Early spring release autumn harvest

Early spring release autumn harvest blue sea ( 1 ) who stole my inspiration? Sitting at the table thinking hard for a long time, I was like a child who couldn’t solve the equation. My thinking was blocked. What about the key to unlock it? Isn’t it that my heart was once as light as catkin by the cool wind of early spring?? Was it not the passion to ride the wind and break the waves that was swelled by the full buds on the branches of the fruit trees under the warm sun?? What about the green grass on the side of the road, stirring people’s feelings? The recovery of the earth, filled with attractive breath everywhere. Although the earth still looks pale, there is a strong and soft germination in the pale gray.. The mountain peaks in the distance have faded the mottled snow spots in winter, such as light ink painting, caged in mist, gentle and graceful, with deep beauty.. Poplar trees, willow trees and locust trees were bathed in the spring rain, and their branches were tender and plump, and they scrambled to sway under the blue sky and the sun.. All of them are light ink colors, and a beautiful ink painting is full of quiet, elegant, and full of hope and warmth..     ( 2 ) On the early spring weekend night, I sat in the bright light and wanted to write something, but I fell into the desert for a while. It was the cool wind of that night that stirred up the microwave that had flooded my mind for many days.. The breeze in early spring makes everything sprout and revive in a rush. All the year round, the earth turns round and round. Under the blowing of the cool wind in early spring and the shining of the warm sun, in the annual rings of my life at the beginning of autumn, the breath of spring was so strongly fermented in another annual ring that it swelled a heart that was already ready to fly. I’m going sailing and hiking! But I still can’t walk out of the town, surrounded by worldly fences, the less I can get them. But like a stubborn child, I carried my bags and set out. Sitting in the light of early spring night, Xiner went hiking.     ( 3 ) I want to go sailing and fly my heart! I am like an ugly duckling in the farmer’s henhouse, looking up at the sky, looking down at the green grass and wild flowers at the foot, and watching the streams flowing in the sun.. I saw the vast sky from the blue sky overhead. From the green of clusters of grass, we can see the strength and joy of life. From the twinkling streams in the sun, we can see colorful life, the depth of the sea and the surging of the great river..     ( 4 ) It is time for me to release myself again in the early spring of this year to face the strong breath of this day, grow with grass, open with peach blossom and apricot blossom, green with green hills, fly with birds, and courageously flow with streams.. I should treasure the joy of grass growing up in my heart, share the joy of peach blossom and apricot blossom, describe the free flight of birds, and sing the aspirations of streams.. I am delighted with the yearning for life, composing them into beating words and jumping notes. This is the harvest of my flying heart, and this is a kind of flying.     ( 5 ) Release your mind as far as you want to go. The vast universe, let you roam. All things in the world are dazzling in profusion. All they can see is that they hate the pen in their hands. It is difficult to describe the pleasure and joy of flying.. A loud laugh, why care about the joy of the baby, the joy of the baby, or the laughter of the elderly. Happiness is never stained with worldly filth. It is lotus root purified from the heart.     ( 6 ) Another spring of the year, the cuckoo chirping outside the window beckoned me to pack up my luggage again, pack up my bags and go hiking to harvest the harvest of my life in autumn.