Distant light

On the night of the night shift, I visited the website to check the information. I was attracted by a small stamp, and it also triggered my distant memory of the light.     This is a commemorative stamp issued by the United States in June 1929 to participate in Edison’s FIFA anniversary regulations for the invention of electric lights. It is a credit card, but I don’t want to buy it. I just want to borrow it as a prop for memory.. Now, if anyone says he doesn’t know what the electric light is, I’m afraid it’s not good to find it, unless there is no electricity in the mountains and forests where there are few people left.. However, in my hometown before the earthquake, there was no electricity at that time. I really don’t know what the electric light was. As long as it is at night, it will be dark and can only travel by moonlight. In the night without moonlight, it can only be by starlight..     If we catch up with overcast and foggy days, we can only go out by hand. Every night, we will go crazy in the dark if we can’t spare time.. Some light-footed people sometimes use kerosene lamps from relatively wealthy families when they actually touch each other, because they will also come into the street through the long courtyard and through the walls of the courtyard through the light of hair and paper.. This kind of light is hard to find without careful search. Later, I did not know that day night, when I slowly came home from the mountain, I suddenly found a bright star in the east of our village.. Moreover, the little star seems to have come to the world, because it appears under other stars, much lower than the distant mountains, to put it bluntly, it is as high as the environment in which we live..     A few of our children are all talking about what star it is and why it came down to earth. Some people suggested to go there and have a look. We said we would go if we left, but it was still in the distant place when we left several villages.. However, our pursuit of the bright heart has not changed, and we still move on. But somehow, the stars are missing and we can only go back bitterly without the goal we are pursuing.. But when we walked back, the stars appeared again, but the village beyond our memory did not dare to go any further, so we had to be helpless, but the attraction of the stars became stronger day by day..     When the night is still, several of our friends are lying on the hillside with their heads facing east, looking at the ideal star light.. It may have been a wait-and-see for a long time that we discovered the secret that the star did not appear all the year round, but only in early autumn and winter.. After a long time, those equally curious adults also wanted to discuss what was going on, what was the star, or whether somebody else could do something about it. The last few relatives told the truth.. It was in a village more than 20 miles away from my village. For the convenience of playing in autumn, a high electric lamp was put on the production team’s field, which is why the season appeared.     Since their village is under the eastern mountain of hazelyang basin and we live at the foot of the western mountain of the basin, by night the light will pass over the dense villages and come over us, just like the stars.. As for the lights we yearned for, they suddenly disappeared when we longed to see the real face, which is also because the center of the basin is relatively low – lying. The secret was finally revealed, and we began to imagine what the electric light was. If we lit and smoked, we wouldn’t have to use the sickle to cook.. Later, our village also switched on the electric light, but the recent earthquake brought me back to the original, the simple house did not switch on the electric light and returned to the kerosene lamp era..     Curiosity about electric lights has long been a thing of the past, but the yearning for light has not stopped for a day. Yes, who doesn’t want to rush to light and pursue light in his heart?. If you don’t believe it, just look at the lights on both sides of the road. As long as the insects fly in season, those cute little doors will rush to death for the ideal light in their hearts.. Isn’t it the same for our great human being? The heart towards the light is the same, but some evil-minded outlaws just take advantage of the people’s desire for quick success and instant benefits towards the’ light’. There are also those people who are interested in pursuing the ideal of the birds running towards the light, killing many birds that should have been protected. Why are they guilty?. When people encounter difficulties in pursuing light, or find light or traps that are not ideal, do they not see stars when they are with us and go back to their homes to find a way out?.     I have always believed that the pursuit of light will not change whether it is animals or human beings. It seems that the stamps in front of me can only attract me to the light instead of letting me have it.. Ah, the distant light is always my lingering memory.     On the night of December 27, 2012, TWELVE