For love hurt

Love is like walking on a curve, always thought that holding hands can go far, far away, you can head back to look, we are back to square one, still unfamiliar。  Love is like snow in the sun, always want to be crystal clear shine, may inadvertently, they vanish suddenly thrust, still sad。  Always allowed, should always, always should, so hard, funny, Who's cause, who is also the fruit, perhaps it is because of love to hurt each other。  Affection such as a glass of water, to the water that has been put into happiness candies will sweeten be among the rippling water, we enjoy the taste of coffee, bitter-sweet fragrant。  Family as the winter sun, people always look forward to it to drive the hearts of the haze may be in the dark, it disappeared on its color, still bright。  Always light, always slowly, always daydream, every family has the cupboard。  Friendship as a cup of vintage Laocu, always thought of vinegar added to the yeast will become wine, vinegar can be ripples, we enjoy the astringent taste, still Sentimental。  Friendship as the sun in Yulu, people always hope nourish their hearts, may dry up among its fragrance on the loose, still dry。  Always allowed, always keep, always did not answer, Hao Fan good stuffy, Who's cause, who is also the fruit, perhaps for love hurt。  Love, affection, friendship……We have good, it is because you care, always concerned because, in different roles, we do not always have the same scars, scars in fact, is a blessing, because to love and hurt。