"Confucius" coming out of the Russian pavilion to promote the Sino-Russian Friendship Park

May 17 electricity to "Confucius" named after the pavilion was officially opened in the city's Friendship Park, vice mayor of the city of Blagoveshchensk Yakov Zvonareva, Chinese Consul General in Khabarovsk Guozhijun and Brad Govi shushenskaya National Normal University teachers and students attended the unveiling ceremony。 Renovation of a new pavilion dedicated to the people of the city as a memorial Blagoveshchensk National Pedagogical University Confucius 10th anniversary gift。
Pavilion renovation work is done by the students of the school of Industrial Department of Education。
Deputy Mayor of the city of Blagoveshchensk Yakov Zvonareva said, "Friendship Park has always been a symbol of friendship between peoples, so the Russian side decided to continue this friendship go。 For the arrangement of the park, the Russian students had a long tradition of Chinese studies。
"The dean of the Confucius Institute Kuha lianke said," from the other building materials specially ordered, hope, gazebos can be stored for long periods。 Friendship Park is to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Confucius Institute of gift to local residents and look forward to becoming park pavilion beautiful decoration。
"Confucius Institute's 10th anniversary celebration in the framework of the Seventh International Youth Conference, the event has been jointly organized by the Blagoveshchensk and Heihe National Normal College。 (Russian satellite network) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

Shandong Representative dishes approach spicy peach shrimp how to eat well

There are many on behalf of Shandong dishes, but the taste is very unique, in fact, at home can also make authentic Shandong cuisine, Shandong cuisine traditional practices which then have it?Then we come to learn the practice of Shandong。 Spicy peach shrimp Ingredients: peach shrimp 200 grams Accessories: right amount of oil, salt to taste, pepper amount, the amount of hemp pepper, bay leaves amount, the amount of dried red peppers, onion amount, the amount of powder, flour [practice] 1.Preparation of food (peach shrimp are already cooked add light salt of the) 2.Corn meal flour in half, caught in pots and shrimp together。 3.Until completely blended with the clutch, each shrimp surface are covered with a thin layer of batter。 (Due to the shrimp moist skin, so do not add water) 4.Till the Bacheng hot oil pot, frying shrimp into the skin to remove yellowish crisp。 Fives.Pepper Ma pepper and red pepper dry cleaning fish out of water。
6.Together with the amount of oil into the pot, add bay leaves and slowly stir Stir fragrance。
7.Add a little spring onion saute。
8.The fried shrimp into the pot, stir fry mix。
9.Transfer to a plate to eat off the heat。 Representative dishes Shandong practice bubble juice octopus Ingredients: octopus two materials: oil amount, amount of salt, the amount of vinegar, 2 tablespoons sweet bean paste, oyster spoon, spoon sauce, the amount of sugar, dried red peppers amount, amount of onion, ginger amount, pepper to taste, cooking wine appropriate approach [1].The octopus cut into inch segments, add wine slightly pickled onion pepper ten minutes 2.The marinated octopus water with kitchen paper exhaustion。

