What kind of medicine diarrhea baby diarrhea should pay attention to spring baby

What kind of medicine to the baby belly is a very common thing, many babies often diarrhea, then you know what to eat baby diarrhea medicine okay following small series to tell you what to eat baby diarrhea baby diarrhea medicine What kind of medicine oral rehydration salts: baby diarrhea the most important thing is to prevent and correct dehydration, diarrhea if the quantity, less urine, dry mouth or the baby, parents can be a small number of feeding oral rehydration salts。 Montmorillonite: protect the intestinal mucosa and virus adsorption, the role of bacteria, while taking in accordance with the requirements of the specification, the proportion of drug watered master。
Gut flora modifier: As MAMIAI Bifico, Jinshuangqi class, adjuvant therapy for the treatment of diarrhea。 Baby diarrhea medicine Umbilical more available or do not take medicine can treat severe cases of diarrhea need to seek immediate medical attention if your baby。 Baby diarrhea ate radish: Fresh carrots appropriate, cut into small pieces, boiled with water or vapor rotten, taken carrot, mashed, then add water and mix thoroughly boiled carrots, every 5?Plus about 10 g carrot carrot 100 ml of water。 This method adjuvant treatment of infantile diarrhea effect is remarkable。
Coke rice cereal: Apply, the powder into the pot with gentle heat fry brown, add appropriate amount of boiled into a paste, cool, warm dose, day 2?3 times。 Coke rice cereal easy to digest, but also its structure carbonized material in the intestinal absorption of corruption, there is Qudu diarrhea effect, is the preferred food baby diarrhea。
What to eat baby diarrhea medicine steaming mud: steamed apple has a good antidiarrheal effect, this is because apples contain pectin, tannic acid, unheated raw pectin can soften the stool, play a laxative effect while the cooked pectin is the role absorb bacteria and toxins, as well as convergence, antidiarrheal effect。
Wash the apples, peeled and cut into small pieces with a bowl and steam for 5 minutes, cool slightly, can be eaten with a spoon mashed, ate an average of 2 daily?3 times。
Porridge: purslane is a medicine, edible plants, clearing and detoxifying, dampness antidiarrheal effect of short duration, fecal urgency, diarrhea golden color will have a good therapeutic effect。
30 grams of fresh purslane (Portulaca oleracea or dry 10 g) plus 100 grams of porridge, sooner or later take。 Rice porridge: yam has the effect of spleen and kidney, and spleen also lotus effect is diarrhea, diarrhea suitable course of time, the stool milk valve with indigestion, diarrhea food。 30 g of yam, peeled, cut into thin slices or Ding, after washing 20 g lotus seed soak 2 hours, and 100 grams of rice porridge together, sooner or later take。

When a woman easily derailed female psychology Know

When a woman easily derailed derailment thing for both men and women, there will be, then for women in terms of when it will easily derail it following small series to tell us something about when a woman easily derailed, female psychology You Know when a woman derailment research easily show that women's risk of derailment after 30 years of age, the peak age is 36 years old?40 years old, which is middle age women。
So why in this age of the women most likely to derail it specifically for the following reasons: 1, increase self-confidence to a woman middle age, their abilities, temperament and so more confident, communicative wider circle, have to get to know more men opportunity inadvertently increases the probability of derailment。
2, hope eternal youth when a woman easily derailed every woman clear, perfect sex to make themselves more beautiful and sexy。 If the house husband did not understand and appreciate their own, they can only find another soul mate, to meet their own。
3, at home, neglected to a certain age, women's youth is not, appearance is also old, bear a lot of home chores, such as cooking, laundry, etc., which makes her a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction not only We will begin to yearn for the outside world。

