I Acacia regardless of the season

I do not know what went into this season。This season dressed in the sun, wrapped in dew, stepping on the snow slowly come, says with a warm smile painted the color of spring。    I know that, whatever the season is a realm。Four Seasons is the pure sound of nature, intoxicated, share of Acacia clear ethereal, truly transparent, bright run my heart empty。    Seasonal wind, blowing ah, ah blowing, blowing kinds of style years, the Spring blowing, blowing awake fry the Autumn blowing, melt blowing the Dongxue。I kissed a lyrical rain moistening, I heard the cicadas of summer sweat, I see the autumn popular stained smile, I received a caution lingering winter white。Spring honestly anxious anticipation is a sketch, summer burning eyes is a dance, fall delectable charm is an essay, white-capped in winter is a quiet novel。Not a spring breeze, I'm afraid I had a rotten; not a summer rain, I might well have withered; not the Autumn, I'm afraid I already haggard; not winter snows, I might well have decadent。Seasons, Song of。    You came from the Four Seasons。Sunshine is your sparkling smile。Your graceful demeanor, exceptionally Jiaorao, scared my heart。The delicate fragrance of the wind flying, birds stir up a bunch of sweet, Rupi Qinxin。    You are a warm spring, and resolve the frosty Ice。“Spring beauties extra duty, an affair to”。I inadvertently walked into your world, Everywhere Birds Are Singing。Swallow bird green light to cut the vision of a Apricot shyly bathed in the morning breeze, prettily Unspoken。    You're drunk red dreams, dancing hyun burning passion。“Then endless days of lotus Bi, Lotus flowers in the sunshine”。Full of spirituality and vitality of Hawthorn, the Dutch woman with a seductive Lvqun, self-conscious slim figure, came up to me Cuisheng habitat。Noodles pink, round and pure clear; eyesight gaze good, warm and cozy。Fragrance floating, Who knows style?    You are sultry stars, fireflies flashing soft。“Moon phases and two lake, lake surface without goggles unground”。Inspired by the Autumn, you walked crushing Limbo, light singing crooning, that aroma of tenderness, send a autumn, fall like dew。You Nianzhuo light Luo fan, capture the moonlight。That dripping poetry, have butterfly, moon every now and then in the eyes。Each miss, is a star, berthed at the Milky Way in Autumn。    You are taken soul of crystal, Bingqing the ignorant state of mind。“Flying Yudie”,“The sit bamboo sticks of varying Joan”。You descended from the Jade Pool, Yucui clean heart, a white。That fragrance of buds, sparkling in the warm winter sun。Feelings that transparent, thin as onion skin, thought-provoking。I crossed the days of old, just for your insights once the graceful look back and a return to pure ecstasy。Your beauty, close to my lips and teeth, my heart sinking deep in muddy in transparent, indulge in ethereal。    Love is the soul of the seasons。Season miss changing the color of the lips, a touch of greenery in the true meaning of love。Sincerely from the heart of the spring moon lit, clear my eyes。Full of emotions, in the charming bloom season。One love, bathed in the lake in shallow Shuitianyise time, the fragrance exudes strands。Love is the most beautiful soul flying, because love is immortal soul。    Who, in the branches of the Four Seasons, weaving a string of Acacia?Who, in time of shallow streams, sprinkle all the way to cherish?“No knowledge to know whether, should be Lvfeihongshou”Who recital in earnest?Who in earnest treasure?Who again colorful love song after another into a graceful fresh verses?Whisper a sentence, he gurgled flowing clumps of mind。A piece of text, piled into a white crystal world。    I Acacia, regardless of the season。Pick up a southern red beans, cut leaf North tamarisk, Juyi Peng Baqiao of water, pick a stuffed Xuerou, blending into wine, a puddle of choking, warmth interactive long。    I Acacia, regardless of the season。Acacia charming, winding into the long river, the roses blooming all over the desert。Its red flame, and as beautiful dream。    Flying dream, hazy shadows who?Aoyama is still, green Flows, the petals on a dream every now and then rinse fresh color, pink Acacia, melting in a pool of deep pools, crystal clear, mouthwatering。    Come and dream with me。I firmly believe in my dreams, copy with your true love, in the four seasons of the wind, the stack of Da birth to beautiful scenery。In the spring comes, I'll be there in a bright red, the green and poetic love splashing in the hearts of your broad and delicate, perfect dream, the perfect life。    Listen to the Four Seasons, listen to Blanc, is to listen to the river flowing, is to listen to the moon, such as Chung, it is to listen to every second of life!    "Acacia rain falling in the wind," "moon send Acacia Trinidad"。We want to hear it?String is not broken, you can let me play a song, this eternal "Four Seasons Love"?    Life, mountain stream seek Concert, Yujiebingqing Acacia cited, exhilaration?