happiness is the satisfaction of needs or the pure freedom of spirit. Human life is determined by the contradiction between need and satisfaction. Whether happiness is achieved also depends on whether needs are met. This view of happiness is the product of a competitive society, and happiness will not be fully realized.In a society where free men unite, labor is not an activity arising from the need for exchange, but a human life behavior. People devote themselves to it and even forget everything around them. Everything created in work is no longer an object for human consumption, it is the crystallization of personal understanding of things. The virtue of human beings is also characterized by justice and fraternity. In view of the lack of modern rule ethics and the moral crisis in the life world.     A society must follow justice and provide a reliable system for each person’s rational personality development. The influence of freedom, justice and justice, democracy and equality on citizens’ subjective quality of life reveals the deep-seated political reasons behind citizens’ political non-participation or political apathy, and expounds the importance of understanding politics and society, and the cooperation between individuals and governments to promote the continuous improvement of quality of life and the continuous improvement of happiness. From the perspective of human life and practice, people’s pursuit and thinking of an ideal society are rooted in the internal time structure of human life practice and are the inevitable requirement of human being and human being as the subject of practice..     The process of realizing institutional rationality and welfare justice is also the process of promoting national happiness. The path of realizing institutional rationality and welfare justice is to improve economic policy and income distribution system. Perfect social policy and social welfare system; Paying attention to Pareto improvement of cultural education, charity and legal system; Strengthen the consultation and cooperation between the government and civil society in public governance to resolve the’ contradiction between the growing demand for public goods and the insufficient supply of government’ which is the main contradiction in the public sphere of contemporary Chinese society.     The Value Appeal and Rational Expectation of Constructing Excellent Social System. Through the definition of the excellent social system and the analysis of the contradiction between rational expectations and social reality, it is proposed to take’ fairness, justice, freedom, happiness and democracy’ as the basic value demand, promote the construction of the excellent social system and provide institutional guarantee for the continuous improvement of national happiness.. The pursuit of happiness is the basic goal of human and social development and also the fundamental demand of the socialist system.. Within the framework of the socialist system, only through the strength of institutional rationality and the guarantee of fairness and welfare can people’s happiness be continuously improved, the paradox between economy and happiness be resolved, and the excellence of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics be further highlighted.. The principle of social justice includes the principles of freedom, justice and the rule of law. In other words, the justice of society can only be concretely implemented and reflected through the implementation of the principles of social freedom, justice and the rule of law..     With the increase of people’s material wealth, people’s thirst for resources has become less and less, so people can get less and less happiness in terms of material wealth, and the cost of getting happiness is also higher and higher. At the same time, the consumption of the earth’s resources and the damage to the environment are also increasing.. With the increase of material wealth, people’s happiness in non-material wealth such as spiritual culture, spiritual civilization and spiritual life is also more easily satisfied.     Environmental benefits mainly include environmental ecological benefits, environmental economic benefits and environmental aesthetic benefits. Its characteristics reflect the first essence of the scientific development concept is development, the core is people – oriented, the basic requirement is comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable, and the fundamental method is overall coordination. The fundamental method is to take into account both overall planning and interests coordination. The value orientation is to promote the harmony between man and nature. The effective means is to rely on science and technology to develop circular economy. Pay attention to people’s quality of life, development potential and happiness index, and earnestly safeguard people’s environmental interests. All – round development means taking economic construction as the center and promoting all-round social progress including ecological construction. Coordinated development is to coordinate all links and aspects, including the harmony between man and nature. Sustainable development is to promote harmony between man and nature and realize sustainable economic development.     Happiness has always been the ultimate goal pursued by human beings. All human actions are to meet the needs of certain life. People’s happiness lies in creative life, and its value aims at and is good at exploring the road to happiness. The human spirit is the free spirit of never ceasing to pursue happiness. When it comes to human happiness, it requires that under the correct guidance of reason, the relationship between reason and passion be coordinated and placed in an orderly harmony, which is to achieve happiness and goodness.. If all individual behavior is diffuse, everything is in constant expansion. Therefore, once an individual realizes the uniqueness of his thought, the excellence of his behavior and the touching quality, he will have the feeling of having a meaningful world forever.. At the same time get dignity, respect, respect and belonging. People should be happy if they want to be happy. Without virtue, there is no happiness.