Hainan large gangs case upheld the sentence ringleader was sentenced to 25 years

  Today, concern Wuzhishan City, Hainan Province large gangs "Moon Gang" case upheld the sentence, Hainan Provincial Higher People's Court sentenced to 25 years in prison look yellow map, Liangzheng Wu sentenced to 23 years in prison; the other 35 members were sentenced to imprisonment ranging from 1 year to 20 years。
This is the most people involved in recent years, Hainan courts, most large triad-related cases of crimes。
  The court found that in 2005, Huang Figure misdeeds hope to raise some had criminal records, social idlers, and they are being gathered Hwang exhibitions Fan Mao village clan forces, through the implementation of forced transactions, intentional injury, affray and other violent criminal activities expand the site, by opening casinos, protection rackets, intervene demolition projects mad grab economic interests。   238 investigation files, over 100 pages of indictments, judgments, recorded "Moon Gang" numerous crimes。
  Recruited ex-con who look yellow map, nicknamed "Moon", was born November 26, 1980。 In the 1990s, he joined the yellow diagram hope to Cai Moumou (handled separately), led by "nigger gang"。
  The court found that in the previous post, intentional assault, affray, look yellow map has been twice sentenced。 In 2001, due to Cai Moumou be chopped, "nigger help" dissolve。   Huang hope to return in 2005 Figure Wuzhishan, re-gathered the original "nigger gang" members Yemou Zhong and other misdeeds criminal record, social idlers, and they are being gathered Hwang exhibitions Fan Mao village clan forces, through the implementation of forced transactions, intentional injury , affray and other violent crimes, and gradually expand the influence Fingers in the city, and gradually formed a certain scale organization, established the "Wild World" status yellow map of hope。   After 2010, Liangzheng Wu, who have joined the organization, and they are being absorbed Wuzhishan number of unemployed youth in school and out of school students, to form a yellow map look, Liangzheng Wu is a leader, a member of more than 40 people, key members of the relatively fixed, clear hierarchy of Mafia。
  In this organization, all members of retinoic diagram hope for the organization of the "boss", and is nicknamed the organization chart yellow look is called "Moon Gang", Liangzheng Wu status in the organization, second only to the authority of yellow map hope。
  Reporters learned that "the moon to help" recruit 20 people who have a criminal record misdeeds, to attract young 19, when some members of the commission of a crime after 90 minors, or even in school。
Figure Huang Wang also developed to help regulate treaties, strengthen the control of members of the organization, strict organization and management。
  Competition for the site with his fist, "Moon Gang" after its establishment, yellow drawing Wang has organized gang members with guns, knives and "wild boar gun" fights with other gangs, illegal possession of imitation firearms and modification, machetes。
Through several great influence on the activities of the fights, "Moon Gang" has gradually expanded its sphere of influence。   The evening of March 9, 2015, when Liangzheng Wu, Wang, Zhou Mouhua and other dozens of "Moon Gang" members gather to drink in Wuzhishan Allison entertainment clubs and "Great Power Gang" Hwang chapter (already sentenced) occurred mouth。
When Wang called the clubhouse door, is "to help Great Power" chapter Hwang, who surrounded beaten。
After Liangzheng Wu knew immediately mustered Wangmou Xiang, Zhou Mouhua such as "Moon Gang" officer present together out of the club, run ahead of Wangmou Yu, who beat "Great Power to help" people with his fist, the other party is held after the knife cut around the clubhouse return。
  Subsequently, Liangzheng Wu and Wang Mouxiang command "Moon Gang" members take bottles, fire extinguishers, stools and other items out of the clubhouse door with the "Great Power to help" fight, "Peng Hui Gang" throwing two "wild boar gun" fight back after "moon Gang" retreat。 Liangzheng Wu followed schematic cowboys chasing the past, the other a knife fled the Huangmou Fu and Zhou Mouhua chopped。 Was identified as injured two Wang, Huang Moufu, Cai Mouzhen are two minor injuries, Zhou Mouhua Sometimes no。
  January 18, 2014 afternoon, "Moon Gang" members strong Hwang, Hwang exhibition because of a dispute with the "Great Power to help" take place, will organize staff with a knife and gun to retaliate, the two sides after quitting, chase each other, "Peng Hui Gang "Wang Moushi was shot in the head died。
  Figure Huang Wang informed, persuaded brother Hwang exhibition schedule Liangzheng Wu surrendered and asked people not to disclose any information involving firearms。 Hwang exhibition, Hwang et al strong collusion, the police hide a Sit and others involved in committing the crime and the fact that Hwang strong hold imitation revolver criminals committing the crime, and in January 2014 to Wuzhishan City Public Security Bureau surrendered。
  September 19, 2013 afternoon, the yellow drawing hope that brother Hwang exhibition is "Peng Hui Gang" after officers chopped, then arrange Liangzheng Wu went to "Great Power Gang" casino revengeful, and assign Wang to buy More than 40 machetes。
After 20:00 the same May 22, Wang asked to "help Great Power" casino sites, messenger to look yellow map, Liangzheng Wu et al.。 Figure Huang Wang immediately called Liangzheng Wu and other dozens of "Moon Gang" members meeting the requirements of the gang members immediately play, "Peng Hui Gang" hit people and its casino, revenge for his brother。   Subsequently, Huang Figure Liangzheng Wu Wang, who called together to discuss the division of labor, and will arrange machetes, axes, monkey caps distributed to everyone。
