[Big bone stewed white radish]_ stewed white radish _ practice

[Big bone stewed white radish]_ stewed white radish _ practice

[Big bone stewed white radish]_ stewed white radish _ practice

Big bones are usually pig big bones, which are rich in bone marrow. If a male pig big bone stew soup can be micro-effectively stewed, it can supplement calcium to strengthen bones.

You can add some white radish appropriately when stewing the big bone soup, because the nutritional value and medicinal effect of white radish are also very significant.

Let me introduce a few big bone stewed white radish.

Big bone stewed radish material 1 kg white radish, 1 carrot, 5-7 red dates, big bone or spine, 5 codonopsis, proper amount of pepper 1.

2. Wash and peel the white radish and put it into the saucepan; 2.

Add carrots, red dates, big bones, codonopsis, pepper, cooking wine, water (2/3 pot water); 3.

Remove the foam after boiling over high heat and cook for about 2-3 hours until the soup becomes thick.

Tips and Benefits: Radish-like pungent, sweet, cold, has the effect of eliminating phlegm, broadening the middle and lower qi, digesting and relieving dysentery, chronic bronchitis, cough and phlegm, chest tightness, asthma, dyspnea and thirstThe ideal food, but also can reduce cholesterol in the body, reduce the occurrence of hypertension and coronary heart disease.

The main effect of white radish stewed bone soup is to digest food and relieve phlegm and diuresis.

White radish is most suitable for people who eat too much during the Spring Festival. Many people are afraid that white radish is cold. In fact, white radish is sweet and flat after being cooked, so it has a wide range of applications.

White radish is especially good at lowering gas. If you eat too much and drink white radish soup, you will feel a lot better.

Moreover, white radishes are easy to buy and easy to place. You can buy them at home and drink them at any time.

White radish can also diuretic, it has a little effect on excessive edema type.

At the same time, choose pork bones that are less meaty, then simmer water to remove fat oil, and stew with white radish. It has a delicious taste and can avoid eating too much meat.