63-year-old one-armed man lived shack minus ten degrees outside Yang crab

63-year-old one-armed man to raise ten degrees below zero outdoor live crab shack HTTP: /// default / 9_img / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 /: /// N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 //: /// N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 // on November 17 09: 2611 May 15, Dandong, Liaoning Province Xuancheng village, 63-year-old really strong this year, Brokeback is a crab man, only his left hand, but stays since the entire family business。
Really strong, real name, the name of a single strong word, Renruqiming。 9 years ago, a lucky accident, not only took really strong right arm, has spent years of savings, owed a debt。 Is a really strong man stronger, not only to pay off the debt against raising crab, the day was also booming。
In this regard, really strong, he said: "Although I lost a hand, but I want to face。 "588 693 463-year-old one-armed man to raise ten degrees below zero outdoor live crab shack HTTP: /// default / 9_img / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 /: /// N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 //: // / N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 // on 17 November 09: a 262,009-year mishaps, although lucky really strong life insurance, but never lost his right hand。 588 693 563-year-old one-armed man to raise ten degrees below zero outdoor live crab shack HTTP: /// default / 9_img / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 /: /// N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 //: /// N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 // in at 9:26 on November 17 this unexpected disaster not only a really strong run out of savings, but also owed a huge debt。
Although bankruptcy really strong, but because an excellent reputation on weekdays。 And the village folks rely on borrowed money, the raising of crab less than three years, really strong to pay off all the loans became profitable, the family day and gradually have looked like before Brokeback。
588 693 663-year-old one-armed man to raise ten degrees below zero outdoor live crab shack HTTP: /// default / 9_img / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 /: /// N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 //: /// N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 // in at 9:26 on November 17 in order to better raise crab, really strong in the pool take a shack on defense is more than 900 years。 Now half a month into the winter, night temperatures below zero degrees seventy-eight, dry and cold weather, wearing trousers jacket at night really strong and then covered with blankets to sleep。 Really strong say, at most, to insist half the crab are sold will be able to go home。 After a half months, at temperatures of minus ten degrees, really strong still to be guarding the pool。
588 693 763-year-old one-armed man to raise ten degrees below zero outdoor live crab shack HTTP: /// default / 9_img / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 /: /// N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 //: /// N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 20171117 // in at 9:26 on November 17 and separated from his wife during the day really strong busy /。 Really strong selling crab pond care, his wife went out to the side of the road selling crab。 Strong said that in fact really should be out of a man, but because he is disabled, there is too much inconvenience to the outside, there is no dispute with his wife to stay at home obediently to held。 588 693 863-year-old one-armed man to raise ten degrees below zero outdoor live crab shack HTTP: /// default / 9_img / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 /: /// N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 //: /// N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 // in at 9:26 on November 17 which is really strong wife crab spread on the side of the road。
Really strong wife said now cold, with lunch only is not afraid of frozen biscuits。
588 693 963-year-old one-armed man to raise ten degrees below zero outdoor live crab shack HTTP: /// default / 9_img / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 /: /// N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 //: /// N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 // in at 9:26 on November 17 about the couple who live in plastic shacks at night who lived in a small house heated kang fight for a long time, all the other cold with fear, to live shack。
But really did not let strong, insisted shack to live and let his wife live in a small house, but his wife stubborn, so really strong more than nine years has been living in shack。 Really strong to say, I'm a man should sleep in the shack, a woman can not let cold。 588 694 063-year-old one-armed man to raise ten degrees below zero outdoor live crab shack HTTP: /// default / 9_img / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 /: /// N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 //: /// N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 // in at 9:26 on November 17 around the pool with three crab care point, really strong and in addition to his wife, and a cage of big dogs。 Every morning, to be really strong to the cage there to greet the big dogs, murmuring: "You have worked hard。 "In the really strong heart, just look at this crab pool of big dogs on guard and his wife and children as。
588 694 163-year-old one-armed man to raise ten degrees below zero outdoor live crab shack HTTP: /// default / 9_img / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 /: /// N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 //: /// N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 // in at 9:26 on November 17 really strong son in Shenyang。
Over the years really strong crab raising a lot of money。
So he let his son have repeatedly ventured back to raise crab, each time the results are good words to stall。 Really strong, he said his son fared well in Shenyang, in gently, people were not willing to come back to this crime。
Although the experience of that violent death in 2009, but the crab raising more than nine years, she saved her son really strong or a well-off family property。 588 694 263-year-old one-armed man to raise ten degrees below zero outdoor live crab shack HTTP: /// default / 9_img / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 / xTr_-: /// N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 / XTR _- /: /// N / default / 9_ori / uplaod / 3933d981 / 20171117 / XTR _- / in at 9:26 on November 17 after a cold night, tenacious crab is still full of vitality。
Really strong always said, what the cold fear, there are children like Manner。
In fact, no matter how, crab good, there Manner, we will be able to live out a kind。

Outdoor cloud is the highest state of fish and water Huan!

