ot own wife a diploma, not any preparation, can have this number?

  ”I, I will do Well?”Tangzhao Di single finger of their own, some confusion, formerly in the factory yard, her husband month’s wages are about one hundred, outside her this preparation, will receive a less than fifty, or been blessed by her husband, how He jumped so much?She does what you do?
  She also unlikely to understand the differences before the city, the outside world does not understand how much has changed, this is not her own attitude to understand, but she could see the sky is so big, in the village, until now, a man and a woman can create wealth, there are still many differences, she never thought that he can earn so much北京夜网 money.
  ”Row.”Pei Naochun nod, he came several months before returning home in this world, in the small town feel in a circle, where private factories everywhere, and this peaceful village is completely two scenes, in fact, if we can go better yard, made a long time to be a journeyman, it can be higher.
  Of course, what most persuasive nature is money, Pei Naochun at once from his pocket a pile of money, at first glance, they want to faint human eye, she always heard people say that money out, you can really earn how much money, and she has no concept.
  Pei Naochun and throw the bait: “And others trumpet the city, this is the level of education.”He thumbs up” to let Xiao-ping and when we read Zihao, our house is also a university student!”He had prior knowledge, in this era of Jie Du management is not so strict, the biggest requirement is that each week, much of which will be like two ho北京风月网nest, since that time he will solve, say, maybe a few years, household We can do it later.
  ”The girls every family, read so many books do.”Wu Guizhi waved his hand, she did not know was studying in spending, but subconsciously blurted out, her mind’s idea is simple, a woman’s virtue, read as a college student, graduation what age, that time at home this , are considered an old maid, who i

two women were a little scared of the idea –

  ”Mom, Zhao Di, I have thought, let family, neat, went to the city to trumpet!”
  Wu Guizhi then just froze waved: “This is what you do, what do we have to go to town?The village has to have room, somehow watching dignitaries!”Her life, even to the county have not had the idea, she from small to large, in this boundary, is a native o北京体验网f the village gossip names throughout her fingertips, live like a duck, getting good at this, go to the city in doing.
  But Wu Guizhi really know how to work, then I thought of her, always feel that they guessed his son’s idea, he Naochun working alone in small town, normally estimated quite miss his wife and children estimated to be afraid of a person lost her home not good!She hastened authentic: “Naochun, I’ll give you at home watching the house, if you want to tape Hao and Xiao-ping to the city, you will go!”She wanted to, so that the co-existence.
  Sat cajole Peizi Hao of Tangzhao Di, the city wanted it very, ever since she had Peizai Hao, son everything is full, stay in the village do not feel bored, but this year, migrant workers more, it would gossip also up, when she heard that a large village better wife after dinner chat, 北京夜生活网I heard some people, a man went outside, wild heart, and gave birth to children adopted daughter on the outside can be a lot of it!Her heart can not help but have become more worried that her husband will take the initiative to propose to her family out, she could not be happier!
  ”No, Mom, I said that we are l广州桑拿网ike family to go.”Pei Naochun once again stressed that what he had in mind to lay the plan, said to be in full flight,” Mom, you do not know, in the small town, very short women workers, one month’s wages and men no difference, too to have a four hundred, Zhao Di to go, and I will be able to go to work, you stay at home, according to Guzi Hao and Xiao-ping.”
  ”Four hundred, so many?”Wu Guizhi very surprised, although there are also county yard workers, can n

ting down, or standing, they began to eat it, I did not feel wronged, as well as kung fu jokes, talk about the quality of the dishes today.

  Pei Naochun has left without a word, just quietly back into the house, back into the back of another piece of lively, decided he had done, he wants to bring the whole family to town.
  Kurtis village is not a bad pl深圳桑拿网ace to be under this convention, I am afraid that hard all the stops, it can not change what.

