Country Garden financing costs dropped five consecutive years of record low

  Net operating cash flow is positive for two consecutive years of high growth is inseparable from the Country Garden balanced layout in the new urbanization process in China, and in the background the national classification regulation, in mid-2017, according to the target market points, a second-tier targets and Goal III sales of the Group's contribution to the four-wire half and half。   Country Garden Group benefited from early sufficient land bank, excellent internal management and high-turnover strategy group at time of rapid growth, strong financial performance data。
By the end of 2017, the weighted average cost of financing Country Garden fell 44 basis points to%, ending five consecutive years, the weighted average cost of financing down to the lowest level in history; net operating cash flow continued to be positive and excellent performance。 2017 cash withdrawn from circulation sales floor models billion yuan, the rate of return of 91%, net operating cash payment of land premium expenses, for projects such as net operating cash flow for the yuan, a continuation of the 2016 net operating cash flow is positive situation, so that the proper balance of operational efficiency and risk control。   At the same time, the report period, the Country Garden available cash of about one hundred million yuan, the highest level since the listing up, an increase of 54% in the tightening macro-control, short-term funds to repay increasing pressure situation, effectively ensuring the operation of a virtuous cycle bad, actively support the expansion of the scale。   There are about one hundred million yuan bank line of credit has not been used, adequate working capital, by the Fitch rating agency raised its corporate credit rating to investment grade, anti-risk ability to further strengthen。   Country Garden since listing, the financing has always stressed the "good long-short-term financing portfolio", continue to optimize the capital structure and maintain cash-rich at the same time, by accelerating turnover, strengthen their own "blood" function。
  Profit attributable to shareholders increased significantly% generally no increase in interest income at the background in real estate, the year 2017, Country Garden Profit attributable to shareholders million, core net profit billion, doubling year on year, reaching% and 106%, respectively。
Country Garden is expected, with further sales area has been delivered continued growth in future profits can be expected。   CICC research report issued in February, said Country Garden "new year, profit growth is explosive start," forecast 2017-2019 Annual Country Garden core net profit rose to 22.3 billion yuan, respectively, and 33.3 billion yuan 46.9 billion yuan, respectively, an increase of 86%, 49% and 41%, reflecting the 2016-18 contract year after year of rapid sales growth。
  The previous week, Morgan Stanley research report released forecast compound annual growth rate Country Garden 17 years to 19 years at 60%。 Given the high turnover and market integration Garden, and raised its target price 56% to HK $ 19, was upgraded to Outperform。   High-quality growth won multi-party recognition, mid-2017, Country Garden also successfully among the "Fortune" Global 500, Hang Seng Index constituent stocks。
  Benefit from earnings growth, dividend increased dramatically in mid-2017 Country Garden, declared a final dividend per share divided, the total annual dividend per share points, an increase of%。   Year of the Rooster, Country Garden led the blue chips, rose more than 200%, significantly outperforming the broader market's 40 percent rally, the biggest blue-chip rate of increase between 2017 Lunar New Year。
Country Garden shares in the last 24 trading days has risen more than%, to March 19 closing price of HK $, led within the housing stock。

