Dragon Boat Festival over how to hit Father's Day?

Dragon Boat Festival approaching, the tourist agencies have been offering festive tour products for users to be scheduled。 This year's Dragon Boat Festival is also the first in seven years encounter "Father's Day", stimulating the desire of many users surrounding short trips。
It is understood that with the recent "double" is approaching, related tourism products shelves, short trips scheduled surrounding the user has started to surge, most of its products mainly to leisure excursions。 With the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival three-day mini vacation, and many friends in the Dragon Boat Festival is good to worry about where to travel, here recommend some destinations for everyone, we want to help a friend Dragon Boat Festival travel。 Ham, wine, Shaoxing, Jiaxing, Ningbo dumplings and dumplings, are familiar with the four famous snack in Zhejiang, said the Jiaxing city is the seat is not as strange dumplings, dumplings shops found everywhere on Wo City Market, air pervaded the fragrance of bamboo leaves , street urban sculpture is associated with the dumplings, there are times when even crossing the zebra crossing, almost stepped on a passer-lost dumplings, the original, the streets were really Jiaxing dumplings。 Dragon Boat Festival travel, choose to go to Jiaxing, eating dumplings!。