Do not focus so much on the Fed!LIBOR soared this year is the biggest concern

Currently rising LIBOR (LIBOR) is a bigger concern。
In fact, this is "the biggest theme of this year"。 Financial media over the past month has also been said that this year for the most important risk factor is the LIBOR soared assets and the London Interbank Offered Rate and the overnight index swap spreads (LIBOR-OIS) "bursting", which will from short-term financing marginal cost floating rate debt costs to have an impact。 The figure below shows the dollar three-month LIBOR: Libor of 31 consecutive days of gains, and hit its highest level in 2008. As of March 20, US time, Libor since February 7 31 consecutive days of gains, and on March 21 morning touched%, the highest since 2008。 At the same time, LIBOR-OIS spread has doubled since the end of January more than doubled, to basis points, which is seen none since mid-2009 level。 "This is a major market struggling。 Private lending market interest rates to accelerate upward is this year's theme, rather than the Fed。 "JonathanGarner said," In the private market and Libor, rose $ Libor is already far more than the federal funds rate, so you find six-month dollar Libor has actually reached%, while the Federal Reserve federal funds rate rose only 25 basis points to %。 So we actually have made it clear, the real cost of doing business decision is experiencing a substantial increase in interest rates。
Therefore, unless the Fed behaved in a way superdoves, otherwise I think the US monetary policy has been tightened sharply, which is the key reason why we are very cautious on market trends。 "For those who think the most important thing this year is the Fed hawks or doves, and 2018 is to raise interest rates three or four people, JonathanGarner retorted," and the company's financing costs related to the decisive factor is not really the Fed。
In fact the company to borrow six months US dollar Libor interest rate has risen%, which is a key reason for the market struggling, because the private market is accelerating tightening this year's theme, rather than the Fed。
"What does this mean for the global market?JonathanGarner said, "We have a lot of concerns about this year, including a reduction in the Fed balance sheet。 In fact, the US fiscal easing is probably one of the reasons the private lending market is so tight。
There is some evidence that, in fact, issued Treasury bonds to some extent squeezed out of private borrowers, at the same time, the global stock market valuation of the non-financial sector is extremely high, and overly optimistic earnings expectations。 "JonathanGarner concluded," We are very confident that the market in the third week of January has hit its high point, the remainder of the year will be a tough market。
"The situation could be much worse。 LIBOR is usually the leading dollar 3-month leading indicator, which means that the dollar might usher in a wave rally, which will lead to the risk of volatility in the global market。 The following figure shows the three-month Libor-OIS spreads and the dollar index: Equally worrying is that, -OIS Libor interest rate differential expansion that the global shortage of financing, which will eventually lead to financial credit risk。
On behalf of the US financial credit risk IGOAS spreads are wider again towards。
The following figure shows the -OIS Libor interest margin (red line) with the US financial credit risk (blue line), Libor spreads of -OIS generally ahead of the US financial credit risk 3 months。 At the same time, bank credit default swaps (CDS) also rocketed to the widest 6 months。 However, a substantial tightening of financial conditions worst news is that almost no one can clearly explain the reasons for that, it will cause any results。 Canada, Bank of Montreal Capital Markets (BMO) MargaretKerins head of fixed-income strategist said: "We do not usually see this kind of interest rate differences in the absence of some kind of credit problem situation。
The problem is that this will result in damage when the extent of the damage and how much。 "Citigroup had also on the rise and Libor Libor spreads of -OIS warning March 20, Citigroup (Citi) bank MattKing explains why the high and Libor Libor spreads of -OIS is releasing an ominous signal s reason。
"Libor is still most leveraged loans, an important reference interest rate swaps, and some mortgages。
In addition to this direct influence, money market interest rates upward and weak risk assets is most likely to lead to two conditions of mutual fund outflows。
If these in turn trigger further sell-off in the market, so the negative impact of the wealth effect caused on the economy and may even exceed the direct impact of interest rates。 "Note: The term Libor-OIS spreads mainly reflects the pressure of the global banking system credit, spreads widened willingness to be seen as the decline in interbank lending。 London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) is between a British interbank short-term borrowed capital cost of the loan, widely used in the global financial markets, benchmark test is the overall health of the banking sector。
Overnight Index Swap (OvernightIndexSwap, referred to as OIS) is the overnight interest rate swap rates become some fixed interest rate swaps。 Overnight interest rates (OvernightRate) is a financial institutions to use funds on hand to lend overnight loans to another financial institution interest rates。

