Always want to cry

And from sleeping soundly in the spring safely woke up, how lucky!Sleepily, side head a look, Seimei spring has been waiting a long time for the window.    Advance to the school, on the playground have come earlier, who are some of the early morning reading to students.They walked reading, endorsement sides look exactly like singing folk songs in travel; they are reading, endorsement morning bird sounds more like fun and Naruto.    As always, take a walk around the playground.The edge of the first ray of sunshine to illuminate the playground when the tree, pale green buds look as dashing as green stars, from the hands of nature that is truly beautiful youth, let me excited, even, so I was moved to almost to tears.    A middle-aged, how always have the feeling you want to cry?Not got “eye” disease, but the inner excitement, as to why always excited, really hard to say, as if a lot of reasons, and if they did not have any reason, just to be ready, excited feeling excited occur instantaneously my feelings, or is never miss the scheduled arrival of spring, my flesh, spirit and nature are beginning to sprout.    First of all because my grandson and grandnephew who can not help.To see them one by one like newly hatched birds as sweet and innocent, I always put them in his arms, talking to them, playing with them, although they are currently only know me with teasing and do not know me in the words are what matter.They will laugh, smile more innocent and naive, kind of cute is beyond words, and my heart’s joy and excitement is beyond words, I wanted to cry, and sometimes really began to cry.    Over time, I always want to go to the country to visit his elderly parents, I have felt that I have more to go, or I’ll rest Hanhen.Back concise home to see their parents increasingly stooped figure and significantly slow motion, I wanted to cry, I really cry, of course, it is quietly shed tears.I know, between me and them, there is a long list of good time has been unable to recover, there are many, many shortcomings wait to make up, in theory, I have many, many remedies, the easiest is to go to accompany them.    I watch it every day CCTV entertainment show “distant home”, to see the beautiful mountains and rivers, splendid culture and long history, mellow folk, colorful life, strong people, I would crowd their tears!    I also saw that today, many rural children are transferred to the city school to school, their lives, either by parents entrusted to relatives and friends, or allow them to self-management to small and great, parents have to go out to workers – I also secretly tears, because the children and the children of parents who have been put on the ever-changing life of a new path, and began involuntarily flew on this road, they do not stop being necessary and possible, maybe they this very pleased, maybe they are very unhappy, however, these are not important, it is important that their children always seemed helpless and lonely, known as the “left-behind family,” my tears, because I really no greater ability to change their life situation and living conditions.    Spring is here, it is again!I am familiar with the Huai, and grow new buds, and light yellow, light green, the kind of bright colors and novelty scared people!World, really no more appropriate language to describe it, my mind excited and can not talk, the overall feeling is you want to cry, as bright and vivid spring morning and was moved to want to cry, although flow in spring morning tears are very outdated.    If the middle-aged life feelings are so fragile, vulnerable if people will through childhood life forever vulnerable, if the understanding of life, nostalgia for the world is to really sincere, if all the love hearts have been brewed to mellow lingering situation, then saw something real goodness, whether it be this cry?    Some enemies, like last year’s flowers, forever fade; some friends, in the ocean of life’s ups and downs no fixed, some sank forever, some are still trying to float, but are like crab aging; some of their loved ones, and himself, eyes are secretly lose the look, but not decline, but not defeat, but by the wild life of the introverted state to state, emotionally and intellectually become a deep; some of my colleagues retired, came out like bird took flight, as well as more colleagues and I also work with new colleagues, like the stage play actors change field change, come, again.    Regardless come and go, like all evolutionary time constancy.Winter will pass, spring will come, old people, there will always retreat to the fringes of life to remain silent.Like winter as people full of tragic past, the arrival of spring – like, refreshing, and people may feel confused.    And he walked around, saw the novel again when Salvinia, as if viscosity of the sun is shallow orange, as the sun shines all the painting are heavily.The sky is gray shallow blue, very pure, translucent, like a giant diamonds in the rough.The sun, the Huai canopy, on the wire, on the roof, the floor, stay sparrows, jumping, playing, foraging.Some of them darting in the sky, flying is dedicated silent, stay down on the whims of those who also speak their minds, do not know the kids on the playground judge reading voice a blend of sound, tone, rhyme.Time colleagues very spiritual place, as if to meet with a sunny spring morning to do a lot of well-dressed, as if deliberately to please the spring and spring morning, but also to please.They look very much like the mountains in the morning or squirrel parrot, very cute, very nice.    Suddenly feel, meaning all are collected in one point: At this moment, I have no resentment, not depressed, not too abstract, not arrogant, not hypocrisy, and everything I see makes me want to cry because of excitement.I know, I want to cry from the humble and sincere feeling, but also because of the humble and sincere, I set out to infinity noble.I for the life and vitality of life and tears, also in real life is very rich and broad face and was moved to tears.    I also love tears, but also for their looks and status in the world shed tears.Because spring came again.    March 24, 2013