Wang Huang FIG. 64 will be an imitation pistol led to Hwang。 23 o'clock that night, led by Hwang Hwang strong, the operator of a sail (14 years of age when committing the crime), who stormed the "Great Power Gang" Casino。
Subsequently, Hwang and others holding an ax, machetes smashed casino tables and chairs, and chopped Yang, Liang Moucheng and other persons present。
  Play means great fishing dirty money in the local yellow map look "Moon help" to fight started after fame began by threats, intimidation, beatings, illegal detention and other forms of casino, protection rackets, intervene demolition works, illegal monopoly aerated brick market, the crane market, grab crazy economic interests。   Casino money: from 2011 to early 2016, Huang chart look, Liangzheng Wu organization "Moon Gang" members worked in Wuzhishan new markets, YUEFENG Road area casino, and arrange two dozen members of the organization to work both inside and outside casino。
According to statistics, "Moon Gang" by casino illegal profits of ten thousand yuan。
February 2014, due to gambling, gang leaders and Liangzheng Wu Moumou conflict, Liangzheng Wu called the "little brother" buy hammers and other tools, twice smashed the car Moumou, Moumou repair spend twenty thousand Yu Yuan。
  Intervene in the project to make money: since 2013, "Moon gang" violence, threats and harassment and other means to repeatedly intervene in civil disputes in Wuzhishan, debt disputes, pro rata to collect "hard money"。 2013, "The Moon Gang" through threats, intimidation, beatings, illegal detention and other forms, helped Chen so ask Zheng Moumou of 400,000 yuan owed a gambling debt, and afterwards, charges 70,000 yuan as a "hard money"。   In addition, to get a new market demolition projects earthworks, forced to move out as soon as Wumou Fang demolition project site run hotel, look yellow map, Liangzheng Wu ordered two members of the feces, boiling oil into the machine and Wumou Fang Hotel Residential corridor, Wumou Fang forced to accept relocation agreement。 In "Moon Gang" to help students completed the demolition after a new market but did not get the follow-up project, Liangzheng Wu also arranged for members of the organization to the company responsible for the surname Wang and take the Audi car throwing feces。   Monopoly aerated bricks and crane market to make money: between 2012 and 2016, "the moon to help" arrange gang members take threats, intimidation, interception, thwarted by other means to intercept other operators of transport bricks trucks, cranes, forcing its withdrawal Wuzhishan filling brick market, thus the formation of illegal control of the crane market。
  Anti-crime crackdown security and peace "as young and naive, I was 13 years old he joined the 'moon help', on the first two days to drop out。 "Mentioning these events, October 19, 1998 was born the character of a sail could not help shaking his head。 As the youngest member of the gang, he also did a lot of "muddy thing"。   June 24, 2016, due to drug addiction, the operator of a sail is Wuzhishan City Public Security Bureau in administrative detention for 15 days; found guilty of trouble in the crime, June 13, 2017 Wuzhishan City People's Court sentenced to one year in prison for two months。
  December 29, 2017, Hainan Intermediate People's Court of first instance verdict on the case, "Moon Gang" leader Wang Huang Figure won 25 years in prison, deprived of political rights for 4 years and confiscation of personal property $ 150,000 fine of 250,000 yuan; leader Liang Moumou won 23 years in prison, deprived of political rights for three years and confiscation of personal property of 120,000 yuan, a fine of 230,000 yuan; the other 35 members are in prison ranging from 1 year to 20 years by the。
  March 21, 2018, Hainan Provincial High Court ruled that the second instance dismissed the appeal and upheld the original verdict。
  Hainan Provincial High Court believes that Huang chart look, Liangzheng Wu together with people forming participants for up to 37 people, with clear organizer, leader, key members more fixed, clear hierarchy, to look yellow map, Liangzheng Wu headed more stable criminal organizations, organized to obtain huge economic benefits through criminal activities, have a certain economic strength, for maintaining tissue survival and development。
Violence, threats, intimidation and other means, organized an intentional murder, intentional injury, affray, extortion, disturb and forced trading, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, to open casinos, illegal detention, intentional destruction of property, such as harboring a series of criminal activities。 The organization also have organizational features syndicate, and economic characteristics, behavioral characteristics, features four hazardous characteristics, according to the law should be recognized as Mafia。   According to the Full Court judge introduced, "Moon Gang" evil forces Fingers grow, which lasted for many years。
In the meantime, law enforcement authorities to take measures against it many times, carried out criminal and administrative penalties against its members over。 The open verdict, is the determination to completely eliminate Mafia organization, punish, and highlights the Hainan provincial law enforcement authorities for crime and evil forces "zero tolerance" attitude and。
  The newspaper Haikou on March 21 electricity。

