For many years, I like prose, but few people know it. Like Lao She, like Lu Xun, also like Zhu Ziqing.   But I can’t compare with these literary figures. I know that I am just a people who can’t even count on characters.. But a man must have a dream to live, no matter how humble he is.. I still like prose from the meeting at school. At that time, between mathematics and Chinese, fortunately, I chose Chinese because I always felt that mathematics was useless. Of course, it was only my personal opinion.. As a boy, he always likes to write things. At that time, it was always bad for people in the neighborhood. A boy should be crazy, should be noisy and should be…. I was born in a city that has been known as’ small Jiangnan in the north’ since ancient times, with distinct seasons and obvious climate change. Therefore, I have more opportunities to see the majestic rain, the proud frost and the pure snow. I thank God for giving me the right time. Said I like to write things when I’m okay. In fact, my words are ugly. At least I think so myself. Even my uncle who loves me most said so. So I’m going to write here, write and draw in this small world and be myself.. Fortunately, I have not given up the habit of ” love to write” after all for many years. Because of laziness, when something I want to write comes to my mind, I always say it freely, which also leads to the fact that over the years, I have left only a few lines of sentences..   A few years passed quickly, but I, after all, have not been able to do anything. I lament the death of the world and the death of the peddler in this world. I am a very casual person who writes wherever I think about it, does not have a clue and does not think about it, so I think this is the prose I understand..   When I was a child, I always felt that our county seat was so big, so I was always very excited to go to my uncle’s house in the county seat every year, looking forward to seeing the world, tall buildings and endless stream of people I expected, and also looking forward to hearing the cries of vendors different from those of villages and towns at that time.. So I think this is the world. It’s so big and big that I dare not go out alone, afraid of losing myself in a lane I am not familiar with, and afraid of being cheated out by bad people. Therefore, the world is wide in my eyes and wide for me to dare not touch, as if a monster did not dare to touch the forbidden area where the sorcerer has enchanted. That kind of desire is beautiful now..   I grew up slowly, saw a lot, and understood a lot. I suddenly understood that I thought it was the’ world’ county seat. It was small, small, and small enough to hold a person’s heart.. Later, after graduating from college, I chose to leave home. For the first time, I deviated from the town, from my dream, and from the’ world’ in my heart.. Human desire is the most terrible, greedy, ignorant and arrogant. These things are mixed up enough to make a person lose his head. Before he left, my father told me to find a job, be diligent and willing to bear hardships. I work for others, and swallow it down. The boss told me to do well and be shrewd. If the others didn’t tell me, they also did it when they saw it.. I’ well’ for a moment, don’t know at that time the father, is how to understand. When I set foot on the train for a long journey, I remembered to participate in the song ” Have a pleasant journey”. The lyrics are short, simple and affectionate.. From departure to arrival, I stood by the door of the train and single cycled through the song.   Before writing this article, I talked with my old friends about my intention to write something, specifically, trivial matters. Later, I decided to write it.. Even if no one looked at it, I was writing an article every day, telling a truth that is not reasonable and listening to a story that is not a story. To tell the truth, people insist, but I always lack perseverance and like to give up halfway. Old friends said, since you like to write, write, write on trivial matters, and write on nonsense that others don’t understand, someone can always understand and like to understand. So, I insist. From ignorant teenagers, I hope to be white – haired.   – ” Freezing three feet is not a day’s cold, and dripping stones is not a day’s work.”.   I like Mr. Lu Xun’s article, and the atmosphere is a little ironic, like hail in snow, which makes people elusive and eager to try.. When I was young, I didn’t know what Mr. Li was talking about and what he wanted to say. When I grew up and read Mr. Li’s articles, I felt that Mr. Li was really a genius in China for thousands of years. He was similar to Mr. Pu Songling, who wrote the regulations on strange stories from a serial studio. The difference is that one wrote things and the other wrote ghosts and gods. Similarly, they all talked about society and said the status quo.. Late at night, I want to write more, but I don’t know where to start, what to write and how to write the next sentence. So, follow one’s inclinations to write, follow one’s inclinations to send.   In addition to writing, I didn’t find myself having any other hobbies, such as collecting silver coins and walking back and forth along the road if I had a hard word. Ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha.. Collection, say investment, but I haven’t made much money since I was a child. I think that people who collect ancient coins have a good knowledge of ancient and modern times and history. I always walk back and forth along the road when I’m okay. When I say exercise, I look like I’m going to the crowd and shops on both sides, tasting sweet, sour, bitter and spicy, and enjoying a life full of tastes..   Why are you afraid of the dangers and dangers of your journey??   In the past, ask who dares to bet on tomorrow?   A cup of tea tells a story. A column of incense burns out the glitz in the world.   May you look like a swallow near the south of the Yangtze River in the afternoon, enjoying the scenery with ease.   May I be like an old woman in the country after dinner, with a hundred mouths to talk and enjoy life.