Another year fragrance

Lunar August arrived, the weather is cool a lot, usually through a small street, there will be dark green tree-lined leisurely refreshing aroma wafting.    Do not think carefully, they know that it is sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance comes out, thick but not smoked, with the cool breeze of autumn into the nostrils, the heart suddenly a lot of fresh.Without careful observation, that among the dense foliage, it is hard to see the look of sweet-scented osmanthus.Those petals surrounded with fine, elegant goose yellow leaves are dark green with block, like the shy girl, the face of ambiguous.In the dense woods seem to see her presence, however, that intoxicating fragrance tell you, she actually is on your side, you have no room for the slightest doubt.    I really fell in love with this sweet-scented osmanthus August, and she just far can smell the unique flavor, but also because she was quieter tranquil rustic and elegant, and her growth environment with casual.Think about it, Rose can comfortably grow in unusual curb it?I think I should not, that young demon is fragile body can not withstand the wind and rain, can only grow Jiao Zi dripping obsequiousness to attract style in intensive care gardeners, however, with the fragrance of osmanthus compared to poor a lot of.Peony it very generous, but I think she’s flowers bloom almost exaggerated, more than a dash show off the ingredients, and peony requirements for living environment demanding a lot.I think the beauty of flowers to be just right for the job, such as jasper, also want to say is the ultimate shame of pure good.Plum, is my favorite species, but her cold and aloof, seems incompatible with autistic other species, can not help but at arm’s length.All of these reasons, naturally, I am fond of sweet-scented osmanthus.To put it bluntly, I fell in love with the sweet-scented osmanthus.    Fine chemicals up the beauty of flowers, should be subtle and elegant appearance, intrinsic subtle fragrance, do not choose to be born squeamish, so that it can enter the hearts of ordinary people, because of her sweet-scented osmanthus rustic and windy in August in time and space.    August is the best time of year, autumn, fine, clear, the temperature is neither hot nor cold, all things mature, with one of the world’s abundance.This season often remind me think fondly of the countryside, there are signs everywhere of autumn.The most simple landscape can be seen at a glance, you can close your eyes to imagine the charm of autumn.No need to modify autumn beauty and maturity is at hand.And without looking carefully, autumn has been into your heart.This feeling is just as sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance floated the quiet complementary.    This year the summer season, I look at the collapse of the old house renovation, can be considered to revive for a new look, white walls, tall flat-topped, compared to the previous air a lot of the old house.New doors and windows, the clean back porch Qian Yan, abandoned old house looks old state.The old house down and the trail becomes a memory, the only backyard trees osmanthus tree still grows luxuriantly in the former residence of the land, it exudes a faint scent.    Seasons rotate in time, the life experiences of the initial grace of life, then entered the mature.The middle-aged man, has long been bearish on the glitz.Once proud of the journey, such as the situation in general are light.Restless heart is no longer in life resulting in complacency, the pros and cons in her heart.Starchaser not catch on Fuming get around them, do not spare no efforts desire brilliant life.Peace of mind, their own happiness alone has.    At this point, suddenly feeling into middle age, with the same quality sweet-scented osmanthus.Trying not looking for a sunny release under the lovely, do not care to spend a unique room of fertile soil, it will not feel dejected because no close friends.Lived up to the wonderful, I think it was enough triumph in the life.    I smell the fragrance of osmanthus’s confession of life, is the Mid-Autumn season, if the autumn should fall yellow everywhere, why she was so elegant style of blooming splendor.Seemingly including but not exposed plain white floral able to release an amazing fragrance in the space-time champion in August.Perhaps interpretation, life is not necessarily to achieve glory in the best time of life.The hearts of obsession, but since weathered.    I not only attracted to sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, more low-key joy in general as human feelings.Spring, flowers Jing Fang, bunches of colorful, like a verse as “squandering For beautiful eyes” can be described as crowded.However, few people can identify their names, how many people can keep in mind, but ultimately short-lived vanity Bale is grandstanding.    Naive, is a kind of beauty; reserved, more charming.Ordinary people can enter the heart of the United States, it does not necessarily require a large purple red swagger.Just a plume of diffuse through the branches of the Fragrance enough memorable in the depths of fleeting.    八月桂花香, I’m waiting in the depths of autumn.    (QQ: 643873256)