Childlike Rain and Umbrella

( a ) wet feelings, singing thoughts.   With a gentle call, childlike innocence is not old.   Little by little, love is refreshing.   The smell of rain touched many memories of me and you. In the songs and ballads of life, they were flowing in the arms of the land, sweetly talking about the original and most unforgettable scene..   Yes, in your mind and mine, there is a kind of poetic and pictorial love.   ( 2 ) Don’t forget that our chase was romantic.   On the wound of the land, there were my sketches, and the spring came one by one with vigor, as if in the colorful thick ceremony, the heat heated our first love, didn’t it? The hazy innocence, holding transparent beads of rain, and a sentence in my heart, under the pink umbrella, filled the pages with a full picture of life..   Ah, naked love, smiling in your big eyes.   Listening to the common heartbeat, the path has no end.   With the rhythm of the rain, the poem and song are very beautiful.   ( 3 ) The fairy tale story of Tian’s grandmother stirred up that yearning.   The game under the ancient banyan tree is hard to give up.   What’s left? What did you send away?   A string of silver beads, bouncing up and down on the grass between me and you, in the melodious pastoral songs, has a whip mark – the real sense of kindness in the paths..   Quietly looking at each other, the heart is romantic and singing.   Maybe it’s a hug, forget the pain.   Yes, edit the innocence again and again – the sacred promise is engraved on the heart plate.   ( 4 ) True, the heart has a meaning and the heart has a special liking.   The call of the dream spread all over Qian Shan.   The hearts of the people are separated from their bellies. Who can show that he is a good man?? At the moment when you have warm and cold, your thoughts and yours are covered with colorful, romantic music of life, opening the doors and windows of your heart, and the dreams of mountain and water are colorful in the fleeting canvas shadows..   Listening to the echo of the heart, a kind of enjoyment.   All things are lingering in childlike innocence.   ( 5 ) Hot sweat and tears spilled all over the floor.   It has been a long time since ancient times, yes, it has floated to the naive spring scenery and autumn reality..   Because, in their own hearts, they listen to the deep feelings and feelings of those hearts, without shaking the wind and rain..   From then on, I held the lamp in the wind and rain. Out of many dreams.   From then on, I looked out on the bank of the river and waved for our past.   ( 6 ) Return to the original and cut into the mind and body of the land.   Common exclamation, insomnia those spring and autumn.   Where is the heart? The true and false of dreams, symphonies on the withered and glorious grass of the year, wasted many beautiful moments and meditated on themselves one by one..   Ah, birds and flowers, be elated … ( 7 ) The frescoes of life have written a kind of eternity.   In my mother’s eyes, I will always be a child.   In my father’s mind, I am a teenager running in the rain.   Yes, my parents’ mind is the dock, harbor and habitat of my life, the starting point and end point of my life, a field moistened with rain, light and wind, which caresses a kind of truth, kindness and dedication and keeps the longing for life..   When I grow up, I can’t forget my parents’ exhortations.   ( 8 ) childlike innocence, rain and umbrella, so kind.   This heaven and earth, image my simple spring and autumn period, hug one by one once and perhaps, what makes me most attached to is my mother picking up my picture page in the rain, what really reminds me is that you said to me under the umbrella … ah yes, it is rain that nurtures my childishness, it is childishness that reminds me of maternal love, and it is the umbrella that tells me not to live up to you..   It’s raining, you and I have flesh and blood in our hearts.