Japanese hegemony in the Fourteenth Asian Cross Country Championships

The picture shows young men players in the game。  Puxue Guang taken as a jogging trail running outdoors natural environment project, the project is both independent of race, but also the movement often used training methods。 Practice has proved that long-distance trail running training to improve the level of great help, Kenya, Ethiopia and other long-distance running powers will give athletes training arrangements for cross-country running race。   Asian Cross Country Championship is Asia's range of high-profile trail running race。 The tournament organized by the Asian Athletics Association, the Chinese Athletic Association and the Guizhou Provincial Sports Bureau and co-located 6 kilometers young women, adult women and men 8 km 8 km 12 km men's four projects, a total of China, Japan, Iran and other Asian More than 100 athletes in eight countries and regions participating。
  The first to start Young Women 6 km race, the Japanese players show great strength, swept the top four in one fell swoop, the Chinese player Ting has ranked fifth in the championship with a gap of nearly two minutes。   Young men 8 km race that followed, Japan's leading almost the entire。 The final sprint stage, 19-year-old Chinese teenager Sonam Tsering seconds with a slight advantage to win the championship。 Sonam Tsering said in an interview with reporters after the game, today's game is very difficult, very excited to be able to win the championship。 "The pressure is very large, but the best of its ability and strength to spell。 "Adult woman eight kilometers, 12 kilometers adult men's game are exactly the same。
Chinese player Li Dan, Francis Pang were won by a narrow margin of two projects, the Japanese players are followed。   With the advantages of groups, Japanese players earned team scores first in this competition for four projects。 Chinese team ranked second in group total of all events。   Minister of Athletics Administrative Center Competition Department State Sports General Administration, said Chen Lei told reporters, China and other Asian countries, middle-distance projects gap。
China has launched a high altitude track and field talent development programs, the establishment of reserve talent pool team, and achieved good results。