Purslane approach to teach you the latest odd practice

Practice, purslane in our lives is very common, I believe that basically everyone has eaten, there are many of its practices, then purslane approach is kind of how it together and small series to see the horse purslane practices introduce it!Purslane practice garlic dent dent vegetables fresh food material, red pepper, coriander (cilantro),, cooked white sesame seeds, sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar, salt, pepper oil。
Practice 1.1-2 minced garlic flap, coriander trace amount of chopped into cup, add a little salt, an appropriate amount of white sesame cooked mash; 2.Heat was added a spoonful of sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar, pepper oil each spoonful, mix into the seasoning; 3.Add appropriate amount of water to boil the pot, a salt was added, washed into dish dent, red pepper hot filament boil 1-2 min; 4.The good dent boil hot water showers picked up the dish, then squeezed water horse teeth vegetables and seasonings and mix well after edible。
Mung bean purslane burning pig heel Purslane Portulaca oleracea practice materials 400 grams, 100 grams of green beans, 400 g heel pig, ginger 3。
Wash purslane practice; green beans washed, slightly soaked; pig heel washed, cut into large lumps。
Mung bean first pig heel ginger into the cooker, add water 2500 ml (10 bowl volume), Wu Huo pot boiling, slow fire burning about half an hour, under purslane, 20 minutes after the roll can be transferred amount of salt。
This capacity for 3?4 people。

Hong Kong retail shop surrender minus Members ︰ worse than SARS

  Wholesale and Retail Council Member Vincent Fang (right) and Retail Management Association main Ximairuiqiong (left) refers to high retail rents, plus one hundred pounds on retail trade。 Vincent Fang refers to the current economic environment, "worse than SARS."。
Hong Kong, "Sing Tao Daily" map Hong Kong, "Sing Tao Daily" reported that the Hong Kong retail sales declined for five consecutive months, the Hong Kong Retail Management Association main Ximairuiqiong said the tourists fell due to reduced consumption, the retail industry has emerged surrender, minus hire staff and so on; wholesale and retail Council Member Vincent Fang is to describe current economic conditions "worse than SARS (SARS)" I hope the owners are willing to rent the large reduction difficult time together with the industry。   According to reports, Caroline Mak 5th in radio program said that mainland tourists figure was reduced, operating costs rising retail rents, salaries, etc., as well as currency effects, push down local retail sales。
  She also believes that retail shrinkage, the general public is not being felt, but the retail, wholesale, closing a total of more than 70 million working population, such as the poor economy, people's consumption patterns back to the basic necessities of consumption, huge impact。
  Vincent Fang believes that the current economic environment is poor, "worse than SARS" front-line salesperson revenue fell by more than two percent。
  Vincent Fang refers to the devaluation of the renminbi, the mainland stock market volatility has an impact, coupled with anti-parallel-off "impolite" action so that mainland visitors dissatisfied, he urged the government to take stringent measures to prevent and to apologize in relation to the Mainland, Hong Kong people expressed welcome to the mainland customer。

