At night, the gorgeous exile

The wind and rain are impermanent, the world of mortals smoke like smoke, a gorgeous exile, dense with all memories, gently singing time…..     The water-like yuet has precipitated all my thoughts, flowing quietly in this night, lingering feelings, curling up, filling up the thin winter, leaving me standing on ice and snow without feeling cold, silent, but no longer sad. I don’t know if it will warm you if I get drunk with this thousand knots of soft bowel.?     In a flash, 2011 will soon be the past. Think of 365 days when you walked with me all the way, with clutch, sadness, joy, tears and laughter, all of which will turn into the most beautiful scenery in the time, forever swaying in the time and space we all share, and will not forget or be indifferent.. Although most of the time, we have to choose to leave, leaving our thoughts in countless such dark nights without ceasing.. Think much, can stay by your side, breathe with your heartbeat, think much, cuddle up on your shoulder, walk through the bleak autumn again, think much, the heart has the communication, all need not say more, each other’s one eye, you know, I know, think much.     Looking at the past few years, many of the past will be indifferent to time and many will be selectively forgotten, while I carefully bound up all your warmth and love, neatly stacked on my pillow and accompanied me to sleep quietly at night.. Flying flowers in dreams, whispering softly, sleeping with a smile, waking up at dawn, only to go, the contract on the bank of the heart and sea will no longer make you lonely and hurt.     Time flies like an arrow, the memory of the dribs and drabs is the mark on the wall of the running years, affecting every channel of my life. And tonight, I banished them smartly. This is a splendid feast, like smoke blooming, dispels the coolness of the night, gives the world profusion and warms the heart.. Even if it is a flash in the pan, it will stay forever.. Because, this life is destined to sing time with you. In spite of love, there will be heartache.