A number of banks closed a number of fast payment channel P2P platform affected

  Pleasant loans and micro-credit networks were also recently announced that the purchase or recharge operations by the Agricultural Bank of payment adjustments affect the business, the Agricultural Bank closed quickly pay channel, will not be paid by the Agricultural Bank of shortcuts。   For the move, the Agricultural Bank of China customer service, told reporters that the central bank should be required, together with China UnionPay payment channel specification consolidation of third-party platforms, it may affect the payment transaction Some merchants, mall, platforms, websites, applications, specifically for which industries and units, it is not clear。   Customer service also said that the above is only temporarily closed, but the specific opening time is unclear。
  Reporters noted that in December 2017, the central bank issued "on regulating pay innovative business notice" (Yin Fa [2017] No. 281)。 The central bank No. 281 documentation requirements, strengthen payment service interface management system, including increasing transaction monitoring efforts to ensure access to payment services system interface unit for the scope and purpose of the agreement, and to take effective measures to prevent the system interface is used for payment services illegal use。   Under tighter supervision, there are two banks recently because of violations by the central bank payment and settlement business out of one hundred million yuan ticket。
  Illegal withholding part of the platform will be packed into quick payment It is understood that, as early as in 2016, net loan platform between banks and there have been similar cases。
In early 2016, including China Merchants Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank platform, including a number of "risk investigation" as an excuse to close the P2P interface to third-party payment。
Market analysts said at the time, to rent è treasure checked as the representative of the risk of P2P upgrade, causing regulators to rectify the Internet led financial chaos, while banks are required to or conscious or P2P policy has been adjusted。
  After the interval when banks for several months before being returned to the platform trading interfaces。
At the same time, the bank will not only P2P recharge quota cut, also lowered the bank's quick payment limit。   There are net loan industry depository system employees, noted that the standardized payment channels, or in favor of net loan industry to further regulate。 "Underlying channel paid net loan industry, many actually withholding, withholding would have been against utilities such as payment, but was abuse, high risk。 "Similarly, another net loan depository system service platform executives also said that withholding packaged into practice quickly pay does exist。   The payments industry practitioners also said that fast-free payment including payment of dense, dense and free pay is, say withholding。

Baidu to strengthen information security measures certainly won the Consumer Protection Committee of Jiangsu withdrawal

  In January 2018, Jiangsu Consumer Protection Committee because of that "mobile phone Baidu," "Baidu browser" irregularities acquire two mobile phone APP "monitor telephone calls, positioning, read short MMS" and other rights, filed a lawsuit against Baidu。 In this regard, Baidu in the first time to clarify, emphasize its not and will not monitor from the user, Baidu related applications obtain the geographic location, access to messaging, contacts, and other authorized, are in the range of fair use, and the need user authorization and turns itself off。
Baidu said it has always attached great importance to the protection of personal information of consumers, in terms of the protection of personal information of citizens, fully consistent with the Consumer Protection Committee of Jiangsu's position and point of departure。
  According to reports, after the incident, Baidu active cooperation and response to the recommendations of Jiangsu Consumer Protection Committee of further streamlining and optimizing the information security program and Baidu Baidu mobile phone browser。
It is understood that in the latest optimization solution, removed from the iteration with the product functionality necessary permissions, additional permission to use sensitive tips pop, to further protect the user's right to know and the right to choose, additional centralized rights management page, to enhance user control, in when first-time users to the core of APP privacy policy and application scenarios APP sensitive privileges were enhancing tips, optimize privacy policy for software optimization, to effectively protect consumers' right to know and the right to choose for personal information。 February 8, the new version of APP Update All on the line。 With the same time, Baidu also set up a Product Safety Monitoring Board, continue to strengthen and regulate the internal management, and the initiative to invite the Ministry of Industry, State Administration for Industry and other departments for consumer protection and management of information security training for their employees。   Baidu initiatives gained full recognition of the Consumer Protection Committee。
March 14 morning, Jiangsu terms of the Consumer Protection Committee held a special conference to announce the withdrawal of the message, and at the meeting positively the efforts made to Baidu in the protection of personal information security。
Jiangsu Consumer Protection Committee, said, "Baidu show its due responsibility, an Internet leader, in order to measure higher than the industry average, to protect consumers' personal information security, played a good role model for other companies through its official microblogging effect。
Network security is inseparable from various Internet companies to actively assumed responsibility to protect the rights and interests of users require more self-discipline and integrity of the industry to work together, Baidu hopes to continue its efforts to make more contributions to the healthy development of the Internet。 "" Thanks to the supervision of the Consumer Protection Committee of Jiangsu Province, Baidu will use more rigorous technical and attitudes to shoulder social responsibilities, to continue to strengthen technology and management, strictly regulate the related business areas, with a positive and responsible attitude to face action AI era is coming, and users of information security escort of。
"In an interview with reporters, Baidu relevant responsible person said, the rapid development of mobile Internet has brought more possible, and the era of artificial intelligence, network information environment is so complex ever。
In order to bring more services and convenience at the same time, Baidu will continue to increase investment, we are committed to upgrading security of information, to better protect the information security of Internet users。   It is worth mentioning that, after much Internet users concerned about the "monitor telephone calls", has proved to be a "misunderstanding" – "cell phone Baidu", "Baidu browser" to provide users with phone harassment or fraud identification and interception services when (Baidu risk based on the user report number is generated, etc.), you need to apply READ_PHONE_STATE obtain permission (permission can know the IMEI, IMSI, and the current phone is 'inbound, outbound, call' which one of three states), because different manufacturers have slightly different versions of translation rights, as translated into "monitor, record and process call", "read phone state and identity" and "read this machine ID" and so, some phone system manufacturers in the pair use the permissions translate the phrase "monitor telephone calls", leading to the public had been a misunderstanding, that the authority can "monitor telephone conversations"。
In fact, under current technology, mobile application APP is difficult to directly listen to the phone, Google Android in the design of the system, from the secure user privacy point of view, it will not open or design "wiretapping" This API interface netizens can rest assured。
  In fact, users of information security protection, Baidu has been at the forefront of the industry。 Data show that in mid-2017, Baidu security block malicious Web page over the total annual million and by focusing on monitoring crackdown offline suspected of stealing users' privacy malicious Web site million units Links 540 million articles, hundreds of millions of Internet users search experience and user information security escort。 Mid-December 2017, Baidu technical security team also teamed up with the Beijing Public Security Bureau Haidian Branch cracked the first case of the new production of invasion of personal privacy black gangs – "mobile visitor marketing" black production, and arrested more than 26 sites involved in criminal suspects, seized more than one million citizens information。
In the industry view, overwhelmed by Baidu to further optimize the security of information, or to bring the whole industry to improve the relevant threshold。