  Best of all sexes pleasure, tend to occur in the most dangerous time, and outdoor cloud is the highest level of adult sexual。
Give a little stimulation and change the space bar!She led him out of the room, under the sky intercourse, all the wonderful absolutely make you never forget。
  Fear of being caught in the pleasure of gender, is to stimulate the aura of the most dangerous game of gender or have you tried: begun to taste the forbidden fruit when Sentimental years, that were not that macho gently open your door to lust in your home on the couch?The fear of being hit in the family sense of crisis has not only reduced interest, but to make you both become far more exciting and interesting。
 Best of all sexes pleasure, tend to occur in the most dangerous time, and outdoor cloud is the highest level of adult sexual CAR SEX certainly make you impressed。 Interior space is small, forcing you both have closer to each other, this close relationship is that you never experienced before, and the body will follow at the climax comes sway is fantastic -!  Why enjoy the outdoors cloud is so people can not extricate themselves?According to the authors "SEX romantic," a book, said to have occasionally converted scene gender erotic stimulation effect positive, open and outdoor environment can liberate the inherent taboo, thus enabling you both more engaged, and more willing to try different happy。 "Looking back you look young with her boyfriend cheating scene it!The kind of fear fear of being discovered, will enable you to connect two emotions more closely, added a lot of pleasure when clouds and rain。 "Occasionally converted scene irritation effect positive gender lust, and outdoor open environment to liberate the inherent taboo in addition to emotional factors, outdoors making love can enhance pleasure also based on physiological: fear of being discovered, the tension adrenal Su accelerate secretion, resulting in increased so-called love hormone phenylethylamine, and thus make you more intoxicated sexes things。
But before clouds and rain to enjoy the outdoors, there are a few must remind you that in order to avoid you and your partner openly indecent exposure or eat a lawsuit, it is recommended that you first understand the relevant laws before the outdoor clouds and rain, it will not be getting too much。 According to someone who has experience in the following five outdoor cloud powerhouse, most secure and exciting, you may wish to visit and partner together to times completely different experience: Beach wooded park backyard roof。

Brazil VS Switzerland Preview: Selecao gilded difficult to break within less to recover three big legend

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 17 report: Beijing at 2:00 on June 18, the World Cup group match?The second group games, against Brazil, Switzerland, the Selecao team suffered the strongest opponents, whether to keep the last 18 World Cup opener unbeaten gilded; Neymar can catch up with 3 big break legendary; how weak front to solve the problem in Switzerland, the campaign is a key things to watch。Previous history: the two teams in the history of war over the eight games, Brazil 3 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses dominate, into the 10 fault, non 8-ball; which had a two warring history in the World Cup, the Brazilian team in the 1950 Brazil World Cup team race 2-2 draw with Switzerland。In which two teams fighting on the field for seven friendlies history, Brazil 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses slightly the upper hand, scoring 8 goals to lose six goals in a friendly recently occurred in 2013, beat Switzerland 1-0 Brazil。Recent performance: Brazil: Selecao held in four games this year's victory, and are complete zero closure, has Zhanla Russia, Germany, Croatia and Austria, scoring 9 goals conceded 0。Brazil has a multi-year unbeaten in 11 games (eight wins, three draws), losing the last friendly match last year's 1-0 loss to Argentina。Switzerland: Swiss team the same year, the first four games unbeaten, beat and zero seal Greece, Panama and Japan, just to shake hands with Spain on the road。Multi-year unbeaten team six games, losing the last time was last October's World Cup qualifier 2-0 loss to Portugal。Brazil opener 18 games unbeaten difficult to break under review 20 World Cup finals experience, Brazil's Selecao won the past 16 games, winning up to 80%, and only two defeats, losing occur in these two the distant 1930s, when Brazil was wearing a white shirt, 1930 World Cup, they lost the first battle more than 12 former Yugoslavia; 1934 World Cup, they lost the first battle than 13 Spain。Over the past five World Cup, Brazil have made a good start, Switzerland wants to upset, the difficulty is indeed not small。Within little break to catch up with the legendary Big 3?Neymar's current goals for the four World Cup finals, the last World Cup in the face of native Croatia and Cameroon were he scored twice in Brazil's World Cup top scorer in team history, scoring five goals are three legends star – bird Garrincha, Zico and Bai Beili lone wolf Romario。If the campaign can score, catch up with and even surpass Major General within three predecessors。Brazilian quartet spectrum of gorgeous music?The campaign, the Brazilian coach Teeter is likely to continue to discharge Neymar, Jesus and William's frontcourt, while focusing on the offensive in the avant-garde is Kudiniao three of them, this four offensive players a combination of both strong creativity and scoring ability, will lead the Swiss defense veteran Lichtsteiner pose a great threat。Switzerland to solve the problem of how dull knife? The world's sixth highest natural strength of the Swiss team is not weak, it is considered the most likely to join this group and qualify Brazil team, the team's problem seems to be more appear in the first strike, three shooters 塞费罗维奇, En Boluo del Mickey and efficiency goals last season at the club are not ideal, the cross of the Legion dull knife can cut through Brazil's defense it is not monolithic?Perhaps this will directly determine the fate of the Swiss team's campaign。Starting Prediction: Brazil (433): 1- Allison; 14- Danilo, 2 Tiago – Silva, Miranda 3-, 12- Marcelo; 5- Casemiro, 15 Poly Neo, 11 Kudiniao; 19- William, Jesus 9-, 10- 内马尔瑞士 (4231): 1- Magdalena; Lichtsteiner 2-, 22- Sher, 5-A Kanji, 13-Rodriguez; 10- Zaka, 11 Behrami; 23- Sacchi, 15-Mathieu had become the Queen, 14 Zubo; 9- 塞费罗维奇

