Eldest brother is like father

The eldest brother is actually 22 years older than me. There are five brothers in the family. I am the youngest. My mother gave birth to me at the age of 43. My eldest brother can be counted as my’ elder’. Conscientiously, I can go to this step today with the help of my eldest brother.     In the long river of my memory, the eldest brother is like a loving father, caring for my growth all the time.. I still remember clearly that when I was in primary school, he was already the principal of Caifeng Primary School. Although he had never taught my classes, he knew everything about my learning and knew everything about my exam results every time.. One summer vacation, I squatted in the ground at home to play with mud. When he came back to see it, he just found a pen and copybook to teach me how to practice calligraphy, lest I should go astray and neglect my studies.. When I was admitted to the third grade of Caifeng Middle School ( at that time, the first and second grade were still in the Tailoring Brigade Primary School ), he just served as my teacher in charge and taught me Chinese. He is already a double identity, a eldest brother and a teacher, and he has been watching me more severely ever since. What I fear most is ” the same person” and ” classical Chinese”. He forced me to read and write, write and recite. An article ” Carving a Boat for a Sword” said that I was forced to recite it five times in front of him. He finally nodded his head to pass before he was released. In his words, I could become the monitor of Class Three in the school, but he just asked me to become a team leader..     Due to family difficulties, my parents are old and infirm. Despite his meticulous care, I dropped out of school and never went to the battlefield of the college entrance examination. I went back to the production team and learned to do farm work, which was not suitable for me.. After he knew it, he rode back to the team on Sunday to talk to me and told me to love the countryside and life.. Encourage me to learn to create and enrich my spiritual life in my free time. When he found that chess activities in rural areas were also very popular, he went to Xinhua Bookstore in the city to buy me a copy of the regulations for attending the album ” chess music is endless” and asked me to study hard and strive for something to come out of it.. But I couldn’t read the chess book at all. He lowered himself and took out his pen to write the Arabic numeral 123456789 on the chessboard from right to left and wrote the one two three four five six seven eight nine from opposite the chessboard, telling me that the car is moving from the right to the second route and the horse is moving from the second route to the third route.. If it’s eight shots and five shots, it’s from left to right. A year later, the chess player was an invincible opponent in Caifeng Brigade, and he was very proud to talk to everyone.. After the eldest brother knew it, he drove back again on his bike, carrying me to the street and found master Liu, a famous chess player in the street, and Laolu, a retired headmaster of the middle school.. I was asked to fight with them and try my chess game. After a few games, the two of them killed me and got rid of my armour and fled. The eldest brother stopped me and said to me earnestly, ” Remember, there are people outside and there are days outside.”. So he borrowed another copy for me to attend the plum blossom spectrum regulation and told me to read it carefully. Must be modest and studious.     After I got married in 1986, I was in heavy debt. He looked at it and was anxious in his heart.. So he came to me with an idea, asking me to abandon farming and do business in the street to get rid of poverty and get rich as soon as possible. After discussing with my father-in-law and with their support, my wife Mei Qizao and I started a white case business, which was very hard. Later the eldest brother gave me the high school front room he gave priority to, regardless of his son who is still a carpenter. In his opinion, I need to rent this front room more at this time. Because of his direct leadership and advice, the business is the same every day and the net income is over 4000 yuan at the end of the year.. He immediately enjoyed the flowers and laughed out of his mouth, just like his own son won a big victory and kept saying ” good”. When I managed to win the two chess titles of Mashan Mass Culture and Art Festival, he left me early. Eldest brother, he died of stomach cancer just before FIFA.. Eldest brother, he is suffering from stomach trouble, which is actually the result of his years in charge of THIRTY – FIVE.. He worked as a private primary school teacher in Anbei Brigade from the age of 16. He didn’t go to junior high school for a day. Later, he dared to teach junior high school and senior high school Chinese through self – study.. He also successfully obtained a college diploma from Jingzhou Teachers’ Training College and was finally evaluated as a special-grade teacher[ associate professor ]and became president of Caifeng Middle School.. When he felt that he was not quite right, but it was already too late. In his last days, he still fought back pain and laughed and paid attention to my business situation from time to time, just like a father who cared about his own son. Once he called me to his bed and said earnestly to me, Five Brothers, you are approaching 30, and a man stands up 30. I hope you will stick to these four points to be a qualified man. First, good character, second, open – minded, third, rich emotion, fourth, and strong sense of responsibility.. Business money is earned, but family ties must not be lost. ‘ and asked me to take the lead. My eyes were hot. In fact, he knew that he couldn’t hold out for that day. He only reminded our brothers to unite in harmony and twist them into a rope for family and talents.. Even if he is gone, don’t leave the lonely sister – in – law. I nodded. But today, 15 years later, I haven’t finished the task he gave me, organizing several brothers to play from the 1st to the 5th. I’m really sorry, eldest brother, I’m too incompetent. For a family member who is about to leave for a long time, I have not fulfilled his last request to this day..     Eldest brother, don’t worry, when I come back this time, I will definitely make up my mind to bring the brothers together this year and give you a satisfactory answer from the first day of the new year to the fifth day of the new year, one family at a time.. Eldest brother, please believe me! Wang Zhengyuan of Wen Jingzhou