Palm interested in science and technology: the successful implementation of employee-owned management into the fast lane

  The transaction sub-ordered admission demonstrates confidence sufficient incentive announcement shows that this employee stock ownership plan on March 19, March 20 and March 21 points three big transactions, the shareholders' meeting to consider the distance and held by employees The draft is not full-term share plan。
The first phase ESOP rapid implementation, highlighting the company's internal staff on the company's long-term development, enhance the value of confidence, help to stimulate the management of energy efficiency and enthusiasm to the current chairman Liu Hui city, represented by a new management team and key employees to form closely integrated with the company's development and benefit-sharing and risk-sharing mechanisms。   For nearly six years listed palm interested in science and technology, promote employee stock ownership plan is sufficient and necessary。
Hand travel industry has been fully turned to relying on product quality and refinement of operations in the second half barbaric growth from the early years of extensive disorder, rooted in the industry chain of professional personnel essential。
ESOP palm interested in science and technology contribute to help further improve the incentive mechanism for employees, the company is an effective measure to adapt to market competition and the change of personnel。 It is noteworthy that, ESOP three large transactions transferee from major shareholders Yao Wenbin stock at the price comparison market have a 10% discount, reflecting the company's major shareholders support。
  Build confidence in product safety margin ESOP explosion models mainly from a positive judgment on the company's growth prospects, shut that palm interested in science and technology excellent performance of its various markets, especially in the "miracle awakening" outstanding achievements。
  It is reported that the "miracle awakening" is the second paragraph of palm interested in science and technology to create works hand travel tour around the classic end IP "miracle" of its predecessor, "National miracle" has been a maddening seven billion yuan of income in the world, is well-deserved benchmark MMO。 "Miracle awakening" re-upgrade "National miracle" based on the domestic Tencent agent release, the first day on the line to enter the top three best-selling IOS。 According to third-party data statistics, the "miracle awakening" made IOS hand travel worldwide revenue in 2018, two months respectively seventh and sixth national income ranking。
  Following the "miracle awakening" Palm fun technology products sequence also contains the line "big head 2", the follow-up on the line of "Paladin: six circles Love," "Hatsune future: Dream Diva" and so on, the remaining "BLEACH" reserves, "Superman punch", "blood football" and other small-class IP also accelerating cash。
It can be seen under the R & D strategy-driven transformation of the city proposed chairman Liu Hui, palm interested in science and technology to deliver sustainability benefits explosion models and top IP product acquisition, liquidation is continuing to highlight the advantages, but also for the employee-owned company value growing steadily build a margin of safety。