Baidu to strengthen information security measures certainly won the Consumer Protection Committee of Jiangsu withdrawal

  In January 2018, Jiangsu Consumer Protection Committee because of that "mobile phone Baidu," "Baidu browser" irregularities acquire two mobile phone APP "monitor telephone calls, positioning, read short MMS" and other rights, filed a lawsuit against Baidu。 In this regard, Baidu in the first time to clarify, emphasize its not and will not monitor from the user, Baidu related applications obtain the geographic location, access to messaging, contacts, and other authorized, are in the range of fair use, and the need user authorization and turns itself off。
Baidu said it has always attached great importance to the protection of personal information of consumers, in terms of the protection of personal information of citizens, fully consistent with the Consumer Protection Committee of Jiangsu's position and point of departure。
  According to reports, after the incident, Baidu active cooperation and response to the recommendations of Jiangsu Consumer Protection Committee of further streamlining and optimizing the information security program and Baidu Baidu mobile phone browser。
It is understood that in the latest optimization solution, removed from the iteration with the product functionality necessary permissions, additional permission to use sensitive tips pop, to further protect the user's right to know and the right to choose, additional centralized rights management page, to enhance user control, in when first-time users to the core of APP privacy policy and application scenarios APP sensitive privileges were enhancing tips, optimize privacy policy for software optimization, to effectively protect consumers' right to know and the right to choose for personal information。 February 8, the new version of APP Update All on the line。 With the same time, Baidu also set up a Product Safety Monitoring Board, continue to strengthen and regulate the internal management, and the initiative to invite the Ministry of Industry, State Administration for Industry and other departments for consumer protection and management of information security training for their employees。   Baidu initiatives gained full recognition of the Consumer Protection Committee。
March 14 morning, Jiangsu terms of the Consumer Protection Committee held a special conference to announce the withdrawal of the message, and at the meeting positively the efforts made to Baidu in the protection of personal information security。
Jiangsu Consumer Protection Committee, said, "Baidu show its due responsibility, an Internet leader, in order to measure higher than the industry average, to protect consumers' personal information security, played a good role model for other companies through its official microblogging effect。
Network security is inseparable from various Internet companies to actively assumed responsibility to protect the rights and interests of users require more self-discipline and integrity of the industry to work together, Baidu hopes to continue its efforts to make more contributions to the healthy development of the Internet。 "" Thanks to the supervision of the Consumer Protection Committee of Jiangsu Province, Baidu will use more rigorous technical and attitudes to shoulder social responsibilities, to continue to strengthen technology and management, strictly regulate the related business areas, with a positive and responsible attitude to face action AI era is coming, and users of information security escort of。
"In an interview with reporters, Baidu relevant responsible person said, the rapid development of mobile Internet has brought more possible, and the era of artificial intelligence, network information environment is so complex ever。
In order to bring more services and convenience at the same time, Baidu will continue to increase investment, we are committed to upgrading security of information, to better protect the information security of Internet users。   It is worth mentioning that, after much Internet users concerned about the "monitor telephone calls", has proved to be a "misunderstanding" – "cell phone Baidu", "Baidu browser" to provide users with phone harassment or fraud identification and interception services when (Baidu risk based on the user report number is generated, etc.), you need to apply READ_PHONE_STATE obtain permission (permission can know the IMEI, IMSI, and the current phone is 'inbound, outbound, call' which one of three states), because different manufacturers have slightly different versions of translation rights, as translated into "monitor, record and process call", "read phone state and identity" and "read this machine ID" and so, some phone system manufacturers in the pair use the permissions translate the phrase "monitor telephone calls", leading to the public had been a misunderstanding, that the authority can "monitor telephone conversations"。
In fact, under current technology, mobile application APP is difficult to directly listen to the phone, Google Android in the design of the system, from the secure user privacy point of view, it will not open or design "wiretapping" This API interface netizens can rest assured。
  In fact, users of information security protection, Baidu has been at the forefront of the industry。 Data show that in mid-2017, Baidu security block malicious Web page over the total annual million and by focusing on monitoring crackdown offline suspected of stealing users' privacy malicious Web site million units Links 540 million articles, hundreds of millions of Internet users search experience and user information security escort。 Mid-December 2017, Baidu technical security team also teamed up with the Beijing Public Security Bureau Haidian Branch cracked the first case of the new production of invasion of personal privacy black gangs – "mobile visitor marketing" black production, and arrested more than 26 sites involved in criminal suspects, seized more than one million citizens information。
In the industry view, overwhelmed by Baidu to further optimize the security of information, or to bring the whole industry to improve the relevant threshold。