Country lanes

Country lanes, with the mood of lazy walk.No trace of affectation, everything is so natural, I think I also.    When the sun came down, sunflower bowed her head, like a pregnant young woman, somewhat shy look.To see no one around, suddenly there is a feeling of want thief.Gently poke weed, and jump over the edge of a farm irrigation canal trail, I came to a place where sunflowers.I seemed so small, at the moment I reached out and took off once a sunflower, define my life will change.I can not suppress his urge to want to do in uprooted, like the monkey on his shoulder, like stealing palm-leaf fan, or screw head into the arms of the next sunflower?    I am a little tired of their ideas, are each thief before committing the crime are so entangled?    Or forget it, I think.Its so tiring, might as well do not be blue this country fresh air.    So when I climbed the trail, I found that I was in the middle of a large flock of.Although I looked very stalwart on the inside, those little sheep can one hide from me, I do not like life on Earth.Kazakh shepherd was a teenager, riding a white horse, singing I do not understand the Kazakh folk songs, from time to time make some loud whistle, directing the flock.    I would like to ask a whistle stopped him how could command so much brute?I was afraid to interrupt his pleasant voice!    I just want to start from tomorrow to be a happy man, or from now on?Is a minor carry a hoe hum, whistle or riding a horse name?    Came all the way, I do not want to understand.Only know that there is singing country lane, no comps, sings with the heart; country lane covered with poems, flowing creek in the field, hanging in the trees on both sides.