US Senate announced the government budget agreement to avoid government "closed"

  BEIJING, February 8, according to US media reports, local time on the 7th, the US Senate leaders reached a bipartisan agreement。 The program will provide funds to maintain the operation of the federal government for two years, but does not solve the immigration problem hotly disputed。
  According to reports, the Senate majority leader, Republican from Kentucky Mitch McConnell in the Senate hall, said: I am pleased to announce that negotiations between the two parties in both houses about our defense spending and other priorities has reached an important agreement。
Senate Minority Leader, Democrat Chuck Schumer from New York said: We join the people of the United States reached a very favorable agreement。
Profile picture: US Congress。 China news agency reporters Deng Minshe and Ju Xi, the program will increase during the 2-year US government spending $ 300 billion for defense and domestic programs, ending years of automatic spending cuts。 Republicans criticized the automatic spending cuts weakened the US military, Democrats say the automatic spending cuts hurt vulnerable populations。
  McConnell said: compromise we have reached will ensure, first time in years, our armed forces will have more resources, it is their defense of US security necessary; it will help us for the Department of Veterans Affairs, they had the courage to serve us; it will ensure funding for important initiatives, such as disaster relief, infrastructure and strengthen efforts to combat opiate abuse problem。
  It reported that Senate leaders have been in a race against time。
Federal government spending authority expires at midnight local time on the 8th。 If spending authority is not extended, the US government will fall into two months of the 2nd part of the closed state。
  It is reported that this program must be signed by both houses of Congress by the president to become law by Trump。 Expected, holding hawkish stance on fiscal issues would be super conservative Republicans oppose the plan, and some Democrats also expressed opposition advance。 They asked Congress to take action to protect hundreds of thousands of young illegally into the United States of parents of young undocumented immigrants against deportation。
  House Minority Leader, Democrat Nancy Pelosi from California, announced that she will not support spending agreement, unless House Speaker, Republican Paul Ryan to ensure that the House vote, resolved to suspend the repatriation of the United States who arrived in childhood (DACA) project beneficiaries which the current predicament。
  Pelosi published a lengthy speech in the House of venue。 Ryan said she asked the Speaker: What do you fear it?Let us vote now。
Let the House reflects their will。   Democrats in January had blocked a temporary spending case, leading to the federal government shut down for three days。
In part because Congress in protest inaction on the issue DACA。
Trump announced that the Obama administration last year DACA program will expire on March 5。   Trump said that, as a part of a broader immigration reform, he supported 1.8 million young men to qualify for DACA-protected to provide a channel of US citizens。
But the White House also requires investment in the US-Mexico border wall was built, reducing legal immigration, and give priority to the admission of new immigrants with advanced skills。   US bipartisan negotiations on a comprehensive reform of US immigration law has not yet reached an agreement。 Lawmakers from both parties have proposed the settlement DACA problem, on the one hand limited strengthen border security measures, but Trump refused to accept such a scheme。

Guangxi Liuzhou vigorously promote new energy vehicles enjoy free on-street parking subsidy thousand Yuan

