Tomorrow stock market speculation and the three coping strategies | stock


  Trend conjecture: GEM continue to perform Hengqiang achieve probability: 60% specific reasons: the market trend in the afternoon of significant differentiation, motherboard fall trend, stock index turned green, while the GEM will remain significantly strong。 Motherboard currently in the process of step back, step back on the need to observe the intensity and rhythm。
GEM continued strong lower after the open is to continue to move up today, the so-called Hengqiang。
The current market-style switch again twenty-eight, higher activity of small ticket, rally pulled up efforts are stronger, while blue chips plunged into the collective adjustment。   Operation strategy: If you say one two days of differentiation can not explain much of a problem, but for four days of differentiation, apparently clearly demonstrates the significant switching hotspots。 In operation the investor must keep up with the rhythm of this switch, it would be difficult to take the initiative in the future trend in。 We recommend active layout of the GEM high-tech sector。
  Funds conjecture: the main inflow from blue chip varieties to small and medium-invasive achieve probability: 55% specific reasons: proximity 2:30 motherboard was sustained capital flows net outflow of state, because the funds at this stage in the rush to raise the subject shares, after two board turned green again, GEM also been some impact down。
Overall, however, the strong performance of small and medium-invasive, significantly more favored by capital。
  Operating strategy: the operation of the current market still, market sentiment is relatively harmonious, so late in the game may be short of a strong theme, or subject shares fell GEM is an opportunity, rather than a rebound in the end, as the main subject to domestic software。
  Hot guess: technology stocks collective outbreak achieve orgasm probability: 55% specific reasons: the recent popular stocks pulled the intensity is very obvious, including ,, such, are the recent hot stock market form seesaw effect, accelerate the flow of capital and small record leave the big ticket, subject shares market now dominant, dominant popular stocks。
  Operation strategy: technological innovation is the relatively high degree of attention of the two sessions topics related chips and artificial intelligence technology innovation industry will continue to be optimistic about。 Since the policy shift, the biggest opportunity this year the stock market, shares in the new economy, new industries stocks, tech stocks, high-growth stocks oversold stocks above victimizes。

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