[How to make soft and delicious buns]_How to make_How to make

[How to make soft and delicious buns]_How to make_How to make

[How to make soft and delicious buns]_How to make_How to make

We all like to eat this kind of food, how to make it soft and delicious. Many people may not think about it carefully. There are a lot of flakes when noodles are mixed with noodles and water.After noodles are finished, they should be left for a while, so that the noodles are very soft / delicious, and there are ways to knead the noodles.

Let’s take a closer look at how to make soft and delicious buns.

Making buns at home is often not as good as you would encounter one or the other. The resulting buns are not so soft and yellow and hard. The reason is that the noodles are not rubbed in place.

Now follow me to make buns, and follow the steps below to make sure that the buns you make are fat, and you can make them once and succeed.

Number of ingredients recipes: 2436 (calorie) staple food flour 400 g red bean paste 400 g Method / Step 1 Prepare to make bean paste buns today. Before making buns, first prepare a steamer with cold water in it, and apply cooking oil on the ladle.

How to make buns fluffy 2 Next, we prepare the flour.

How to make steamed buns 3 Use a small bowl to prepare warm water and pour the yeast in warm water to melt.

Add sugar and stir well.

How to make buns to be soft 4 Mix the dough with yeast sugar water and stir into floc.

The key moment is here. To make the buns soft, the key is to knead the dough.

Kneading the dough is hard work, and I have to knead it for about 15 minutes.

With such energy, try to let the husband do the work, rub the surface more, knead hard, and knead for a long time, the steamed buns will become whiter and softer.

The kneading position is to use the strength of the legs, waist, and elbows to drive the arm hard, and you can’t just use your hands to knead, that is not enough.

It doesn’t work well for a long time and it takes time.

The method of kneading dough is: knead the dough into three folds, then knead again, and then knead the long strips, fold into three folds, continue to knead, and continue to knead for about 15 minutes.The strength of the noodles and the strength of kneading are large. If you knead the dough in this way, the kneading time will be less. On the contrary, the kneading time will be longer.

The kneading of the noodles seemed to be in a state of no bones and bones, and the noodles also started to rise and gradually began to rise slowly, and the kneading work was over.

Next, prepare buns.

Roll the noodles into strips and divide into 16 buns.

Each agent sub-size tries the same.

Roll out the skin, with a thin thickness around the middle, and each skin should be the same size.

Bean paste, the same amount of bean paste in each bun, so the buns are the same size and look good.

Pinch out the folds, close the mouth, and put the folds down, that is, round buns, or you can fold them up. If you like this, you can do whatever you want.

Next, the key moment came again, and all the buns were tried in 10 minutes, so that they could wake up together.

The wrapped buns are placed in a steamer.

Prompt for about 20 minutes, grip, just like marshmallow, soft and very tender.

You can open fire and steam.

On a high fire, steam the buns for 12 minutes, then steam the buns.

Cover again in 5 minutes.

Look, the big white bean paste bag is very soft and delicious.

Note 1 and the surface water can not be put too much.

2 The quality of bun buns depends on kneading the noodles. If you knead the buns well, you can succeed.

Follow the kneading method above.

3 All buns are wrapped in 10 minutes.

After making the buns, leave them to soak for about 20 minutes. They are soft and feel like marshmallows.

4 After the fire is over, steam for 12 minutes.

5. You don’t need to proof the noodles separately after making the buns. After kneading the noodles, you can directly wrap the noodles.

6 Make buns according to this method to ensure that the buns are fat and 100% successful.