God likes like!Loukakou refused shoe contract 1 junior earn 100 million pounds

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 12: Manchester United's nickname is the Red Devils, the Belgian national team is nicknamed the Red Devils in Europe, and it is these two Loukakou Red Devils team's top front Pa。Just past the 2017–18 season, Loukakou state is good, and in the clubs and the national team are the color。However, it is such a world-class striker at present there is not even a super shoe contract。In this regard, the explanation given Loukakou: brother like like, I'm going to this free。25-year-old Lukaku in the last season of his own money to buy shoes to wear, so he felt on his feet and the state is good, because he can choose different brands of shoes depending on the corresponding conditions instead of being forced to have to wear a particular brand of shoes。Belgian national team in the last three warm-up match, Loukakou wear shoes are not the same brand。In fact, before the 2017 mid-summer, Lukaku and Nike have a contract, but he did not renew at the end of the contract。Since then, Loukakou became a self-flying Mustang, a kaleidoscope of changing shoes, style&Brand varied。Against Egypt and Portugal game, Lukaku were wearing Nike and Adidas sneakers。In Belgium 4-1 victory over Costa Rica in the game, Lukaku scored twice wearing Puma shoes。Perhaps, so he will wear Puma shoes mainly in the Russian Cup。"The Sun" that Loukakou if this level of players signed shoe contract, a year in endorsement fees of at least 100 million pounds。Money can not buy free body, perhaps this is the main reason for not signing Loukakou it。However, if the color of the Loukakou have to play in the World Cup, will certainly be more shoe manufacturers come to him holding a huge contract signed。 Today, Loukakou given for the decision not to sign the contract sneakers explained: "what shoes to wear should allow players to choose their own, rather than being shackled other factors。"World football, stars who have their own basic endorsement shoes, as Lukaku this kind of 'clean' is not much, because shoes are generally valuable of contract。?Luo is the most powerful, he and Nike signed a lifetime contract, worth 7.500 million pounds。2017–18 season, Lukaku played a total of 54 times for United, scoring 27 goals nine assists。2018, Loukakou 4 appearances in the national team, scoring 5 goals。When talking about the recent achievements in Belgium, Lukaku said: "I think a lot of our recent progress。Before the game against Panama (Belgium's first group stage opponents), we will continue to progress。We will come up with 120% effort。"