Pink eye precautions teach you to prevent pink eye

What precautions have pink eye is more common eye, I believe many people have been suffering from pink eye, but it also has a certain contagious, and therefore tricky disease。 So in the end how to prevent pink eye to bring it following small pink eye prevention measures for everyone, teach you to prevent pink eye!Pink eye prevention measures are as follows 1, pink eye is very common, very common infectious pink eye, infectious, often in groups the incidence, onset of severe symptoms, but do not panic, easy to cure, not easy to stay sequelae。 Conditions should be to have eye specialist hospital for examination and treatment need to identify not to abuse drugs and other pink eye。 Usually pay attention to eye health, substandard with a towel, basin, sick pay attention to isolation。 2, to light the goods appropriate diet diet light suitable, as appropriate to drink。 After red eye diseases have active treatment, general requirements should be prompt, thorough, stick。 Once found, immediate treatment, do not interrupt, symptoms disappeared completely after 1 week to continue treatment to prevent relapse。
1 pink eye can not eat anything, avoid alcohol disease is wind-heat cult poison or gastrointestinal product heat and violations of the liver, caused by upside the head。
Alcohol (including spirits, wine, fruit wine, rice wine, beer, etc.) can help evil gas heat, if fanning the flames; while drinking can damage and liver, so liver empty, wind-heat cult poison more invasive, so this prolonged course of the disease。 2, the precautions eat spicy pink eye product of scallion, onion, leek, smartweed tarragon, mustard and other spicy products, but when evil wind and heat can help Onyang, and loss of lung and stomach yin, the lung and stomach heat when aggravated, the wind-heat evil and lung and stomach knot difficult to heat stroke, to the detriment of the disease early rehabilitation。
3, avoid Xingshan fat objects pink eye patients should avoid fish, eel, rubber fish, mandarin fish, eels, blackfish, bream, crab, shrimp and the like Xingshan fat objects, otherwise lead to wind-heat evil flourished, heat toxin increasingly Sheng, to the treatment, rehabilitation unnecessary trouble。 4, eat ginger ocular inflammation advised not to eat ginger。 Ocular inflammation should eat cool the heat of the goods, Xinsan not eat warm food, warm ginger and spicy take channeling row scattered, not only help hot, and hurt Yin Ye, eye inflammation consumption, will be worse。
For more information, please visit 6681 health network!。

Acupuncture Weight Loss Myth Three Mistakes you make it

Acupuncture Acupuncture Weight Loss Mistakes What are the traditional Chinese medicine commonly used method among health care treatment, we certainly have not unfamiliar, it is for us the human body has a lot of effect, but now also use them to lose weight。
But a lot of people there for acupuncture to lose weight or misunderstanding。 Following small for everyone to talk about acupuncture to lose weight errors, take a look at three major errors you make it!Acupuncture weight loss a Misunderstanding anyone can lose weight fast weight loss acupuncture for the crowd actually is limited。
Only those who are severely overweight people use acupuncture to lose weight can have significant benefits。 Normal weight but already insisted to lose weight, the use of acupuncture to lose weight is no obvious effect。
So before choosing acupuncture to lose weight be sure to look in the end is not suitable for their own。 Myth needle the more the better Some people think that weight loss acupuncture to lose weight, lose weight more speed needle body sooner, the more obvious effect。
In fact, this is a wrong point of view, many beauty salons also use this view to deceive consumers。
In fact, the human body for weight loss help to more than a dozen points, you tie other points not only useless for weight loss may also cause physical discomfort。
Myth anyone can do acupuncture weight loss acupuncture for weight loss Mistakes do acupuncture to lose weight or have certain requirements。 Due to other diseases caused by obesity secondary to obesity; such as postpartum or after abortion women with normal menstrual period is not restored, lactating women and the merger of cardiovascular disease, liver and kidney failure, cancer, blood diseases and other serious diseases obese patients, will not be able to do acupuncture weight loss。 Visible acupuncture weight loss is not suitable for all people。
Acupuncture weight loss is only suitable for simple obesity, especially 18-year-old to 55-year-old young people, this is because the human body functions of various aspects of this age are more robust, easier to adjust a variety of metabolic functions in the body through acupuncture machine force。
Acupuncture weight loss Notes。