Please note that diet with 9 big taboo

  Many lives for health and abide by the motto on all kinds of diets。 But you know what those people are eating motto has always been convinced, in fact, many are full of one-sidedness of lies。 However, with the development of technology and the improvement of people's health needs, some of us take for granted in everyday life is not the healthy way of eating will gradually be revealed the。 I hope you will pay attention under the usual diet, as long as the master of this degree, you will not because they are victims of。   I. What are the symptoms encountered seafood will suffer gout: Some seafood high in Princeton, cause human metabolic disorders, gout aggravated condition, so seafood high in Princeton, such as silver pomfret, tilapia, pomfret, lice head of fish, grass carp, carp, mullet, carp, shark, whitebait, gout patients are unfit for human consumption。
  Leukemia: suffering from leukemia and other bleeding disorders who should not eat high fat content of seafood。
  Patients with liver cirrhosis: like sardines, Pacific saury, tuna, mackerel rich in such fish oil content of seafood, liver cirrhosis patients should try to reduce the consumption。
  Second, other seafood diet taboos and some foods not to eat seafood, so there must food taboos when seafood can be assured dine Oh!  Crab + persimmon, eggplant: not with persimmon crab, eggplant eat, so as not to damage the stomach。   Silver pomfret, silver fish, croaker, herring + cattle, Yang: These fish should not use cattle, Yang You frying, one is due to cattle, Yang smell a little heavy, is likely to affect the taste of fish; and secondly these fish belonging hair was allergic itch eat more easily, and the cattle, Yang easily condensed cooling stiff, cold weather cattle, suet cooking around the mouth after eating feeling tend to have wrinkled, both Taken together, the feeling is more obvious。
  Third, the taboo of stroke between the meat and disease, heart disease, high blood pressure patients should not eat meat: meat of heat, have a higher fat and protein, so as stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure patients and so on, they should not eat。
  Patients with febrile illness: Chinese medicine, people suffering from febrile disease during the medication, should be fasting or eating less meat, because meat greasy prone to heat, to help wet, the role of phlegm, after eating will encourage Evils , worsens。
  Fourth, the consumption of meat food taboos history between the meat and other food a long, Taboo and thus found among many other foods with, may wish to pay attention to, or separated as far as two hours or more, such as digestion almost eaten later。

