A corner forgotten by the sun

No matter in civilized and harmonious socialism or in scientific and civilized capitalism, every country has an ugly phenomenon. Men whoring, women whoring. The oldest industry in this line has spread all over the world. If you want to completely exterminate this world’s oldest industry and stop its growth, you will never be able to do it..     Not far from the residence, there is a long street lane, which belongs to the shady people every night.. In addition to the Kosovo Trust Fund and hair salon, the foot bath room is located one by one, one row after another, extending from this end to the end of the street lane.. Among the men entering these places, there are old, middle-aged and young. They do not come to wash their hair or cut their hair, nor do they come to soak their feet for health care, nor do they come to show their voices.. Their common goals are all for sexual desire, and they are buzzing like flies with fishy smell.. The strange faces and greedy eyes flashed and reappeared. No wonder this street lane is called’ howling a street’ by the old people nearby. Because wolves are used to going out at night, the people who come here are like hungry wolves and come out to feed after the evening… When the place of enjoyment and entertainment becomes limitless, the good atmosphere, noble morality and self-love character are all left out of the minds of some ugly people.. The service nature of the so-called KTW, hair salons and foot bath houses has already been quietly transformed into human flesh trading places where people who sell dog meat with their heads hanging hand in hand pay money and hand in hand.. I don’t know if it has ruined the future of several people, destroyed their families and buried the youth of several people. Is this heaven or hell??     At night, the bustling street lane is a never-ending day. A poorly equipped hair salon with dazzling and hazy light. The young girls made their debut, standing by the glass door in sexy clothes, flirting and sending mei, trying their best to hold the pace of the sex hunters..     Visitor’ searches for his favorite sister with sharp eyes. The goods are selected and the price is negotiated. One by one, one can follow his sister into the dark room.. After a while, he dragged his tired torso, wobbled at a frivolous pace and came out listlessly, looking full of gaffes..     Pedestrians passing by devoted lane were waved by several enchanting sexy and self-indulgent women, such as frightened birds, who dared to stay and see more and quickly left the place like a ” ghost”.     Foot bath rooms and Kosovo trust funds are much more upscale than hair salons. The colorful shop name signs flashing on the front of the door dazzled people with bright lights and laughing in the shop.. Young ladies, beautifully dressed, smiles appealed to welcome a wave of incoming and outgoing guests. The men who came here were all spring breeze, suits and shoes, swaggering in and out. These greedy people, who appear to be honest during the day and pose as a gentleman, actually do some shady business deals in the evening.. There was a dirty deal going on. I don’t know the depth of the night, I don’t know the confusion of the night.. The sun does not shine in the corner, and it is the burial place of those who do not see the sun. And those who can’t see the sun, the soul will always be buried in the corner where the sun can’t shine.. Swimming in the flesh, bathing in the sea of desire, listless, frail and lifeless, what’s the use of regret in old age??