Squatting is the easiest one's health

We all know that "old people feet first decline, tree dry root first dried up."。
If you do not want to premature aging, we have to ensure that the foot is not aging, the so-called "health first raised foot", "Tuiqin people live longer," pay attention to the leg, foot health care, disease prevention and control can play, health and longevity effectiveness。
Squatting work no money, no equipment and venues, as long as convenient, at home, company or office park, as long as the foothold can be; no matter how busy people who want healthy, just 5-15 minutes of daily exercise can。We recognize that the first blood circulation (systemic circulation) of the heart is to pump blood line pump, circulation first by ventricular output levels of arterial blood → → → aorta capillaries throughout the body (material exchange with the tissue fluid, tissue oxygen supply and nutrients) → (after exchange of substances into arterial blood)。
→ venous return levels (carry away carbon dioxide and metabolites) → inferior vena cava (cava) → right atrium。
Because the foot farthest from the heart and, therefore, blood flow from the heart to the toes of the process is longer, it is prone to peripheral circulatory disorders, leading to insufficient blood supply; a number of metabolic wastes and toxins may accumulate in the foot down, resulting in some toxins, causing arthritis and some of the organs of the disease。The ancients often feet, hand massage the soles of the feet themselves, take a walk every day, the blood is diverted to the feet, so long as fresh blood can lead to the foot, so that the blood flow, can be taken away at the foot accumulation of metabolic after the waste transported to the kidneys excreted after treatment。
 Squat exercise can cure physical principle of people squatted, body folded into threes, was squeezed vasoconstriction, blood rushed to the body not squeeze blood vessels, forcing them to expand, to drum up; a man stood up, systemic blood has been squeezed toward the original vessel, which is filled with blood。
Together with a press of a place in such a squat, a reciprocating motion of a red blood back, just rinse the bottle as the systemic vascular been repeated washing, soften blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation and metabolism in the body, activate immune system。
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After a lapse of nine years before they see a single field 40 +! Most civilian team in NBA history a real hammer

Beijing on March 21, the Atlanta Hawks on the road 99 to 94 upset victory over the Utah Jazz, Hawks win campaign contributor non-Denis – Shilao De none other than the audience he played 35 minutes, 16 of 28 shooting, three-pointers 7 from 3 highest 41 points, while seven assists and 5 rebounds。
He also broke the team record of the history of a dusty years。
The game ushered Schroeder personal outbreak, in the final moments, by virtue of his dumped a breakthrough to help the team ahead in the score。
Schroeder audience almost single-handedly by virtue of the powerful Jazz thrown to the ground, he got a game-high 41 points, scoring a career-high refresh。 Meanwhile Schroeder to become self Dec. 19, 2009 Joe – after Johnson, the first single games to get 40 + players on the Hawks history。 Eagles created the first time in the history of the longest two different players with NBA team single-game record 40 points to take。
In any case, Schroeder today's performance can be described as the savior of the Eagles, after this season, although the team has missed the playoffs, but this is a proof of his strength, I believe he will get more 布登霍尔泽 coach trust。 (Shen Wei)。

Also on "Feng Fei Love"

Turn on the computer, see the avalanche of news———Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse。After so many years, and two people are married, and each had their own children, but two consecutive divorced, they are still together to!    I want to say: there is no right or wrong love, the same marriage。Not because of the child, we should let two people reluctant to spend a lifetime inappropriate。I believe Nicholas Tse never gave up his two sons, but rather before there have been news that Deborah was always missing two Sun did not see, because they take away from Hong Kong have been Cecilia。Two sons ultimate weapon is Cecilia Bale。If she really treasure this family, she should not let yourself have such erosion of the past, and Edison and lingering。Faye Wong and Li Yapeng together 10 years, 10 years is not a short period of time。I remember one interview, the host asked what Faye Wong Yapeng favorite song, like a long time before Yapeng said evasively“legend”……In fact, do not understand Faye Wong Yapeng, Faye Wong is true even though he loved, but he could not approached her inner world。Ask what women want their marriage always broken?To a certain age, who do not want their love life can really settle down?They are not extra-marital affairs, who is not a small three。Just the right time to the right come together。    Online reported that everything looked between them, whether it is true or false!But the feeling is really in love with Faye Wong Nicholas Tse, Faye Wong because he will quietly sit there while he was beloved woman to cook!Happiness overflow during their hearts!Whether this love will bear fruit, I believe at this time, they must be love!Experienced the vicissitudes of life, I had to do a thousand sails, even looking back, but there favorite!    Listening to "the most happy people" can not help but sigh: both a human life, if there is no love, if there is no intersection of a soul, just to make a living for our children, what a pity it is one thing!But after all, we just regret, in their dreams, or in your own text, or in other ways, with a good will, living ordinary day to day!    Maybe we grow old that day, remembering ever dream!Or remembering those years, those of us crazy idea!In any case, let us in someone else's story, dreaming of their own stories!

How what kind of people susceptible to the prevention of uterine fibroids uterine fibroids

What kind of person prone to uterine fibroids, uterine fibroids is a common female gynecological diseases, it is a benign tumor, but also timely treatment, then what kind of person predisposed to uterine fibroids and small series go together see what kind of person prone to introduce it on uterine fibroids!What kind of person predisposed to uterine fibroids uterine fibroids good risk mainly in female fertility period, why do you say because the female reproductive period is a metabolic hormone levels during its most active, although no exact uterine fibroids etiology, but it has a huge variety doctrine。
Which has a very important doctrine is that it is with the hormone levels have a certain relationship, but high hormone levels of people, the probability of occurrence of this kind of uterine fibroids should be higher。
So, people in the reproductive stage of female friends uterine fibroids are more, the equivalent of 20%, there will be an average of five people inside a person suffering from uterine fibroids。 Treatment of uterine fibroids uterine fibroids must first periodic follow up study to see if there is no signs of malignancy; is then treated with drugs, according to the symptoms of uterine fibroids current drugs used to select。
The second is the use of focused ultrasound surgery and treatment。 Uterine fibroids prevent what kind of person prone to uterine fibroids, usually to develop good habits to maintain genital cleansing can effectively prevent gynecological diseases occur, to prevent the invasion of bacteria from the root, especially during menstruation, abortion and other special times, take special protection, can effectively prevent uterine fibroids appear。
2, controlled life。

