Attracted to the warm love, flower Iraqis

Under the September sky, a poetry and painting-like autumn, you..  [A] met you, plum early grind the dust cleared, the Intrigue is the Green.A delicate and exquisite snow white memo declared, such as fly-month smoke, gently knocking on each other’s hearts.Millennium Shen Xiang, wind flow back to the snow, that according to glimpse a little under the shadow of the pink twenty-four umbrella, like old friends return.Since then, the warm cordial love, September, portrait.    If we say that this world, every woman’s pre-existence of both correspond to a flower, then you must have that support Painting powder surplus of water lilies, timeless and elegant, do not dye Qian Chen.When the years of easy wind penetration Liuguangfeiwu network, Xiaoxiang dream since I saw your eyebrows gradually from the autumn, conceal your flowers sweet charm and charm.    Goes, as one lone legend.Even if I in the horizon, you are in cloud water.No matter how far the distance of time and space and, also arrived, but the fraternity between the text and consonance.I know that you are the equanimity woman has thoughts to warm smile and aloes, has been like a stick in his Reeds water Mei Ling Qing ink prime Curie, hold a pen calm, poetic language of life.    [Two] September sky, one autumn, you, the noble glamorous masterpiece in Han Yan, Xu Allure you look back, I promise butterfly dream Yiyi.The Red thousand, as long as there is love last as long as handwritten heart, and then a long hard solitary journey, you can Fangcaoqiqi of Greenery in to Ban Zhancha incense elegant and tranquil, the rain and snow weathered ablation Debu leaving a trace.Term blossom, Liuniansishui.    Horse and text over your rivers and lakes, a clear and a Xiao Jing separated scrambling and numerous earthly.Pure and simple black and white, as you do not have the pretense Yan Qing, you will be clever and graceful elements ink painting heart vividly vent.Life Experience and fleeting light and shadow build Yun fingertips she explains, in your palms to form a thin spiral of palm, light singing crooning.So, your time in Iraq made by Iranian language, glittering light waves, static if Ripples.    You waited at Hong Seiitsu away the clouds waterside, listen to your dark sleeve Ying Zi’s heart, such as blue Chuzhan.Numerous Yuebaifengqing night, that a pen flowing, elegant writing, quietly opened a little scent of ink bleeding, such as Fireworks moment, how much achievement meet the fingertips of love smile!And laminated between the lines of blooming or bright sadness, splashing like bead, polished overlooking one another eye meditation.No matter how the years reversed, I know that you are my heart has always been gentle and irreplaceable Qiannian.As time has shown signs of Su Jin years.    When you engrossed common text [three], will you be content with poetry and dreams strokes clear of soft grass outlines, wind and water.Whether it is caused by high rhyme of poetry, the language of Sketches or water, or a graphic superb picture and sound are flourishing prime eat only a little in your hands, natural.Each sum, moon and stars is a myth, also convert your text.Through your thoughts incense glass, as if to see you exquisite and elegant charm, scholarly overflowing in the scent of early autumn.    Su Jian you turn pinkish surplus natural, earthly fireworks, falling wish language, elegant elegant borders and graphics, such as spring warm sun, greeted from.Surprised at your graceful creativeness and Wai Lan heart, like a tree, a tree of flowers.Those chapters overflowing passion poured concentrated dye, the breakdown of the length fleeting Cantabile in warm friendship, writing each way and joy of joys and sorrows of life.Bit by bit time stamp, allowing each pathway passers-by to stop and linger deep for you.Jun Yi think that behind the words, which is what Congling carved woman, can only readily spread snow Xuan years, the achievements of a network segment Langhammer fragrance of love easily?And this thin cool earth, there is none like you, like all the sincerity and enthusiasm, place text on together?    Plain naive friend spend, you and I had to take the hint, and then to each other without the words deliberately flooded to stay.Regardless come and do not come in and gone, we are well aware of each other’s thoughts and blessings, never in my heart the most recluse corner, silent, but deep.Have your day, clear sky, promise big time and space suddenly thrust away, and the hearts of comfort and relying on each other’s warm enough rest.    Like that day you will all chant poems collected blue, elegant and ethereal beauty to the extreme accompanied by pictures, music and picture when the gift is made, a truth kindness, apart from that, I kind of moved and how happy!You say, every time I see pictures and poems about orchids, you will think of me involuntarily and unconsciously covered up, over time, actually stocked a folder.Those pink Sudan border, also you are familiar with my preferences and skilled cut crystal.You said that you like to watch every now and then I will whisper in your placement carefully prepared for my background, watching tranquil warm words and no need to carve patterns penetrate each other, silhouetted against each other, my heart, is the untold gentle and quiet and bored.    [Four] such painstaking intersection, can not tell how good!And I think as long as tall distant ancient city wall, there is such a delicate and exquisite beauty of you, according to shadow near the water, when the whisper Kiyoaki, trance feel elegant charm you on the side, Su Yi Pina sleeve of a robe, Qiaoxiaoqianxi.So, there is always a sense of warmth and emotion, filling, lingering.    When the memory of the tide swept over lighted, you say the purple street free of dust, there are always some haunting feelings from Tao Yun Chung.The original can be real and unreal to contend, as old and never confront youth.This time you, just like the night blooming cereus bloom, the bright sadness alone, people pity.Allure peerless charm of a blossoming inside, who knows the process of flowers, butterfly cocoon is the long wait and the moments of pain and dying Qing Ji?    Time such as water, no trace disappeared.And we, but the years hourglass in an insignificant fine dust, and even has a kind of nostalgia chant, still arrived, but the fate of traction.Fortunately, such a blessing God, make us each other’s character leaning heating, and at first sight.So, Iraq, anyway, that you and I cherish it, take good care of yourself.Life of this process, there is this meet, how much it is not easy!    You see, this September with The red Dan Lu, meet again in the misty rain in the south.End of the World of Love, Grass dream is with me sing the song of blessing Li song, buckle your remote fragrant sangrakwol of Fang Chen.I believe that you must have strayed into the earthly angel, pine stick in the text, the picturesque, poetic.