In order to better themselves!Brother letters stand playoffs just want hard James Wong

  Beijing March 21, according to US media reports, yesterday Cavaliers beat the Bucks, LeBron – launched a epic showdown between James and brother of letters, and the letter brother said he hopes to encounter in playoffs to James and the Cavaliers。   Yesterday, the letter brother scored 37 points, 11 rebounds and five assists, under normal circumstances, such data is enough to make him feel satisfied, but that is not true, not only because the Bucks lost, and James scored 40 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists。
  "I've been asking myself in the shower:" I am in the end went wrong when the defense of LeBron?"" Alphabet brother said, "because he was the first so easy scored 40 points in my head Players。 LeBron can break, can shoot, especially in the latter part of his career, his shooting is very good。 He let his teammates in the right place, he is the best player in the world.。
It's that simple。 "Yesterday's victory for the Cavaliers lead the Pacers eastern half of the wins came in third, while the Bucks team returned ranked seventh in the East。
  Maybe a lot of fans would like to see the Cavaliers and Milwaukee Bucks meet in the playoffs, and the letter is so desirable brother。   "That's going to be a great experience。
"Alphabet brother said," I think LeBron can stimulate the strongest I。
That would be a very entertaining series。

Women Health Tips: winter cold hands and feet ≠ Palace

  Many people think that life is cold hands and feet, in fact, this is a sweeping idea, cold hands and feet cold house is just one of the symptoms, but not equivalent to the winter palace。 Cold hands and feet may be cold living environment, hobbies, cold food and other factors lead to。 The person who really cold palace cold hands and feet, but the whole body is cold。   So what is it?  As the name suggests it is a "cold uterus" for short。
This entry is not in the medical literature and formal textbooks and related Gynecologic monograph。 But the "winter palace" has become a popular hot words, it would normally be widely used in today's daily life, especially the most infertile women from the different ways there are deep feelings and understanding of the word。
Therefore, it is necessary to sort out what the meaning of the term。 "Palace" can refer to Western medicine "womb" can also refer to Chinese medicine, "uterus", the latter is more meaning refers to reproductive organs (uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries) and their functions。
So here's the "Palace" as "uterus" will contribute to a better understanding of the meaning of the Palace of cold and disease within the meaning of。 "Cold" is the first in Chinese medicine in a common cause, namely Tan Liang wading, by the nature invasion of pathogenic cold, cold food such as bulimia can lead to alien of "cold" into the human body, stuck in the body's meridians , viscera, of course, including the uterus, such as multi-cold "real cold"。
On the other hand, "cold" also refers in the cold TCM pathological product accumulation at the meridians of human organs, such a product may be cold pathological human spleen and kidney, not the normal transport of moisture in the cold gas stagnation meridians in the human body organs, such as the cold and more "Deficiency"。
So collectively, the generalized "winter palace", that is due within the cold evil alien or human spleen deficiency born of cold stagnation in the female uterus, the uterus is impaired range of diseases that occur。
  The word is unique in the medical convention, so the incidence is the incidence of traditional Chinese medicine theory can be explained。 Generally reasons may be premature birth, abortion, the congenital deficiency of spleen, spleen and kidney are not well shipped wet gas in the body, and therefore the cold accumulating; may be acquired due to reasons such as wading Tanliang long-term residence cold place, menstruation blowing air conditioning, bulimia cold food or suffer direct invasion of pathogenic cold in the winter season and other foreign pathogenic cold cohesion and the incidence of the uterus。
