Mourinho was approved: it is difficult to activate Boge Ba?

According to the "Daily Mirror" reported that former Arsenal striker Ian – Wright criticized Mourinho does not properly use Boge Ba。
He said that to solve this problem and not let him rocket。
This season, Boge Ba's performance has been a hard look at by everyone, the last few games he missed, of course, there are reasons for injuries。
It is said that Bo Geba has lost the trust of Mourinho。 Wright said: "Deschamps has said, Boge Ba is not the correct use。
You have to look at what is the character of Bo Geba。
He's a free player。 It is that you can make Boge Ba retracement deeper, so that he can ball, but if you let some of his more forward position, he can express themselves。
Boge Ba is this type of player。 He wanted to express themselves, or do similar things。 I think this is not as difficult as rocket。 "Bellamy also agree with Wright's statement, he said:" I do not think he was placed in the position he is good。
He does not look happy。 I do not think he understood the coach arranged for him playing position。
When I watch him play, I'm not sure what type of midfielder in his playing。
"(From the Stanford football off)。