Data for: Liuzhou adjust the two new energy vehicles dedicated parking spaces from each city。  Cao Weijun photo It is understood that in the new energy automobile promotion process, Liuzhou Municipal Committee, mayor and several major new energy automobile manufacturing companies in charge of first-person decision-making。 Liuzhou City Development and Reform Commission departments in more than 20 joint working groups, each department stationed an officer with the SAIC-GM-Wuling marketing team consisting of field teams, a problem solved on the spot, without returning to the office to convene a meeting for approval department。   Liuzhou NDRC deputy Ren Fanghua introduced, in order to solve the charge difficult SGMW introduced baojun E100 can be directly three general household power supply plug ground line to be charged, the charging power of less than 2 kW or the equivalent of two rice cooker air conditioner 1 jobs。
  On the part of buying a car, in addition to central government subsidies to give a certain percentage of special subsidies, subsidies can also enjoy the local Liuzhou。
In addition, to encourage residents to use electric cars, each driving one kilometer electricity subsidy yuan, up to 1000 yuan, a total of three years of subsidies, subsidies from the government and car companies each pay half。   At the same time, to allow new energy vehicles as soon as possible to form a good application environment, electric vehicles can be parked for free on-street parking, commercial premises, electric vehicles can park free 2 hours。 In the new energy vehicles Vehicle Administration Rush "green channel" to open, allowing the new energy vehicles in the bus-only lane traffic, a series of preferential policies from odd and even number lines, etc.。
  Under the guidance of support green travel ideas and a lot of "privilege" of subsidies, new energy vehicles has attracted great public enthusiasm to buy local。 Now in Liuzhou, travel eco-city has undergone significant changes, more and more traditional fuel vehicles increment is gradually being replaced by new energy vehicles。   Data from Liuzhou official, as of December 2017, SAIC-GM-Wuling and Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor two local production of new energy vehicles, sales in Liuzhou to more than ten thousand。 Among them, about 90% of personal consumption。
  The country's new energy automobile innovation project team leader Wang Binggang pointed out that the process of Liuzhou in the promotion of new energy vehicles, through the formation of new energy vehicles to promote the application of the leading group, focus on promoting the three linkage mechanism, the formation of government-enterprise cooperation, to explore the country the development of new energy vehicles provide a common discussion and exchange programs。
  According to the plan, by 2020, Liuzhou new energy vehicles will form an annual production capacity of 400,000。

Country Garden financing costs dropped five consecutive years of record low

  Net operating cash flow is positive for two consecutive years of high growth is inseparable from the Country Garden balanced layout in the new urbanization process in China, and in the background the national classification regulation, in mid-2017, according to the target market points, a second-tier targets and Goal III sales of the Group's contribution to the four-wire half and half。   Country Garden Group benefited from early sufficient land bank, excellent internal management and high-turnover strategy group at time of rapid growth, strong financial performance data。
By the end of 2017, the weighted average cost of financing Country Garden fell 44 basis points to%, ending five consecutive years, the weighted average cost of financing down to the lowest level in history; net operating cash flow continued to be positive and excellent performance。 2017 cash withdrawn from circulation sales floor models billion yuan, the rate of return of 91%, net operating cash payment of land premium expenses, for projects such as net operating cash flow for the yuan, a continuation of the 2016 net operating cash flow is positive situation, so that the proper balance of operational efficiency and risk control。   At the same time, the report period, the Country Garden available cash of about one hundred million yuan, the highest level since the listing up, an increase of 54% in the tightening macro-control, short-term funds to repay increasing pressure situation, effectively ensuring the operation of a virtuous cycle bad, actively support the expansion of the scale。   There are about one hundred million yuan bank line of credit has not been used, adequate working capital, by the Fitch rating agency raised its corporate credit rating to investment grade, anti-risk ability to further strengthen。   Country Garden since listing, the financing has always stressed the "good long-short-term financing portfolio", continue to optimize the capital structure and maintain cash-rich at the same time, by accelerating turnover, strengthen their own "blood" function。
  Profit attributable to shareholders increased significantly% generally no increase in interest income at the background in real estate, the year 2017, Country Garden Profit attributable to shareholders million, core net profit billion, doubling year on year, reaching% and 106%, respectively。
Country Garden is expected, with further sales area has been delivered continued growth in future profits can be expected。   CICC research report issued in February, said Country Garden "new year, profit growth is explosive start," forecast 2017-2019 Annual Country Garden core net profit rose to 22.3 billion yuan, respectively, and 33.3 billion yuan 46.9 billion yuan, respectively, an increase of 86%, 49% and 41%, reflecting the 2016-18 contract year after year of rapid sales growth。
  The previous week, Morgan Stanley research report released forecast compound annual growth rate Country Garden 17 years to 19 years at 60%。 Given the high turnover and market integration Garden, and raised its target price 56% to HK $ 19, was upgraded to Outperform。   High-quality growth won multi-party recognition, mid-2017, Country Garden also successfully among the "Fortune" Global 500, Hang Seng Index constituent stocks。
  Benefit from earnings growth, dividend increased dramatically in mid-2017 Country Garden, declared a final dividend per share divided, the total annual dividend per share points, an increase of%。   Year of the Rooster, Country Garden led the blue chips, rose more than 200%, significantly outperforming the broader market's 40 percent rally, the biggest blue-chip rate of increase between 2017 Lunar New Year。
Country Garden shares in the last 24 trading days has risen more than%, to March 19 closing price of HK $, led within the housing stock。

