A woman who loves words

[ Guide ]: Women who love words are easy to get excited, easy to feel, and easy to arouse compassion in their hearts. In the process of reading and writing words, tears were caused by the sadness of the words, and laughter was caused by the joy of the words.. I like to immerse myself in a quiet sea of words. I am alone, day or night, without any disturbance, and let my thoughts run wild and joyous on the Yuan Ye of my thoughts.. This time gently and slowly close your eyes, the artistic conception is always beautiful and beautiful, reaching an extreme. The heart is overflowing all the year round, spring, summer, autumn and winter. joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows, freely strolling about like a leisurely stroll, dribs and drabs, ups and downs. Mood with the fingers of the hands banging on the keyboard, words leaping with ups and downs, surging, rising and falling, faint resentment, plumes, lingering cotton, sadness and sorrow, happy, xi xi ha ha, happy . Ah, the whole text crazy crazy person.     Although some words are not well understood, some rhetoric is not accurate enough, some words are not properly used, some sentences are not easy to read, and some words need to be looked up in a dictionary before they can read out their syllables and meanings.. However, this is secondary. It doesn’t matter. I like my own. Writing, for everyone, is never too old to learn. No one will be able to fully understand and thoroughly understand the vast spiritual civilization of Sinology – Chinese language and literature?     Words, different feelings, different understandings. It is entirely up to the reader and the writer to grasp it by himself. One thousand kinds of mood, one thousand kinds of understanding and implementation permeate the person’s taste cultivation as well as the profound and plain knowledge. Of course, good words can resonate with everyone.     Women who love words are easy to get excited, easy to feel, and easy to arouse compassion in their hearts. In the process of reading and writing words, tears were caused by the sadness of the words, and laughter was caused by the joy of the words.. My heart will be vividly displayed in front of my eyes when I see one mountain and one water, one person and one thing, one flower and one grass, whether it’s majestic or small bridge, whether it’s tall or heavy, whether it’s bright or green. This is the lure and charm of loving words..     A woman who loves words, her heart is aggressive and sunny. Reject darkness, reject sin. Remove the dross and accept the essence. Learn from each other and discard decadence. Wandering in the vast world with endless knowledge of words, you can see the bright and beautiful flowers singing praises, the clusters of flowers, kindness, sincerity, tolerance and fraternity.. The cunning and hypocrisy of nu scold, ugly and treacherous. The doctrine of the mean to preserve our sanity, cunning and smooth.     ‘ Excuse me, where is the restaurant, shepherd boy pointed to Xinghua Village.” Immersed in the thick and light bouquet of words, intoxicated and infatuated with it, it seems like drunk is not drunk at the moment.. Without any interference or hindrance, confinement or restraint, she is obsessed with writing in the ink fragrance heaven and allows women to fly happily..     The woman who loves words knows best how to love life and cherish it. She won’t leave her life in one mode. Know little emotional appeal, little romance, occasional surprise, sudden attack. Constantly inject fresh blood into your life to keep the dull life fresh. She was willing to do it, and she was able to work out the plan intentionally or unintentionally..     Daily life is like cooking home cooking. The same dish, if changed in pattern and in different ways, tastes fragrant. For example, take the most common and cheap potatoes, such as sour and hot potato chips, red-wrapped potato chips, shredded potatoes, sweet potato mash and boiled potato soup. This is the simple life that needs to be adjusted from day to day to make the same day have different life tastes.. Such a life is full of endless fun.     Every time a woman feels depressed and sad, she writes a piece of her own writing, like a long sleeve dancing gently and softly from time to time in the lonely Chang ‘e in the Palace of Guanghan.. This time the body is light, the spirit is cool, and the heart is suddenly enlightened. What worries and worries vanished in a flash and rushed out of the cloud nine.     Words can make the woman who loves it no longer lonely in heart and soul. With the company of writing, women enjoy the joy of writing and reap the power it gives them.. Let women have their own spiritual garden of independence.     She is a graceful bamboo tree in the green forest, cold plum blossom with proud snow in winter, raining rain in spring, delicate and charming roses blooming in summer, and a slender month like a hook hanging in the night sky in autumn, shining with faint light, illuminating the lost people at night.. ‘ and the silk-worms of spring will weave until they die, and every night the candles will weep their wicks away. ‘ words, just words. Sometimes it is a true portrayal of real life, but sometimes it is far from real life. Just, at that time, the feeling of the soul, the catharsis of the mood and the yearning of the soul for beauty.In a word, words come from life, higher than life.     With the passage of time, accumulate over a long period of time. Women who love words are often trained to be ” immortals” by words. They are not afraid of humiliation and laugh at the fallen flowers.. Because, the writing can repair the heart and nourish the nature, the woman with the writing exudes the charming scroll temperament unique to the woman from inside to outside.. A woman full of femininity.     Such a woman is the most lovely, her bones are permeated with distinctive and flexible behaviors, winning and conquering all the admiration and appreciation of the opposite sex with her elegant and graceful manners and the understanding and gentleness implied by women.. Such a woman can be a good family or a small jasper.     Women learn a lot of unknown knowledge from their favorite words. To enlighten and educate her in writing. I learned how to be a person, how to show filial piety to elders, how to care for relatives, how to educate children, and how to deal with people.. Own what you own, give up what you don’t own. Understand the self – esteem, self – love, self – confidence, self – improvement. Face life with a smile!     This is not a woman, but a woman in Qian Qian who loves words as much as you, me and her.   Puxi 20 1.0.1. 8.. Afternoon[ Responsible Editor: Men’s Tree ]