Because the uterus refers to the female genitalia, so you can see a wide variety of gynecological diseases, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, menstrual wrong, menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, vaginitis, abortion, postpartum pain, postpartum lochia without a break, infertility。   Due to different etiology and pathogenesis of different stage, in all aspects by, pregnant, milk, and other miscellaneous diseases have many different clinical manifestations, such as the performance of the menstrual phase of the disease are: wrong after menstruation, amenorrhea, menstruation edema, diarrhea, menstruation, dysmenorrhea; manifested as disease during pregnancy may have: threatened abortion, habitual abortion, ectopic pregnancy; lactation performance of the disease may include: dripping lochia, postpartum abdominal pain; performance may have gynecological: chronic pelvic pain, endometriosis, vaginitis, infertility, etc.。
Analyzing cold TCM other systemic manifestations may have lower abdomen, heat pain was reduced, cold, cold hands and feet, cold lumbar backache, sexual apathy, loose stool, dark tongue, white coating, pulse moisten the like。   It should be noted the real cold and were identified Deficiency。
Clinically, cold and cold syndrome are of real cold, but because of the etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations are different, and therefore in the treatment, in particular, there are differences in drug use。 Deficiency, refers to the lack of body yang, cold from the endogenous, that is, "Yang is cold outside," meaning。 Due to lack of body yang, warmth biochemical diminished capacity, the body may not be warm, and cold syndrome symptoms appear, is a range yang Deficiency。 The real refer to exogenous cold chill of evil, so that the body chill excessive, damage yang, cold manifestations。 Chill Piansheng, yin is cold, the "yin within the cold," meaning。
If you have pain, you will win some common characteristics after warm pain relief, but there are also different: real cold is severe pain and refused to press; Deficiency is aching hi by hi rub。
Real cold is cold invade the body of evidence, can be seen cold hands and feet, pale, pale and tasteless mouth。
Deficiency of both the recession Xu Zheng function of various organs, often Shenpi fatigue, lack of energy, appetite is not open, loose stool, menstruation embolism。   Part of the reason is the prevention of bulimia due to the cold of the goods, but also through diet conditioning。
On the one hand, such as eating more warm the house warm food, such as walnut, jujube,, onion, tomato, daily lunch or dinner, drink a glass of ginger tea, can take the initiative to resolve the cold body, long-term adherence is very good for conditioning winter palace; On the other hand, eat cold food, such as mung bean, bitter gourd, bitter Melon, etc.。   Pay attention to the uterus warm, especially in the lower body to be less cold, pay attention to the lower abdomen, waist and feet warm。
。 With particular attention to the feet warm, spring and summer not too early to expose your legs, premature wear short skirts, wearing a skirt, it is best to wear thick wool socks backing to cold from the foot of Health。
  During menstruation, postpartum, breast-feeding should be taken to avoid excessive exposure to cold, rain wading do not like menstruation, sitting and lying at the wet Sheng。   Chinese medicine is "moving the Health and yang," he said that exercise can improve physical fitness, to ensure that half an hour of walking each day, can improve circulation。 More than usual with hot feet, plantar stimulation of acupuncture points and meridians, the body in a warm state can also improve the state。