A number of banks closed a number of fast payment channel P2P platform affected

  Pleasant loans and micro-credit networks were also recently announced that the purchase or recharge operations by the Agricultural Bank of payment adjustments affect the business, the Agricultural Bank closed quickly pay channel, will not be paid by the Agricultural Bank of shortcuts。   For the move, the Agricultural Bank of China customer service, told reporters that the central bank should be required, together with China UnionPay payment channel specification consolidation of third-party platforms, it may affect the payment transaction Some merchants, mall, platforms, websites, applications, specifically for which industries and units, it is not clear。   Customer service also said that the above is only temporarily closed, but the specific opening time is unclear。
  Reporters noted that in December 2017, the central bank issued "on regulating pay innovative business notice" (Yin Fa [2017] No. 281)。 The central bank No. 281 documentation requirements, strengthen payment service interface management system, including increasing transaction monitoring efforts to ensure access to payment services system interface unit for the scope and purpose of the agreement, and to take effective measures to prevent the system interface is used for payment services illegal use。   Under tighter supervision, there are two banks recently because of violations by the central bank payment and settlement business out of one hundred million yuan ticket。
  Illegal withholding part of the platform will be packed into quick payment It is understood that, as early as in 2016, net loan platform between banks and there have been similar cases。
In early 2016, including China Merchants Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank platform, including a number of "risk investigation" as an excuse to close the P2P interface to third-party payment。
Market analysts said at the time, to rent è treasure checked as the representative of the risk of P2P upgrade, causing regulators to rectify the Internet led financial chaos, while banks are required to or conscious or P2P policy has been adjusted。
  After the interval when banks for several months before being returned to the platform trading interfaces。
At the same time, the bank will not only P2P recharge quota cut, also lowered the bank's quick payment limit。   There are net loan industry depository system employees, noted that the standardized payment channels, or in favor of net loan industry to further regulate。 "Underlying channel paid net loan industry, many actually withholding, withholding would have been against utilities such as payment, but was abuse, high risk。 "Similarly, another net loan depository system service platform executives also said that withholding packaged into practice quickly pay does exist。   The payments industry practitioners also said that fast-free payment including payment of dense, dense and free pay is, say withholding。

Baidu to strengthen information security measures certainly won the Consumer Protection Committee of Jiangsu withdrawal

