Lazy Yoga

Lazy Yoga

My weakness has been good since I was a child, and the difficult “kickback purple crown”
of acrobatics can be interpreted by me as well.

If it weren’t for the family who thought it was too hard to practice acrobatics, they would have put me in the acrobatic group across the house.

That is to say, relying on this foundation, I have always held a hug attitude to physical exercise. Until one day when I was working, I had a painful twisted fracture in my back, let alone the keyboard, it was a pen.Can’t hold it.

The back is tight like an iron plate, and the neck is also twisted. Suddenly, it has been a long time of negligent exercise.

  I just practice, but I am a “lazy man”. I do n’t want to go swimming a long way in hot weather, and I do n’t bother to find a golfer to play with. Just follow the CD at home to practice yoga!

  Week 1: It’s not hard to buy while watching the anxious CD. It may be because there are more and more people practicing yoga, so there are many yoga products in the mall.

Yoga books, compact discs, equipment, and various brand styles make you dazzle.

However, lazy people like me are unwilling to go to the mall to worry about it. I ordered a set of CDs from my favorite online mall on weekdays and delivered it the next day.

It ‘s so easy!

  Yoga doesn’t seem to be difficult at all. Zhang Huilan’s voice on the CD is soft and soft, and it also has a meditation effect on hot summer days.

It just sounds easy and too difficult.

I started to breathe and breathe in. I had to breathe for four or five times and I felt panicked, not to mention that at the same time, I “lifted my legs slowly and slowly lowered”.

A word “slow” is really more laborious than “fast”.

As long as you can do your best, slow is endless.

  Within minutes, my clothes were soaked with sweat.

The wooden floor beneath me also feels more and more sloppy, and the breath is uneven, and I feel panic when I pant, and stop working!

The first day of practice ended in a look of depression.

  The next day I changed my strategy.

I breathe in the first quarter without practicing, and practice the latter.

I just realized that my body was stiff enough. During the practice, I often heard my bones and joints click, it was scary.

  But there are also interesting feelings during the exercise.

For example, one exercise is lying down, with one leg bent at the knee and two separate lengths. Slowly turn the calf clockwise and then slowly counterclockwise.

It ‘s turning, I heard my knees click, and at the same time, Ms. Zhang Huilan said softly on the TV, “Maybe you will hear the click of the joints when you do this exercise, it does n’t matter.This is because your joints are tight.

“It fits so seamlessly, it’s amazing!

  I have heard an interesting thing about a colleague practicing yoga.

One day she was practicing yoga at home, and she couldn’t do a single movement. She was trying to “do not do well, do not do well!

I heard the coach in the picture say, “Maybe you can’t do it for a while, but don’t give up, you can achieve it by doing more exercises.”

“It’s as if she has seen through her mind.

  When I first did the exercises, many of the moves were ambiguous, paradoxical.

At the same time, because I am not yet proficient, I always need to stop and watch the teacher ‘s movements on the TV, so it is not smooth. Looking at the teacher’s soft movements and even breathing, only I breathe like a cow against the TV.

  Second week: I found that the previous week’s practice was really no achievement, just warm up!

The next day I seemed to find something.

Yoga’s most outstanding breathing is also a lot smoother here. Although not as easy and calm as the teacher did, it is no longer as short and difficult as when I first started practicing.

  And after a week of pulling and pulling, my ligaments in each part didn’t seem so tight anymore.

Some movements can already be demanded to a higher standard, rather than competing with each other.

  For my neck, shoulder and back pain, an exercise method called “Cobra Gong” is very effective and it has become my daily practice.

When practicing this exercise, you need to lie on the floor, try to relax all over your body, and then lift up from the head little by little, and lean back and upward with force, pass slowly lifting and leaning back, if you feelIf the body can’t support it, the two areas can help support it.

When you lean back to the rehabilitation, stop for a while, breathe evenly, and then slowly lower your upper body.The key of the work method is to observe that the spine is raised or lowered inch by inch, so that it can axially stretch the function of the back muscles.

After practicing once, sit on your knees on the floor, lie on your body, your right side against your knees, and look like a ball. This is called “Baby Work”. It stretches the back muscles in the opposite direction, which can reduce the relaxation.
It took me five minutes to practice it all at once, and my entire back felt an unprecedented ease.

This is great.

I wake up every morning and every night before going to bed, and I have practiced my back pain.

  If I feel sore back in the unit on weekdays, I will sit in a chair and “back up and back” for a while, even if it is a simple method, it is really effective.

In fact, for office workers, concentrated exercise is not easy to do. It is necessary to take apart some fitness and recovery exercises, and do a few stitches, it is also beneficial.

And my feeling is that practicing yoga to drink water is a reason.

Don’t feel thirsty before irrigating a lot of water, replenish water often, and don’t make your body too dehydrated.

The same goes for exercising.

  Week 3: The philosophy of yoga fully realizes the benefits of yoga, and my supplement to yoga has also increased.

The specific manifestation is that I bought another yoga blanket online so that I don’t have to wipe the floor before doing yoga every day.

So as not to be lazy again, because of unwilling to rub the ground and give up adherence to yoga.

  Yoga was originally only a “meditation” and “meditation”, and it is now known as a “philosophy”.

Taste yoga carefully, and everyone may learn a different truth from it.

I think yoga is expensive to adhere to, so that it can integrate the function of “water dripping through stones”.

Each method of yoga seems simple, but it is difficult but very big to practice. Only by practicing daily, you can experience your own progress in the breath.

You can’t be anxious or forced.

  What I like the most is that Zhang Huilan said that you can’t be a “strong day” every day, and practicing yoga can’t help you do this.

When you wake up one morning and discover that it’s a “boring day”, practice yoga, meditate calmly for a while, then do or do something.

I find it very inspirational.

There is strength in peace. This is a positive attitude in yoga.