Tomorrow stock market speculation and the three coping strategies | stock


  Trend conjecture: GEM continue to perform Hengqiang achieve probability: 60% specific reasons: the market trend in the afternoon of significant differentiation, motherboard fall trend, stock index turned green, while the GEM will remain significantly strong。 Motherboard currently in the process of step back, step back on the need to observe the intensity and rhythm。
GEM continued strong lower after the open is to continue to move up today, the so-called Hengqiang。
The current market-style switch again twenty-eight, higher activity of small ticket, rally pulled up efforts are stronger, while blue chips plunged into the collective adjustment。   Operation strategy: If you say one two days of differentiation can not explain much of a problem, but for four days of differentiation, apparently clearly demonstrates the significant switching hotspots。 In operation the investor must keep up with the rhythm of this switch, it would be difficult to take the initiative in the future trend in。 We recommend active layout of the GEM high-tech sector。
  Funds conjecture: the main inflow from blue chip varieties to small and medium-invasive achieve probability: 55% specific reasons: proximity 2:30 motherboard was sustained capital flows net outflow of state, because the funds at this stage in the rush to raise the subject shares, after two board turned green again, GEM also been some impact down。
Overall, however, the strong performance of small and medium-invasive, significantly more favored by capital。
  Operating strategy: the operation of the current market still, market sentiment is relatively harmonious, so late in the game may be short of a strong theme, or subject shares fell GEM is an opportunity, rather than a rebound in the end, as the main subject to domestic software。
  Hot guess: technology stocks collective outbreak achieve orgasm probability: 55% specific reasons: the recent popular stocks pulled the intensity is very obvious, including ,, such, are the recent hot stock market form seesaw effect, accelerate the flow of capital and small record leave the big ticket, subject shares market now dominant, dominant popular stocks。
  Operation strategy: technological innovation is the relatively high degree of attention of the two sessions topics related chips and artificial intelligence technology innovation industry will continue to be optimistic about。 Since the policy shift, the biggest opportunity this year the stock market, shares in the new economy, new industries stocks, tech stocks, high-growth stocks oversold stocks above victimizes。

The best way to freckle freckle most effective remedies 6


What are the best ways freckle?The most effective freckle recipe details freckle 6 is not really so much trouble, there is a wide variety of life, the production method is very simple, as long as we can we are sure to achieve satisfactory results freckle!1.Operation method freckle loofah: loofah dried, research is not fine, night tone coated surface with water, wash with warm water next morning。 When a transfer coating, may go facial wrinkles。
This method has some effect。
Contains a variety of gourd, proteins, carbohydrates, and ascorbic acid, have a strong bleaching effect, in particular, phosphorus, calcium, and iron content rich, plant gum, and further comprising xylose mucus, these substances have Health effects。 Long-term use can improve the skin delicate whiteness。
Reminder: the honey should not be overnight.Twenty minutes later Cleaning.The best way to freckle freckle most effective remedies 2 6.Litharge freckle method is the method: to fine grind litharge, night face paint。
Litharge yellow metallic luster, there is swelling insecticidal, convergent preservative effect, useful for treating a variety of inflammatory swelling, ulcers, embolism, modern research that inhibit fungal skin, to try a number of inflammatory spots。 "Tang Materia Medica" contains litharge scar black surface treatment, the surface of pharmaceutically acceptable。

How can you teach critical health diet common sense


How can health, and now people are very focused on health, diet and health is a major focus in health, bad eating habits are very bad for the body, then how can health and small series together to see how You can introduce health!How can health 1, late night is often a bad effect on the stomach, because stomach all day without a rest。
2, one week only eat four eggs。
Eating too much is unhealthy。
3, chicken butt contains carcinogens, preferably not eat。 4, people often think a good meal to eat fruit, in fact, this is a misconception, before meals to eat fruit is good。
5, eat fruit in the morning is gold, silver at noon to eat fruit, eat fruit at night is copper。 6, do not add sugar, eggs and drink milk, do not drink too much。 7, fasting do not eat tomatoes, preferably after meals。 8, woke up each morning, you can drink a glass of water, which can prevent gallstones。
How can health 9, do not eat anything three hours before bedtime。 Will be fat。 10, less Naicha。 Because of the high-calorie, high-fat, no nutritional value at all。 Long-term consumption, easy to suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases。
11, fresh-baked bread should be consumed immediately!12, away from the stand。 More than 30 cm away from the body。
Never on the bed。