  In January 2018, Jiangsu Consumer Protection Committee because of that "mobile phone Baidu," "Baidu browser" irregularities acquire two mobile phone APP "monitor telephone calls, positioning, read short MMS" and other rights, filed a lawsuit against Baidu。 In this regard, Baidu in the first time to clarify, emphasize its not and will not monitor from the user, Baidu related applications obtain the geographic location, access to messaging, contacts, and other authorized, are in the range of fair use, and the need user authorization and turns itself off。
Baidu said it has always attached great importance to the protection of personal information of consumers, in terms of the protection of personal information of citizens, fully consistent with the Consumer Protection Committee of Jiangsu's position and point of departure。
  According to reports, after the incident, Baidu active cooperation and response to the recommendations of Jiangsu Consumer Protection Committee of further streamlining and optimizing the information security program and Baidu Baidu mobile phone browser。
It is understood that in the latest optimization solution, removed from the iteration with the product functionality necessary permissions, additional permission to use sensitive tips pop, to further protect the user's right to know and the right to choose, additional centralized rights management page, to enhance user control, in when first-time users to the core of APP privacy policy and application scenarios APP sensitive privileges were enhancing tips, optimize privacy policy for software optimization, to effectively protect consumers' right to know and the right to choose for personal information。 February 8, the new version of APP Update All on the line。 With the same time, Baidu also set up a Product Safety Monitoring Board, continue to strengthen and regulate the internal management, and the initiative to invite the Ministry of Industry, State Administration for Industry and other departments for consumer protection and management of information security training for their employees。   Baidu initiatives gained full recognition of the Consumer Protection Committee。
March 14 morning, Jiangsu terms of the Consumer Protection Committee held a special conference to announce the withdrawal of the message, and at the meeting positively the efforts made to Baidu in the protection of personal information security。
Jiangsu Consumer Protection Committee, said, "Baidu show its due responsibility, an Internet leader, in order to measure higher than the industry average, to protect consumers' personal information security, played a good role model for other companies through its official microblogging effect。
Network security is inseparable from various Internet companies to actively assumed responsibility to protect the rights and interests of users require more self-discipline and integrity of the industry to work together, Baidu hopes to continue its efforts to make more contributions to the healthy development of the Internet。 "" Thanks to the supervision of the Consumer Protection Committee of Jiangsu Province, Baidu will use more rigorous technical and attitudes to shoulder social responsibilities, to continue to strengthen technology and management, strictly regulate the related business areas, with a positive and responsible attitude to face action AI era is coming, and users of information security escort of。
"In an interview with reporters, Baidu relevant responsible person said, the rapid development of mobile Internet has brought more possible, and the era of artificial intelligence, network information environment is so complex ever。
In order to bring more services and convenience at the same time, Baidu will continue to increase investment, we are committed to upgrading security of information, to better protect the information security of Internet users。   It is worth mentioning that, after much Internet users concerned about the "monitor telephone calls", has proved to be a "misunderstanding" – "cell phone Baidu", "Baidu browser" to provide users with phone harassment or fraud identification and interception services when (Baidu risk based on the user report number is generated, etc.), you need to apply READ_PHONE_STATE obtain permission (permission can know the IMEI, IMSI, and the current phone is 'inbound, outbound, call' which one of three states), because different manufacturers have slightly different versions of translation rights, as translated into "monitor, record and process call", "read phone state and identity" and "read this machine ID" and so, some phone system manufacturers in the pair use the permissions translate the phrase "monitor telephone calls", leading to the public had been a misunderstanding, that the authority can "monitor telephone conversations"。
In fact, under current technology, mobile application APP is difficult to directly listen to the phone, Google Android in the design of the system, from the secure user privacy point of view, it will not open or design "wiretapping" This API interface netizens can rest assured。
  In fact, users of information security protection, Baidu has been at the forefront of the industry。 Data show that in mid-2017, Baidu security block malicious Web page over the total annual million and by focusing on monitoring crackdown offline suspected of stealing users' privacy malicious Web site million units Links 540 million articles, hundreds of millions of Internet users search experience and user information security escort。 Mid-December 2017, Baidu technical security team also teamed up with the Beijing Public Security Bureau Haidian Branch cracked the first case of the new production of invasion of personal privacy black gangs – "mobile visitor marketing" black production, and arrested more than 26 sites involved in criminal suspects, seized more than one million citizens information。
In the industry view, overwhelmed by Baidu to further optimize the security of information, or to bring the whole industry to improve the relevant threshold。