Cabbage from childhood

Childhood is like an old friend who has passed away and never met again, but in the depths of the brain, it is always difficult to smooth it out. From time to time, something like a child who just lay down and did not sleep suddenly emerged from the bed of memory and cheered under the gentle light..     The most unforgettable thing is the cabbage of childhood. In the north, in the past, cabbage was the main course in other seasons except summer. I grew cabbage and ate cabbage as long as I could remember. I felt a deep affection for cabbage..     As soon as he was able to draw water from the well, he followed grandpa to water cabbage seedlings in his private plot. A small cabbage seedling, green and green, with two or three leaves spread on the ground, is at the center, with a pale yellow cabbage heart, like a lovely baby, stretching and stretching.     Cabbage has many ways of doing things. I watched all kinds of things my mother cooked with cabbage when I was a child..     The most delicious is cabbage porridge. Boil the water in the pot, add a proper amount of salt and flour, first cook the porridge, then cut a tender cabbage head and put it into the pot. After a while, a delicious pot of cabbage porridge will be cooked.     Pepper mixed with cabbage is a delicacy our mother made for us. Mother mashed the baked dried chili in a stone mortar and poured it on the chopped cabbage. Then she put the two in a small bowl, then put salt and monosodium glutamate in the bowl and mixed them a little. A plate of spicy, fresh, crisp and fragrant chili cabbage was prepared..     Mustard oil mixed with cabbage is most exciting. Mother cut a cabbage head, put it in the dish, pour soy sauce, and then pour a spoonful of mustard oil. When you mix it, needless to say eat it, it will also make your seven orifices open and your soul will fly out of the sky.. If you eat a cabbage leaf with mustard oil, the pungent smell will spread from the taste buds to the insides, making you unbearable, and then it will be a pleasure for you to receive gentle caresses from tens of millions of pores, making you unable to resist another bite..     The poverty of childhood life is all colourful and colorful by this small, tender, green and white cabbage.     Cabbage is full of treasure. Cabbage heads can be mixed with various cold dishes, cooked meat, tofu skin and chili, which can be fried together with many other ingredients.. Such as Chinese cabbage fried meat, Chinese cabbage fried noodles and so on. The cabbages can also pickle pickles. When the spring is blue and yellow, I often see grandpa and father eating the cabbages developed by their mother, drinking low-quality white wine and talking about the worldly worldly wisdom..     My favorite food is Chinese cabbage dumplings made by my mother. Every hour when the Spring Festival comes, on the evening of the 30th of the year, the mother will always bring out the most marked cabbage stored in winter.. Cut off the head of the tender cabbage, peel off a few dried leaves outside, gently chop the cabbage with a knife, and then gently chop it on the chopping board. At first, the mother also chopped slowly, gradually, the mother’s knife quickened its pace. Click clicking, the chopping board rang rhythmically with the echo of the knife rising and falling, and the cabbage on the chopping board also gradually changed from coarse to fine, evenly undulating on the chopping board, like the splashing of water drops in the rush rain, and a group of dancers, flying up and down with the drum beat.. At this time of the mother, she focused on one hand knife up and down, while the other hand kept using a broom to drive the vegetable stuffing that wanted to escape from the chopping board back to the center of the chopping board.. Now think about it, the mother at that time was really like a concert conductor, driving a wonderful performance with her skilled skills.     Cut the stuffing and then cut the meat. To make cabbage dumplings, you need to bring some fat pork. Then, our family wrapped it together. As far as I think about it now, the dumplings made by my mother are not beautiful, but when they are cooked in a pot, none of them are rotten, and the ones made by my elder sister are beautiful, and they are not rotten..     The dumplings came out of the pot, took a bite, the fragrance of Chinese cabbage, the meat flavor of pork and the jubilant New Year’s day. The mother watched the children’s smile of eating dumplings, and they were all in her heart, in her taste buds and in the various endings of her nerves. This is probably what every Chinese yearns for.!     Sometimes, when you eat dumplings, you will eat’ sugar bags’, which are made of sugar when there is no stuffing and there is still some skin.. New Year’s Day, especially on the evening of the 30th, if anyone eats sugar bags, that’s good luck.. When I was a child, every year on the 30th night, I ate sugar bags. Every time, my mother always said, ” This child will have good luck in the future and can marry a good daughter – in – law.”! Now think about it, it suddenly dawned on me that it was my mother’s blessing to deliberately put sugar bags in my bowl every year!     The cabbage of childhood, all good things are kept in my heart.