This winter is warm for you

The cold wind is biting, the snowflakes are fluttering, the sky is freezing cold, everything on the earth seems to be silent, only the wind is blowing, the snow is drifting, and the cold is wanton. I’m afraid of looking at the lifeless space, afraid of this feeling of nudity, my heart has been running away and rejecting this season. However, this winter is warm for you.     It was a cold, windy morning, and the cold was pushing you from all directions. No thick clothes seemed to be able to resist its attack.. On this cold morning, what makes me feel warm is a text message: ” Teacher: I dreamed of you, and I can recite your phone number after graduation so long. I really want to 0905, teacher, it’s almost the end of the term. Don’t be too tired. Pay attention to your health. Good morning.”! Wang yucheng. ‘ The moment my eyes touched it, I felt the animation in my heart and moistened the past dribs and drabs.. What can make you dream, how many people can clearly write down your mobile phone number without turning over, a kind of strong friendship and a warm feeling are being transmitted to me through the message, that sunny girl, thank you for giving me the warmth of March in this winter.     In the season when I was no longer young in my forties, my heart was often very emotional, even if it was a text message from a student, perhaps I have treated every child in Class 0905 as my own. I clearly remember every face, every child’s characteristics, even a smile, and allow me to engrave you in my heart, just as you always worry about me and surprise me..     In the three years of junior high school, I was your head teacher, but I prefer you to call me floret affectionately. Yes, we are close friends besides the teacher-student relationship defined by the school.. My original effort was only a professional instinct, and I even complained about the hard work many times, sometimes showing my emotions to you.. Your group of energetic children gave me full warmth after leaving, even the whole spring, so that I won’t feel cold this winter.     This year’s Teacher’s Day, one short interest after another, mostly comes from your blessings. Despite my repeated stops, your enthusiasm was still burning in front of me, bunches of flowers and gifts piled up all over the desk like snowflakes. What moved me even more was the heart-shaped notebook in which you sincerely recorded past moments and expressed your heartfelt wishes to the teacher.. Quietly tell you, it has been on my desk all the time. This book is your pure eyes and the source of my strength when my work worries me.. You all came to hug me one by one, and some still stuck your face on my face. In today’s absence of feelings, I felt your innocence and the temperature of this city and this school.. In front of flowers and blessings, in front of your hot feelings, I am really as happy as a child, and really feel as if I was a child during the New Year..     On New Year’s Day, when I was at home checking the gains and losses of a year, a rapid ringing of the cell phone brought you blessings. When you didn’t find me, you used Miss Yuwen’s cell phone to convey your friendship and hold the hot cell phone. I didn’t know how to convey it, because there was a feeling that animation caught my eyes and dampened my voice. ” Teacher, you have a cold.”? The teacher didn’t catch a cold, but was moved by you affectionate children.     Walking on campus, I will have a pair of hands tightly encircling you from behind. I don’t have to guess who you are going to high school all the time. Then I will take the teacher’s hand and expose a face of surprise. My eyes are full of worries and concerns.. At this moment, I will unconsciously touch your head with my hands and sprinkle exhortations and encouragement to you again. Maybe you have already heard the calluses in your ears, but I will still suffer from occupational diseases and give my nagging without tire.. I know – the teacher. You will nod your head with a playful, long tone. although you don’t care a bit, I know you will be in your heart.     Students who fail to get into the middle and high schools of No.1 Middle School also often hear from them. Zhang Xia, the child who does not love learning but is lively, cheerful and emotional, reads the message from her. I seem to see her smiling like sunshine, as if she is moving towards the hotel management major she likes.. Wu Siyu, the simple girl who doesn’t know how to worry, giggles are coming from distant cities through her mobile phone, vividly describing this winter that belongs to me.. Zhou Jiahua, who makes me headache and makes me feel miserable, did not forget to visit his teacher and look at his lack of motherly love and thin body. He was relieved of his previous bad behavior and inhumanity, and only wanted to embrace him in his heart. I hope this society can accept this child who lacks love and let him feel the warmth of the world..     When memories wrap me up, I am no longer cold this winter, I am surrounded by your love, I am warm by your true feelings, and this warmth has been spreading and spreading.     During recess, when I was walking towards the water room with a cup, the students in Class 2 would quickly come forward, pick up the cup to fetch water for me and then hand it to you with both hands. This seems to have become a habit.. I will not refuse any more, nor will I allow you to refuse at all.     In recent days, near the final exam, I came to school early, and the students will float their concerns to you in surprise: teacher, come so early, didn’t you eat. Then you will quietly put the bread on the talking table while you don’t pay attention to it.     For every child in Class 0905, I would rather change the student into a child, because I treat each of you as my own child. You can rest assured that the teacher bathes in the ocean of love every day and will surely live healthy and happy life!     Compared with what you gave me, what I gave you was far from enough, especially what made me feel ashamed of you was that I had to be hospitalized for medical reasons two months before the entrance examination, saying that it was untrue that it had no effect on you, and the teacher had been struggling and his heart had been uneasy..     You lovely children, I should thank you, your vigor infected me, and your enthusiasm warmed me. The warm sunshine in the winter is in my heart and warms every winter in my life.