life like summer flowers

I have always loved summer, although the hot weather makes me sweat hard, and even though the sultry night and mosquito harassment keep me awake at night, I have to sleep with the aid of the air conditioner.. But in summer, the red and white sunshine, the white clouds rolling in the blue sky, the joyful green eyes and the melodious cicadas and frogs all seem bold and unrestrained, dynamic and energetic. Feel the fresh breath of life immediately, the mood will follow is bold and unrestrained. It is also because the flowers that bloom in summer have many varieties and are so hot, colorful and varied.. They bloom in the season when the sun is full, like running, jumping and flying elves, showing their most brilliant and moving vitality, making me obsessed with summer. Taiwan writer Roland once wrote in the regulations for participating in the summer suite: ” Summer flowers are different from spring flowers. Summer flowers have strong vitality.”. If spring flowers bloom because of the warmth of the wind, summer flowers are inspired by the sun. Don’t we have the same youth as this summer? Hot and dazzling like the sun, summer flowers have the most beautiful, lively and brilliant colors. However, the cycle of the four seasons will not be shifted by human will. No matter how fresh and gorgeous the flowers will disappear in the cold wind and snow that follows, no matter how brilliant and gorgeous the colors will be quietly disseminated by the dense gray and white that gradually comes..     Close to the end of the year, I walked on the street, the afternoon sunshine sprinkled light warmth on my face, and gradually the cold wind blew on my face again with a cold touch.. The golden leaves on the ground crunched under the trample, and winter really came! The song suddenly sounded in my ear: ” A glimpse is as short as a glimpse / as brilliant as a summer flower / I am this dazzling moment / is a flash of flame across the sky.”. Summer flowers, flames, and a glimpse of the bright.’: Different beauties have the same short duration, which makes it impossible for us to finish the word’ wait’ with our fingers.. Life, youth, isn’t it? Time is too precious, and even more time will slowly run out. The dazzling process of life and youth, like a meteor streaking across the sky at night, went out in a flash and never came back again.. You see, ” butterfly counts / not month / but moment / butterfly has enough time”. the ear listens to the urging sound of time ticking, as if blood also drops and drops from the body.. Even butterflies are unwilling to endure the cruel torture of this time, let alone people? Put everything down! Put down the care for life, put down the attachment to the future, grasp the only moment that can be grasped, do all the things that can be done at hand, and make full use of every minute and every second of the moment, life will have the most realistic meaning.. Buddhist said,’ Do it when you see it, put it down when you do it. Why not. ‘ this kind of mentality seems negative, in fact contains great wisdom and wisdom. Live in the present, then live out the future.     Life, all the way spring scenery, all the way singing, all the way calm; Or thorns all the way, hardships and frustrations all the way, and trekking all the way … ah, all the ups and downs and ups and downs are all short – lived. Time in the world is the most ruthless. It will never stay for someone. When singing to wine, life geometry? When life has experienced vicissitudes of life and the sweetness of the past has become a memory, life is approaching the end step by step. We can’t keep the decline of life just as people can’t stop the decline of flowers. But we can stop the throat of fate and strive to fight against it and change it. Seize all opportunities, fully display yourself and release all the light and heat of yourself. In this way, when you have experienced the splendor of’ life is like summer flowers’, you can experience the beauty of’ death is like autumn leaves’. So as to produce satisfaction to life, openness to the world and gratitude to life.     Each of us can only walk once in this world and only once in life. Facing the floating and heaving of the world and the changeable world, all we can do is cherish life, treat life well and cherish and cherish the people around us. Don’t wait until it’s lost or empty, leaving a cavity of regret. What splendor and wealth, what fame and fortune, what enmity and enmity . Ah, let all the vanity and vanity in the world go to one side! Let’s live as happy, carefree and bright as possible. Life inevitably has many haze, but after the wind and rain, the sun will be exceptionally bright!     At that moment, I looked up and saw that the stubble leaves hanging from the tall, straight trunk still stood stubbornly in the wind. I am relieved that the cycle of the four seasons is unstoppable, but when spring comes again, they will be a new green.. In fact, what I saw was a kind of strength savings, a change of old and new, and the birth of life.. It is a kind of gratitude. It is grateful that creation has chosen us out of Qian Qian’s million possibilities, given us life and wisdom..     Close your eyes and listen carefully to the whine of the wind blowing, the roar of the machine turning in the factory building, and the sound of car horns in the distance … Ah, this is a different kind of music, sometimes gentle and soothing, sometimes dynamic and explosive, flying in this quiet afternoon.. The wind moving through the city gently blows the busy people, who are hurrying forward and chasing their own shadow .