Women's Health Common Mistakes you make a mistake yet

Common Mistakes healthy women though now what are we to health issues are a growing concern, but a lot of people when there is still a lot of misunderstanding。 Following small talk about common health Misunderstanding of the Women for everyone to see if you made a mistake not!Women's Health Common Mistakes 1, wearing tight pants on today's society, a lot of MM like door to door both to withstand the cold and can maintain a good figure of good things, and that is tights。
But according to experts, due to tight pants close to the skin, resulting in no local ventilation and breathable。 Therefore, long-term wear non-ventilated gas-tight leggings can cause genital wet, damp and long-term health of the environment can cause vaginitis, it can also cause severe, cervicitis, endometritis。 In particular, during menstruation, wear briefs humidity easier because the closed space suffering from genital。
2, tolerate the urine of women in the reproductive organs and the urinary bladder "cohabitation" in the pelvic cavity, the relationship between the "close", the uterus is located behind the bladder。 Holding back urine will bladder filling, filling of the bladder compresses the uterus, uterine inclined rearwardly。
Long holding back urine within the bladder will piled, urine contains bacteria and toxic substances if not promptly discharged easily cause cystitis, urethritis and other diseases。
3, clothing, women's health is too thin to a common misunderstanding summer, women are showing off skin, legs, Yubi, Xiangjian, even a large back, wiping a small Man Yao panoramic view。
Can the office, the Four Seasons is always a constant 24 ℃, air conditioner sun refused a thousand miles away from you in close proximity。 As everyone knows, when you're suffering from a cold womb of torture outside world, and how many calories you consume it withstand so I knew it, cold air invade the body, female-specific organs – uterus, bear the brunt of winter palace not far。
So pay attention to the daily lower abdomen warm, spare jacket or shawl in the office, such as a sleeve cardigan, every day, even in summer clothes to wear suspenders, you can cover your shoulders, and can be used when wearing a skirt shawl to cover your legs, especially the knees。
Stockings for cold-blooded woman also needed, can be cold from the foot of Health。
4, the hair on the bed quit。