Barclays: the Fed will raise interest rates for the first time in June 2015

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK, June 19 news, Wednesday (Beijing time Thursday morning) the Fed's latest interest rate decision, announced the continued monthly asset purchases to cut $ 10 billion, in line with market expectations。For the market concerned about rising inflation problem, the Fed said in a statement did not show concern, but Yellen said at a news conference after the meeting also claimed that the recent high inflation data are "noise", is still a threat。This was seen as the market loose signal, the US stock market rose sharply, the dollar index fell。After Wednesday's meeting, Barclays (Barclays) for the first time the Fed is expected to raise the federal funds rate in June 2015, by the end of 2015 rose to 1.0%。  The following is a review of Barclays Federal Reserve meeting on interest rates: "As anticipated, today's Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting continued at a steady pace to cut QE, lowered expectations for growth in the near future, lowered the unemployment rate We expected, and slightly raised its 2014 inflation forecasts。There are likely to be affected unemployment rate fell faster, the Commission mid-2015 and a slight increase in the pace of policy tightening in 2016。The Commission also slightly lowered its expectations for US economic growth and long-term federal funds rate long-term level of。"Overall, the current forecast value means that the Commission wished to make earlier and faster normalization of monetary policy, but ultimately the magnitude of interest rates declined slightly。"The Fed's statement and predicted values have not changed our view: We continue to expect the federal funds rate will be the first increase in June 2015, by the end of 2015 reached 1%。"(Shofu compilation)

Ali AliExpress empire northward to conquer the Russian market

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife net stocks GMT 10 hearing China's online super market ready to open their platform Russian retailer。  Recently, the "Moscow Times" reported on Russia's booming e-commerce market, Kaijiangtuotu action AliExpress particular the rapid。This is part of China's Internet market online sales Alibaba empire, its rapid development is staggering, market monitoring firm TNS data showed earlier this year, AliExpress visit to Russia has exceeded the amount of real。  In fact, the secret of success lies in the price。Consumers AliExpress buyers will connect Russia and China sellers together, with online retail model to penetrate the poorer hinterland of Russia, the Chinese company in low-income, hoping to get a discount popular among。AliExpress great success in Russia, however, from the beginning of November 11, Chinese sellers to make some sites, because AliExpress sellers for the first time in Russia an open platform, allowing them to expand their market。  Twenty Russian companies will debut on the site, many of them already have their own online stores, such as electronics chain Technosila, DIY and gardening stores 220 volts, in addition there are also some international brands in Russia the official agents, such as household electrical retailers, Microsoft and cosmetics brand L'Oreal。  Later in November, AliExpress will be a series of fashion brands included in this sequence。AliExpress Russia CEO Ayman al-Desi Ji (Mark Zavadsky) said that this is only the first step, AliExpress goal is to create a national sales of all products of transnational platform。  For AliExpress, the open platform will increase the types of products they sold in Russia, while online retailers and their alliance can get access to larger potential market。  Fa Erding (Maxim Faldin) is one of the founders of the Russian online supermarket Wikimart of his supermarket from November 11 began to have entered the AliExpress。Faer Ding said his company hopes to get more sales, and Russian companies will play an intermediary role between global sell-speed pass, he said that the new market is "a very sophisticated platform"。  AliExpress current practice is to introduce new merchandise sellers to fill the content gap, this does not pose a threat to China direct sellers, Ayman al-Desi Ji said that the new business will be reviewed one by one。There are some among the first wave of brands such as L'Oreal and Technosila etc., their goods either locally can be purchased, or is not convenient shipped from China。Others, such as clothing company, China's competitors on their products is much higher than the price of the site。  Low price makes AliExpress gained growing faster than the overall market。Insight research firm Data data show that the Russian e-commerce market is growing 40% a little more than last year, to 645 billion rubles, while over the same period, AliExpress growth rate of 400%。Some data on the Russian online market can be attributed not only this cheap supply of China, and the tax system also has a great relationship。  Foreign online retailers have been able to get larger and larger share of the retail Internet market in Russia, because they do not have to pay sales tax, import prices less than 1,000 euros, as long as personal use, they may be exempted from customs duties。  Head of Russian industry organizations to communicate online transaction Schuster Dealers Association (Catherine Schuster) explains, this means that foreign online retailers at around 20% lower than local competitors prices Sales of goods。Conversely, if the Russian companies want to sell their products in the Chinese market, it must pay 13% to 17% sales tax and 9.5% import duty。  However, apart from favorable tax settings outside Russia's economic downturn has become a development of AliExpress helper。  Crude oil prices suddenly plummeted last year, hit the Russian economy, which in the past 12 months time, the Russians have cut spending by nearly 10%, turned to cheaper brands。  Online data Dealers Association show that despite rapid growth last year, but this year, the size of the Russian market of electronic morning ruble meter is marking time。However, the association noted that while the data is no different to the surface, but in fact, the market is in significant changes to a local sellers also get the opportunity, and secondly by overseas shipments of goods on the market share from 30% to 35% growth last year to 40%。  AliExpress will be the biggest beneficiary。Insights data show that local online shoppers is the fastest growth rate, an average wage in these places only less than half of Moscow。Last year, overseas shipments of orders among them, 72% are from China, while in 2013 45%。  Much more subtle addition of AliExpress Russian market businesses obviously want to have a share, but they may find, in fact, their situation than expected。Commercial Manager on products and Chinese sellers in direct conflict with the Russian business, I am afraid the day will be very sad about landing AliExpress clothing brand Baon of Slaughter Gina (Anna Sirotkina) he pointed out that every online retailer wants to open up Russia local market, while China this website has become a key player in this area。  "This is an opportunity to increase our consumer groups。"The problem is, Baon clothes the average price reached 10,000 rubles, five times on the AliExpress of Chinese clothing。  "We will wait until the two-eleven, take a look at our consumers and AliExpress consumer is not a。"Slaughter Gina said," We do a little worried。"(Zijin)

