Father’s ” Earthwork”

Arguably, a flu or cold cold is not a big deal either. It is better to have three to five days less and ten to eight days more.. However, that kind of afflictive matter is still not bad, cough, asthma, top – heavy, sore all over. Then go to the hospital or clinic, it’s not, the heart is very tangled. Go to the hospital, as if to do a check – up, inevitably, to prevent you from having other lung problems, such as registering, paying, taking medicine, coming in here, going out there, taking a radiograph, and pulling in your heart.. Although the procedure in the clinic is simple, it has something in common with the hospital, that is, there are a lot of antibiotics such as amoxicillin and infusion, etc.. After all, if you get sick, the doctor says you should do what you want to do.. The problem is that no matter on TV or on the Internet or in newspapers and magazines, you have read a lot of articles about what serious adverse consequences of abusing antibiotics and easily infusing fluids are enough to make you tremble with fear. A small cold should put you in a state of embarrassment and shock. You said that this cold is still incurable. How can you treat it with confidence??   Often at this time, always let people struggle, lamenting whether people have degenerated or the society is complicated. Had to say if in the past, what would happen. However, to be honest, the previous scenes are still vivid in my mind.. Maybe it’s a minor illness like a cold, and it’s ” keeping pace with the times.”! I couldn’t help thinking of my father’s’ earthworks’ when I was a child. I don’t know if the humble’ earthworks’ can suit the remedy to the case.   When I was a child with a cold, I often ate a few tablets of analgin, licorice and berberine.. Sometimes, even the hospital clinic was too lazy to go. Father said he drank his ” Sihe Soup” and ” Guanling”. The so-called ” four – in – one soup” is actually made of several slices of ginger, several sections of scallions with whiskers, several spoons of brown sugar, and a few small pieces of clay on the stove fire door, boiled with water.. Now to drink this, the key is to have no earthen hearth and not dig a few pieces of earthen garbage.. Anyway, at that time, it enjoyed a bowl and sweated, feeling refreshed and cold was driven away.. Although the earthy smell is strong and the spicy taste is strong, it is also enjoyable to drink a bowl of brown sugar on the face of brown sugar.. If you don’t have enough time, after one time, you will still ” pretend to be ill”, coaxing your parents to drink and not expose them, ok, you can see from your face and actions that if you cook another bowl, you should also be aware of it. Sometimes, if brown sugar is gone and you continue to pack it, father said, it seems this time it’s a bit serious, ” sihe soup” is no longer available. cupping! A listen to cupping, already scared out in a cold sweat, started to run and shouted as he ran that he felt better now, causing his father to laugh.   To say this cupping is quite frightening. Those who catch a cold lie prone on the hot kang with their backs exposed, lit a piece of paper and pulled it up and down. They can neither burn to the skin nor stay too far away, but always feel the hot temperature.. One hand also holds a cup and shines it on the burning paper. When the paper is about to burn out and the heat is fully dissipated, the cup will firmly stick to your back with a clasp and the muscles will shrink violently. The cup is amazing. Let us break it, it won’t move.. After a long time, only listen to the sound of ” boom”, the cup fell down, and your taut muscles relaxed, your taut nerves relaxed, and your body was comfortable and your cold was fine.. Children are always afraid of cupping, and adults seem to enjoy it. They lie prone on the hot kang, pull out the cupping and cover the quilt, and fall asleep unconsciously..   Children’s tummy is the most common except for colds. Sometimes my stomach hurts badly, sometimes it bulges badly and I hit it with my fingers, ” boom, boom, boom, boom”, drum roll. Father said that it was a cold attack or a gluttony, and he rubbed it for a while. If it didn’t work, he found a piece of wool cut in autumn, a lump of earth, and put it on the stove. When the lump was hot, he spread the wool over his stomach and put it on it for more than half an hour for the first ten to eight minutes. The belly was like a deflated ball, and naturally it would be fine.. When burning clods, my father always touched them with his hands to test whether the temperature was appropriate or not and the effect was not good. It’s too hot to burn the skin. As for how many degrees, there is no thermometer to measure and no fixed value. It is entirely an experience perception, not a prescription of medicine.   When I was a child, in the present words, it was arrhythmia. Anyway, my father gave me pulse, counted the electronic watch and said something wrong. The doctor also heard it with a stethoscope and said something wrong.. Every night, my father took out five or six red dates, put them on the lid of the stove, turned them over, burnt them evenly, and boiled them in a porcelain tea jar. When the dark red jujube catechu was fragrant, let me drink the tea and eat all the dates.. Every night, after drinking, my father had to be patient with pulse counting. Sometimes, in order to count accurately, he had to pulse several times. In this way, I don’t know how many days later, my father finally said with a smile that he would not drink any more. In fact, I had already been forced by my father to have that kind of scorched fragrance, which I liked at the beginning, has long been boring my appetite and dull.. Good natural happy, jujube tea table haven’t been drunk for ten years, but now in winter, maybe I can have a cup of jujube catechu in a small restaurant outside, and the taste is good, just not the kind of warm process as a child.   Father has another move, is to treat toothache. When I saw a lot of people suffering from toothache, I covered the swollen half of my face and twisted my teeth. Alas, I couldn’t get a groan.. Some of them do not work whether they have analgin or painkillers in their mouths. As the saying goes, toothache is not a disease. No one asked about it. In many ways, people with toothache can only swallow their own stomachs even if they have tears swirling around their eyes.. Some people really didn’t recruit. They came to their father with a bottle of white wine and five or six eggs.. At first, we thought eggs and white wine were gifts or labor costs, but I don’t remember how my father fried eggs with white wine.. After frying, let the toothache bite. In a short time, the toothache said it was much better or even no pain.. We stared eagerly at scrambled eggs. Father knew our intentions and smiled and said that it was a cure and could not be eaten.. Whether we really can’t eat it or not, eggs were not easy to eat at that time. No way, people with toothache would say with a smile, let’s eat it. I’m all right..My father would give us a piece of chopsticks. Eat into your mouth, feel the smell of eggs, has been covered by alcohol, but look on the face of eggs, still eat with relish, that’s the real’ intoxicating smell’! When the toothache was cured, he left to say a few pleasantries, but his father grabbed the others and asked him to take the rest of the liquor away, but the other party refused anyway. We know that everyone is difficult and it is not easy to buy a bottle of wine. If it weren’t for the extreme pain, everyone wouldn’t be willing to spend the money. My father said, I don’t drink any more. If you take it back, you will feel much easier if you rub it with white wine, even if your teeth don’t hurt any more and your legs hurt occasionally.. Under his father’s repeated persuasion, the bearer could not help it, so he had to carry the bottle, speak politely and go away.   Now think about it, the father’s ” earthworks” work, whether it is scientific factors or human factors, such as affection, human feelings, true feelings, etc., but the simple ” earthworks” work a lot of times. Now, whether it’s headache, brain heat, stomachache or something like that, prescription, procedure, inspection, medicine and so on, you’ve already got a big head, plus a clear treatment process, a well-defined doctor-patient relationship, economic benefits of market prosperity and so on, people may become more and more vulnerable behind the complexity.!