Chapter 79 is a patriarchal (vii)?(nine)
  Chinese people has always been a custom home for the holidays, Spring Festival has always been a huge challenge for the entire national transport system, not to this season, or whether it is北京夜生活网 to go, who can toss off a lot of energy.
  Pei Naochun led the way, he is very strength, while a large body bags, also hugged his daughter, he managed to one-hand a trail separated in the crowd, the head of the face is anxious and Tangzhao Di Wu Guizhi, both of whom were exposed uncomfortable look, just know clutching a bag, a hold of Pei Zaihao.
  ”Naochun, I really am going to die?”Wu Guizhi subconsciously inviting voice shouting, not that her voice is not so big problem, but now the sea of people, if not raise his voice, not even hear you speak.
  ”Ah, Mom, we do not that good?”Pei Naochun accurately capture the mother’s voice, he smiled and replied, in the crowd, their family of five, reminding us of scenes Yifan boat, and pushed to squeeze, managed to stand firm.
  ”Is that good, but.”Wu Guizhi heart murmured, her only stil苏州桑拿l remember, is to help patrol grandson, at the station before, but Naochun talked, and this year, the train station can take more than Hanako, such as their home Zihao so juicy children, chances have been fancy!
  Just the other day, in PEI Naochun family, so opened a family meeting, he said that the meeting was somewhat forcing up, not thatA large family sitting at the table, all of the dry, Laoke something, you can not say a few words, Pei Naochun has proposed a way to make the

rl after all, this day, no one can draw open hand to take care of the children, I had to live up to these teenagers is not a little girl.

  ”I heard it today trotters.”There is a little girl swallowed, eage苏州桑拿网rly wanted to look out, trotters price is not cheap, and that two men can almost depleted tables, children tables turn, and only a few, have borne the boy first, unless Miao Miao girls home alone, not on the basic points.
  ”What are you thinking about.”The other girls laughed,” I would first look at it苏州夜网论坛 brother!”She helplessly, I’m afraid my brother cry, cry is the trouble.
  Pei Xiaoping had previously been behind the table to eat, of course, on the table no one organizational order, thanks chopsticks general effort to grab food is good or bad, this is to be tucked away behind the back of her head, she could not help, Xiaoshengdiwen sentence : What is the next “my mother and grandmother to eat it, etc.?”In the past she did not think so much, are themselves buried eating, stay inside today has nothing to do, divergent thinking, I also think of the.
  Very experienced girl laughed again: “How can eat?Have to first prepare the dish over the top job, it is estimated that next bowl of noodles to eat!”
  ”That would not be hungry ah!”Pei Xiaoping holding his own very worried for her children this young, hungry is simply the world’s most terrib深圳桑拿网le thing.
  ”But how empty it?Such work is!”The girl accustomed to, not surprised.
  Pei Naochun has come to Houchu far he can see that the kitchen is still busy, a lot of wife, see that they are hungry, from time to time to cover their cover their belly, but it can never speak of this house rooms, like a huge gash boundaries ahead is fragrant, alcohol sky, smiling bustling, lively behind although the same, but he is not the same feeling.
  He had just turned the last course will be sent out, the rest of these Caisi Wu Guizhi, a collection of corners meat, stir fry, so the pot will start a Lumian not set the table, we each get a bench sit


  Ancestral home of Houchu great, half in a small room, half in the hospital, and now that chattering away, Minato full of people, all women, basically come together, it is busy.
  ”Bowl came, washing dishes ah!”Responsible for sending food, it is big cousin’s wife, her strength is particularly large, squatting empty plate back, then pour into a large basin of red inside, on the other side there are two small daughter, special washing dishes, although the burn some hot water used to be a cold winter climate, no one北京体验网 will, that water will not take gas, and hands are cold insert.
  Tangzhao Di dry, and in the past at home, is about the same dude, her hair coiled up, standing on the chopping board with the cut side dishes, New Year’s dish, somewhat pay attention, not only to bowl, have brightly colored onion garlic is necessary to put, you have to prepare some readily able to throw Caisi used to provide color.
  ”Well, well, well sour cabbage.”Wu Guizhi standing before the stove, Qiu Hui Fang exclusion, her craft, are famous throughout the village, and she stood next to a great uncle’s wife, the other party to do the hard road is another dish that can cook such a large component of the dish pot sink badly, the wife can stand it, all of them supremely pulling force, did not empty, falling from hand, even the components are exactly grasp, half a plate深圳桑拿网, not to much, and never give less.
  Hearing this, just not big Tangsao rest two minutes and got up, she took a tray, put two dishes, then hurried pace went to the house.
  At the moment, this Houchu like a standard assembly line, a woman of the house clear division of labor, convergence and smooth, life and life to the Houchu live play out of flowers, any who are they also do not see an empty stomach.
  Pei Xiaoping is the house to stay with his brother, his hand holding a bowl, beat her mother to help her in a bowl of rice and some Cornish, so she buried against his brother to eat it, like her, there are several little gi

ousin, a good a job, so lost.

