Massage Massage diarrhea helpful to try these three locations

Massage diarrhea helpful?Diarrhea is sometimes in life things happen, then you know how to do it diarrhea?Massage diarrhea helpful?Following small to talk about how helpful everyone with diarrhea massage。 1 massage helpful diarrhea, diarrhea when Chiropractic chiropractic, acting mainly on the way back and both sides of the spine, the spine is a Chinese Du, the main one of the sun, chiropractic can regulate Yin and Yang, spleen and kidney。
In operation, light doctor with both hands against the index finger points spine Fangzhang Jiang, pushed up to the neck spine Dazhui。
While his hands alternately thumb on the spine by doing, pinching, twisting and other actions, a total of six times a pinch。
When the fifth pass, in the spleen, stomach Yu, Geshu do pinch mention the way。
After six times, three times the unit gently with both hands, thumb to the children of Shenshu。
Pinch plot therapy daily early morning or in the best operating results in the morning。 2, diarrhea massage Gumi vertebral end between the tail and anus, i.e. after long strong point of Du, also known as point Tail。 Diarrhea rubbing massage may be helpful to pass notes through the air Du, bowel function conditioning, points of calm, diarrhea can。 The basic approach: prone children, rubbing umbilical index ophthalmic or finger (i.e. Shenque), rub counterclockwise about 100 times, about 3 minutes。 3, diarrhea massage baths hand volar wrist crease yin and yang。 Also known as large stripes。
Radial (thumb side) to the pool positive, ulnar (little finger side) of the female pool。
The basic approach: two thumb from the palm side of the wrist crease center (ribs total points) divided by pushing aside, saying minute push large stripes, also known as the break up of yin and yang, yin and yang。