1 Russian flag waving fans from shore to shore diss all the Egyptian fans thanks to "red light district" help

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 20 report: Beijing June 20 2:00 am, the Russian World Cup was a contest the second round of Group A, host Russia play against African football Egypt。The final end of the game, the Russian team once again usher in the victory, a 3-1 win over Egypt。Before the match circulated on the Internet such an interesting video: an Egyptian crazy fans waving to a group of Egyptian fans across the traffic lights do not turn green before the Russian flag。Egyptian fans began a force or a look ignorant, then, like the Spartans holding an Egyptian flag as he rushed。#endText .Video information is {text- decoration: none; color: # 000;} # ENDTEXT .Video Information: hover {COLOR: # d34747;} # ENDTEXT . Video list {overflow: hidden; float: left; list-style: none; width: 132px; height: 118px; position: relative; balance: 0 8 pixels pixels pixels 3PX 0;} # entText .Video list, # ENDTEXT .Video list: accessing {Text decoration: none; color: #FFF;} # ENDTEXT .Video list . Cover {text-align: left; padding: 0 pixel 6 pixels; background color: # 313131; size: 12px; width: 120 pixels; position: absolute; bottom: 0 pixel; left: 0 pixel; height: 26px; line height: 26px; overflow: hidden; color: #FFF;} #endText .Video list .{In the bottom border: solid pixels 8 # c4282b;} # ENDTEXT .video-list . Play {width: 20px; height: 20px; background: url (HTTP: // IMG1.cache.Netease.COM / video / promising you oh!/ Zhuzhan / Playback. PNG); position: absolute; the right: 12px's; top: 62px; Opacity: 0. 7; Color: #FFF; filter: α (opacity = 70); _background: None; _filter: Process id: DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader of (SRC = "HTTP: // IMG1.cache.Netease.COM / video / promising you oh!/ Zhuzhan / Playback.PNG ");} #endText .Video List: hover .Play {Opacity: 1; Filter: [alpha] (100 Opacity); _ filter: the progid: DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader of (SRC = "HTTP: // IMG1.cache.Netease.COM / video / promising you oh!/ Zhuzhan / Playback.PNG ");} a group of Russian fans in front of the Egyptian flag-waving fans (Source: Sports Network sauna night) and when the red light turns green Egyptian fans rushed the provocative single Russian fans, he turned around and started to run。Comment: Run brothers!You have 20 seconds!