All the way to the company, warm in the journey

Many years ago, I never traveled alone. On a winter vacation before graduation, I set foot on the train back to my hometown with a slight fear and timidity..   At that time, the train did not speed up. I was alone and had to spend more than 50 hours on the train. Although I remember all the instructions from my parents before going out, I carefully looked at my luggage and kept a polite distance from the passengers around me, I still couldn’t cover up my youth and simplicity..     From the departure station, passengers basically have seats. However, I didn’t get a seat ticket at that time, but I was lucky enough to stand next to a double seat with only one young man of my age on the seat. Opposite him was a man and a woman and two young men.. The young man may see me standing by and feel a little uncomfortable, so he took the initiative to talk to me and ask me if I have no seat and also told me that he has two seat numbers. The seat next to him has no one, so he told me to sit down in this seat.. Although I don’t know why he can have two seats on his own, I still sit down without hesitation..     Travel by train – but also in hard-seat cars, not only crowded and dull, but also bored.   Perhaps because they are all young people and are all around the age of twenty, we and the two young people opposite the seat will soon become familiar with each other.   In just a few hours after the train started, we naturally formed a small team that met by chance and took care of each other with tacit understanding. We took out all kinds of food we ate on the road and shared it generously, eating at the same time like we did with our family. We soon became the most striking scenery in the whole carriage.. When night falls, the people in the car gradually fall asleep, and tirelessly we are still playing cards and talking about our different stories, which is quite warm for the family to surround the stove and watch in winter..   During the conversation, I knew that the young man who gave his seat to me was a car mechanic from Kunming, but he seemed reluctant to tell us his name, but this did not affect our friendly relations at all.. Opposite the seat was a pair of brother and sister from Wenshan. The elder brother spoke very little and looked mature and steady, but the younger sister was more cheerful and actively introduced herself to me, so I learned that the elder brother was Pinghaisheng and seemed to be unemployed after graduating from high school. The younger sister was Pinghaiyan and was only in Grade One.. All three of them are going back to their hometown in Shanghai for the New Year, only I have to get off halfway.   I feel very congenial to Heping Haiyan, and she seems to be happy to make friends with me. The girl’s simple and easy-going nature makes us almost unsuspecting. Before I get off the bus, we even left each other a mailing address and even said goodbye to this unforeseeable fate trip … Ah, sincere treatment and warmth along the way let us enjoy the precious pure love in life..   After many years, every time I remember the happiness and warmth of this journey, I wish in my heart that all the people who have traveled together can warm each other on the journey.!