[How to eat loofah is the most nutritious]_ nutritious _ practice

[How to eat loofah is the most nutritious]_ nutritious _ practice

[How to eat loofah is the most nutritious]_ nutritious _ practice

In summer, people eat loofah too.

In fact, as the people know, the loofah is only clearing heat and detoxifying. The most famous of the loofah is its beauty effect.

The nutritional value of loofah is very high. Since people generally eat fried loofah, most of the nutrition of the loofah is lost due to the evaporation of water, so the most nutritious way to eat the loofah is to eat it with steam.

The raw materials are mainly the following.

500 grams long loofah, 8 garlic, 1/4 red bell pepper (not spicy), 1 tablespoon oyster sauce, moderate salt, 2 tablespoons peanut oil.

Here’s how.

1. Cut garlic into garlic, wash red pepper and cut into foam.

2. Put a small amount of oil in the wok, add half of the garlic, and stir-fry over medium heat until yellow and fragrant, and remove the garlic.

3. Take a container, mix raw garlic, cooked garlic, and pepper foam, add oyster sauce and mix well to make garlic seasoning.

4. Peel the loofah, cut into sections, and mix well with an appropriate amount of salt immediately.

5. Put the loofah into the plate.

6. Spread the hibiscus seasoning evenly on top of the loofah.

7. After the water in the steamer is boiling, add the loofah to the high heat and steam for 4 to 5 minutes.

8. According to your own needs, heat the garlic oil just fried and pour some on the loofah to serve.

Loofah contains B vitamins that prevent skin aging.

Vitamin C and other ingredients that whiten the skin can protect the skin, eliminate plaque, and make the skin white and tender. It is a rare beauty product. Therefore, the loofah juice is called “beauty water”.

Eating more loofahs also helps to regulate irregular menstruation.

1. Ascorbic disease.

Loofah has a high content of vitamin C, which can be used for ascorbic disease and prevention of various vitamin C deficiency2, brain beauty.

Due to the high content of vitamin B in loofah, it is beneficial to children’s brain development and middle-aged and elderly brain health; the juice of the loofah cane has the special function of maintaining skin elasticity, and it can be used to remove wrinkles3, anti-virus and anti-allergy.

Luffa extract has obvious preventive effect on Japanese encephalitis virus. An anti-allergic substance, aragenol, is also extracted from the tissue culture medium of luffa, which has a strong anti-allergic effect.