Fall in love with prose

Secondary school, young and ignorant, sentimental, full of curiosity and the future outlook.Therefore, I like to read some Misty, occasionally poetic reverie, a small poem, not even themselves unintelligible.    After military service, working relationship, like the study of the military, the military see the article, and occasionally write a so-called military papers, pay their own ideas of his writings.    Recently, suddenly he finds himself falling in love with prose.It may be the relationship between age?People over middle age, like to look back, perception of life.Now we have to find time to read a few essays every day, hungry.Often read a classic American text, like Gan if yee, put it down, never tire of reading.Not only love to read prose, reading more like to watch music video, the beautiful melody, beautiful screen, coupled with the magnetic reciter, emotional interpretation, there is a different flavor, will take you in the mood to go, if you’re the drama in the corner, articles myself, mesmerizing than watching a blockbuster movie more fun.After also love to collect prose, must find a few classic essays from the Internet every day on the blog editing, and slowly taste.And began to write prose, recently wrote two, all of a sudden as if the brain fails to grasp, years dries up thoughts like a high tide of the sea, pouring so many things to write.    Prose literature is a bright pearl in the hall.Love to the depths no words, falling in his writings namely chapter of ancient and modern literary masters, with its caves and nuanced observation, extraordinary earthly natures, boosting delicate affair, with wonderful flower pen, and wrote numerous striking literary grace, famous essay popular.Some of these works every word a gem, giving the language of the United States; some profound, United States gives to the idea; some touching, United States gives to emotion; some meaningful conception, giving the mood of the United States.Not only enriched the world literature, but also infected and affected thousands of people, generation after generation of tapping the human mind, to influence people on a spiritual enjoyment and art to.    The essay is a special style, which combines fiction, essays, poetry in one, or Acura natural, social or analysis, or praise good and the beautiful, or castigate false evil ugly.Sometimes there are wonderful plot novels, essays sometimes deep thoughts, sometimes beautiful poetry mood.Sometimes Syria, sometimes meeting, sometimes meeting with Syria, freedom and flexibility in the form of unlimited, let play.    Reading a classic prose, collectors like to collect a rare treasure, enjoy a gourmet fine dining, exquisite fashion wear a costume.There is always the final song rhyme stay, a sense of aftertaste filled, addictive, food for thought.    Some time ago read a commentary on prose that prose can best embody the skills of a writer, savor, and found true.    Generally short and pithy prose, the most suitable for my kind of impatient, impatient person, and can absorb nutrients, but also enlighten the mind, but also the yardsticks.