  ”Xiao-ping fine.”Pei Naochun face big cousin and their own mothers, wives exactly the same argument, that is a moment.
  ”Nice, but unfortunately 深圳桑拿全套it is not the son.”Big cousin Shui ten thousand turn, can pull back,” Fortunately, now you have Zihao home, and to worry about the!”
  ”.Ok.”This sound, does not deserve refreshing Pei Naochun.
  ”Serving the!”I do not know which of his wife holding dish up, in accordance with the previous rules, the first disc is a cold dish, but this winter are big, and they do not pay attention, to start directly from the hard dish, a head, is the real deal braised trotters, the village do not pay attention to the wobble plate, the boss a dish, packed full, so come, what landed on the table.
  Pei Naochun not Dongkuaizi, eyes drift back, but can not see their own sons and daughters, daughter mother figure.
  ”Naochun, how can you not eat?”Big cousin told him not polite, direct clip of a chopstick bowl trotters go straight to his head lost,” Do n苏州夜网ot hesitate in my house, and who we Who.”
  ”No, I just think it Zihao and Xiao-ping.”He should casually.
  ”What do they pipe it?”Big cousin laughed, but also quite able to understand, not previously own cousin son, had finally, definitely miss the heart, he patted each other,” Do not worry, do so many people behind, they looked after the children, children, ah, open small table!”
  The village feast, has always been open to the children of the shelf, usually alongside Houchu, support tables, large table will be divided into small-cap dish out, the child uncertainty, generally eat a few mouthfuls, it will run around only need to look at the fee dessert, they do not want to run out of the herd.
  Pei did not intend Naochun first came, they dry out what unconventional thing he got from eating, but also get distracted from time to time, on several rounds of dishes on the table, began Pinjiu, he had a chance to look for, the name of the name of the toilet , immediately went to

anding in the village, after all, a former trade union official factory yard, use the service a lot of villages, although now resign, and can also fared okay.

  ”it is good.”Pei Naochun recognized it was his big cousin, then directly sat down two tables looks great, pleasant a table, has been filled, so swept away, full of hormones, two tables full of men, not a woman, holds many lessons have not serving, only flapping plastic tablecloth on the table, on which stood two stacks of melon seeds, peanuts, and put a handful of candy, people eating these, they start bragging.
  Yes, bragging, Xialiao, is the man on the table repertoire.
  ”Naochun, what are you working on speech rhetoric, can no苏州夜网t go back?”Great opening cousin asked, worried.
  ”Can not go back now grasp strict, gave birth to a second child, how can I go back.”He smiled and replied, half-hearts, but in that Houchu.
  Big cousin very mixed feelings: “Tell us, What sort of thing, yes, I heard people say, and now a lot of ways.”He in the village for a long time, heard too many,” but unfortunately, when raw Xiaoping, we have not got the idea.”He patted the thigh, very excited.
  Big cousin rare can say things forever: “You see people, pock, their home is bright, and had a daughter go out into the countryside to send, not on the first account, until after the birth to a son, to give money, care the daughter go on to someone’s home.”This is the first village on the account also do not pay attention, not to future generations what a birth certificate, hospita南宁夜网l birth is not even a paternity test, the top opening days of the village prove also, he heard many units people, is so dry, daughter to a lost country, if not the age to go to school, never used to worry about account problems.
  ”Nothing, now work is also very good.”Pei Naochun eye at heart, not able to accept the idea.
  Big cousin and said: “hey, after all, or unfortunately, your family Xiaoping If a male doll, what the problem is gone!”He worried for their own c

f a smile,” I hope you Naochun smoothly, the work on the outside, stable point make money.”

  The only bad thing, is it working, then if the first child is male, how can ther南宁桑拿e be so many problems.
  Wu Guizhi did not hold back: “If Xiaoping is a male baby, it may be not so eventful.”The heart of the somewhat biased, this grandson, the whole family is seeking to come, she does not blame what family planning, birth to a second child, but rather that there is a problem of gender granddaughter.
  ”Mom, that’s not such a reason.”Pei Naochun immediately retorted that he did not follow his mother’s words, saying only that” my resignation, but also along the crowd, two years factory efficiency is not very good, I went to a small town, we discover that there’s people development opportunities, than a lot of us.”
  Hearing this, Wu Guizhi immediately laughed: “It seems we Zihao foresight, in the stomach, was considered a good day out!”
  Too, Pei Naochun have nothing to say, but her daughter, down the hill.
  Into the n杭州桑拿洗浴ight, Kurtis village days are bright, the annual New Year’s Eve before the big day, people in the village, it will go to dinner with their relatives follow the large branch, like Pei Naochun home, the population is relatively small usually go to their own grandfather was the ancestral home – the house was inherited by the eldest son of the grandfather, his father, who were five brothers home system, will go there to eat, but other people, not less than the people in his family, like he great uncle, the system will symbiotic five sons, even if people did not go to their home, but also make up a house.
  According to past practice, the great uncle of people home for dinner, usually with some money to the county or town to buy some raw meat, big bone, and then sent Houchu, then cook, eat together simple, the main room is not wide, we put two 苏州夜网tables have been full to the brim.
  ”Come on, Naochun, sitting here.”Pei Naochun entered the room, people say hello, he was some st

