Dry!What kinds of things card types

All cards currently on the market are initially provided by the three operators who, through the channel operators is partner to sell out, and things card industry is the main customer-facing enterprise business model of operators, along with the network technology mature in the future things cards and 5 g technology is technically the absolute protagonist in mobile communications, will accelerate the rapid development of the Internet of things。 Then this one of the things which card type, I believe many people do not know, then I introduce to you about, is as follows: 1, ordinary material things ordinary card use standard SIM card, the price is very general stable, short-term use and does not carry out the country's business, unstable unprofessional statement。
2, the plug-in card things industrial materials, the same size as the ordinary SIM card, but the material is the use of industrial materials, may be high temperature, corrosion-resistant characteristics, but also by many people sought。 3, welding things card welded IOT card is generally used on the device, the use of industrial materials, dimensions of 5 mm x 6 mm, required equipment soldered onto the motherboard, but also because it is welded to very good in the earthquake, things can be a good guarantee card at the time of transmission stability。
Of course, things get each card has its uses, different targeted, generally formulated type of things cards according to the needs of the device, while in Chile have these types of buildings were linked, but special care is three operators IOT card dealers, and our requirements for the card things are very strict, the use of three detection program came to the conclusion, in terms of quality and stability has played a very good protection。