Australia's well-known male host walks struck by lightning died killed

Anthony family photo while traveling。
Source: 7News overseas online January 4 electric Recently, the well-known radio host Anthony Australia with his family at the Kings Canyon walk, misfortune struck by lightning, died a death。
It is reported today in Sydney, January 1, Anthony carrying a family of five to Australia's famous Uluru holiday resort, just when they walk in Kings Canyon, tragedy struck: the more remote due to the incident, coupled with bad weather after more than two hours, before the ambulance crew arrived on the scene。 In two hours, Anthony is a local file music program of well-known host of Australia, he has been involved in radio FreshFM programs, and to "trance" is well known。
Ended after nearly six years of work stations, Anthony found a new job, working in sales at company profits。 Intended to travel with his family to spend the holidays together, did not expect to suddenly unexpected calamity。 This wife Jessica.But they put their wedding photos time and wrote: "Anthony, you are my soul mate and love this life。 "。

Xiangshou into!4 anti-money hungry not long meat, snack foods are not fattening

Current Location: into the body Xiangshou!4 anti-money hungry meat is not long, not fattening snacks food 2018-3-1514: 49: 56 Source: Introduction: Have you ever had this situation: obviously well fed at noon, afternoon and 3,4 points hungry……Do not eat it hungry flustered, eat Papan!Eat what risks can neither gain weight, and can effectively help us alleviate hunger it…… 3, contains large amounts of fruit Fruit soluble dietary fiber, has a strong water absorbing swelling properties。 After swelling the water-soluble dietary fiber, 10 to increase the volume and weight?15 times, both to increase our sense of satiety, but also reduce the absorption of fat in food, snacks are not fattening。
Eat this fruit: the most abundant dietary fiber content of the peel, skin can choose something to eat fruit, such as apples, pears, guava, carambola, reduced fat, feed their families better。 4, nutritious meal high protein, high fiber, low fat, made with cereal grains and other high-carbohydrate food ingredient nutritious meal replacement, is a good choice。 Meal replacement foods containing soy protein isolate, capable of providing sustained satiety。
Vitamin E meal replacement foods, nutritional supplements can help, beauty skin; and meal replacement foods made of composite grains, rich in dietary fiber, low-calorie, satiety strong, can help prevent obesity。
Eat a meal like this: compared to other foods, nutritional meal replacement foods such more comprehensive, with a more reasonable, used in place of dinner, so you eat is also not easy to get fat!Reminder "do not eat, how can effort to lose weight?"This sentence really is not a joke。 Only a sufficient supply of nutrients, you will not lose weight and become weak because of weakness, when the movement will be more effective。 Need to lose weight is the "pipe shut, stride leg," to control the total calorie intake pipe, but at the same time to maintain nutritional balance; but also sport long-term adherence, the excess calories consumed。

Taiwan high school principals: Taiwan Lu Qing went to school has become a trend is the biggest investment in life

  Taiwan high school principals: Taiwan Green went to Lu school has become a trend, this is the life's largest investments in Hong Kong in the assessment community 18 published RAP article pointed out that school test results to be published Taiwan University area, Taoyuan City, the first volunteer Wuling high school has nine full fractions, 70 points or more up to 166 people, 498 more than the top mark 63 points, the principal Linqing Bo said in an interview a few days ago, approached the president wrote a letter of recommendation to apply for student well-known mainland colleges and universities, only single digits last year, more than 40 people。 Linqing Bo believes the number Lu went to study "critical amount" of growth, in addition to considering future development and internationalization of Taiwan educational environment is also a factor, especially NTU president has so far not yet assumed office, I am afraid that the collapse of confidence。
  He comments that Linqing Bo said, why ask students to apply for mainland colleges and universities, the grounds are mostly "more choice"。 These students apply for mainland schools, but also with the rest of the mainland provinces to fight the elite compete, may not be able to do so was admitted to Peking University or Tsinghua University and other schools, but there will be a catalytic effect, year after year, there will be critical mass, the more the number of for more, see "Mo Allied to Royal"。
  Linqing Bo said that more parents now smart enough to know the next generation of the job market in the mainland, considering convergence of academic research, simply let the children to the mainland to study, four years of college, living and learning together, that is a lifetime friend, all contacts, future business partners, this is the biggest investment in life。