the point, the rain was a done, so several other rooms of people talkin ‘, “as well as Linda, married into our old Ruan, that’s when the ancestors to look 南宁桑拿at, not seen Which elders had to attend a lecture to cook, eat when small thing incense!”

  Zhao Xiaoling holding chopsticks in hand a stiff, “Aunt, I’ll do tomorrow!”
  Nguyen rain that touches the heart of a large, clear her own grandmother cook, parents and brother a few people can eat a bowl, but their own mother and grandmother all care to this sake, if she did say, that can be a little blind white their thoughts the.
  Zhou Xiuying to finish with the rest of the words, “next week boss wife to do, to do enough after a week of people out of a three-bedroom every day, round the do!!”
  As a result, he said the house suddenly quiet down, Ai-Chi suddenly not convinced, how can she do first one week ah!
  She Gengzhuobozi rebuttal, “Mom!But I do hogwash!”
  Zhou Xiuying does not light looked pale Ai-Chi, “You do not hold anything agai上海夜网nst hogwash self-sufficient children, we do not find it too!”I can not be used to stir the eldest daughter of this family of fine.
  Forward child, is to look at unpalatable boss wife do this job falls to cook another two daughter who, Shirley and distressed rain, then still stupid, her cooking time can take care of som苏州夜网e of the private Today rain well, in that case directly put out, coming round the family!
  A person may be able to ward only Zhao Xiaoling, the rest are Zhiwangbushang, while the two-bedroom can only ROCKETS out three before many varieties!
  A three-bedroom casually carry out each of the players is cooking.
  This time, knowing that this is eccentric old lady three-bedroom Zhezi want, but they had no opportunity to say, his mouth is not bitter, Who they are a ward that fathers do!
  Ai-Chi also complaining, but was Nguyen Quoc years kick up, “do not eat are stuck on your mouth!”He angry, Ai-Chi suddenly quiet down.
  Nguyen rain silently eating his bowl of corn gooey, add the cor

almost exhausted all means, what ash water, thanks to the deities, children recipe, as long as there’s been asking, without her not to figure a way, I did not expect a survivor!

  She lo苏州夜网oked at his son’s eyes, can not wait turned into water: “We Zihao, really lucky star home.”She reminded her daughter,” In the future we Xiaoping, had better take good care of his brother, his brother grew up, it is your day!”
  Tangzhao Di does not feel right, then, for this it is her own lessons learned, you know, not at home when his brother, several flower Jinhua their sisters, every day is make fun of people,Mom at home in tears, temper and poor, with his brother after, her family was finally able to straighten backs, say, the family has no male and male is not the same, if something out of something, own brother to help too early!
  Pei Xiaoping hear Sidongfeidong, she knew was very important.
  Pei Naochun did not go, he bent over, picked up her look, gag, said: “We do the authors Xiaoping’s days I do not?As long as I make more money, after which it will be a problem?”
  By her husband say, Tangzhao Di also surprised a moment, only to feel some say may offend the authority of her husband, smiled and said: “Our family of course depends on you, I’m talking about what happened afterwards.”
  ”I’m still when, by me, if I had gone, she can rely on thei杭州桑拿r own.”Pei Naochun typical understatement,” just like you and mother Zhao Di, which is not work independently?I was not home, things at home, relying on everything you.”
  ”That’s not the same.”
  ”What’s the difference?”Pei Naochun immediately asked.
  Tangzhao Di just smiled, soldiers do not say anything, which of course is not the same, and there did not, but the difference in a day, one in the ground.
  ”This year ah, our family regarded proceeds smoothly, meet the Golden Sun, to see the old man in the sky, will be happy.”Wu Guizhi Jiecha, although her husband was gone, the pain can not take the time to see the Golden Sun was born, he died o