Chinese rose in the night

Rose night under open micro-letter moment, shines.Circle of friends someone pass a rare picture, under the bright city lights, beautiful rose through the darkness, let Yan Zi shine in the vast night sky, at this time I seem to smell the subtle fragrance of the night , the mood in the dense overflowing.    Night holiday, I can not help out outdoor, reeling walk in the night, the street lights Yi Cai stream flowing in my eyes, in my feet, full of rainbow Road extension with forward; forward.People walked from my side, coming and going, the young lovers cling to each other slowly forward, always sweet to hang on their faces, smiling flower; flowers such as smiling, the same feelings of happiness, let me in and their hearts are very close distance.Not a little too much, I came to the white river city, river wind slightly; cleaned up the dark Stir wind drift, a variety of lights, changing the color shining, lamplight reflected in the river, seeing in these circumstances, I and shy for their amazing, because, rarely go out in the night, I actually do not know the city they live in is quietly changing.I slowly laid-back line, looking at the lights in the river Jiang Sheng, the hearts involuntarily thrown from the minds of the Song Dynasty Hou Meng of the word “Linjiangxian”: “Who is not willing to believe and Kozo, now square meter track name.Carpenter painting describe unprovoked good, fine, leveraging when, in one fell swoop into the sky..”In the Night, it was undoubtedly the most beautiful queen of flowers rose, though, I see the countenance of flowers, but the kind of subtle fragrance of flowers is always with me, romantic summer, accompanied by flowers, regardless day; no matter the night, rose unique charm, always was bad, and that the yellow rose; the white rose; the red rose, flowers are blooming, all of them charming, no wonder the Song Dynasty poet Xu Ji issue so laments “: who made the creation unbiased place, there is a world to live alone was spring.”.Looked easy step to full satisfaction of flowers young men and women play selfie, Xianbu to blossom in me, naturally more difficult to suppress their emotions, pulling out the phone up Kuangpai..    Beautiful rose in the night, but quietly changing the home more beautiful, in the coming days, beauty will always keep me company..    Lu Siu Hang

By remaining silent instead of all

Author wanted to say: Do you remember when in 2010, then slowly contact with the text, because I am very happy that time flies all day, so then slowly fell in love with words!So there is a saying in the book: the characters fall in love with the children mostly unhappy!Why am I writing to reach out, because I grew unhappy period!Whether in childhood or adolescence, I was very quiet at that time because of poor grades, not only were contemptuous teacher at the school, was also bullied by classmates, also home to parents scolded!At that time I did not have a friend, we all despise me.Poor grades, not the child’s fault!So parents, if the child is not doing well, not forcing the children to learn, you can go to develop his hobby!Children poor grades, the teacher should not blow, the parents do not scold, more mischievous students should not to bully people, because then blow to a child, it is very difficult to bear!- His words fall in June 2015 No. 7 was created in October 2010 Number 13: applebeibeiQQ: 263 532 465 where the world’s darkest places?Is a person’s heart, alcohol in the stomach, something in my heart, as if separated by a layer among the total, no matter how much wine to drink will not go up Yandao heart.  The beginning of life is just the end of a long written, we are with the doll line toward ending that written running all the way, until – dead end.    Silian not their own, the pain can not take care of themselves, the results can not be self-created, since I can not be happy.Fortunately, love is not everything, but fortunately all is not love.Some things have been warm and beautiful gesture freeze, stay in my memory.    I walked on the loose, memories have faded, tired of watching it, lighting is dim, and she listens to sleep.Heart stopped beating, woke up I kept thinking, thoughts are in turmoil, my world is too quiet, too quiet to hear your own breathing.  A sincere person with another person’s lie, a man of passion with another person’s indifference, a person concentrate with another person’s perfunctory, a person’s pay plus the plunder of another person, but in how plus two does not equal.    Insomnia habit, the habit still of the night, a man accustomed to listening to music in the room holding the domesticated hen bears sleep alone, used to silence, accustomed to the kind of wound pain in my heart a little bit of spread.    A man’s world really quiet, cold to add their own coat, hungry to buy their own bread, to buy their own bottles of water thirsty, sick, give yourself a strong, she cried give yourself a smile, the pain give yourself a cigarette.Failed to give yourself a target, fell to climb up in the pain, give yourself a hug.Yes!I was always a man, you can not from my world to.    I used to wait in reincarnation, I could not resist standing waiting origin.I do not know how much longer I can see an answer, I do not know how long I can hold on to wait for a result, long for very weak, it is because I do not see long for results, it is not long for a certificate to give , to prove that it ever existed.    I like to repeat at some time listening to a song, listen to a song on behalf of my heavy heart, this is the song I was listening to this kind of mood, feeling of numbness, pain, and later had no feeling to numb the pain, too much pain, too much pain because ? the beginning of winter, snow, snow; winter solstice, Osamu, Big Chill.    In the lonely winter can not meet the second and lonely man, walking alone alone alone sing shopping alone watching the dark night ·

By my life near you

A father from his hometown called and asked me: you do not move the company also recruit cleaners or something, you see, I do not go to the line?Neither you nor I have a care immediately give up his idea, firmly told him: people do not want more than fifty years old!Besides people early move over, no shortage of people!This father sadly hung up the phone.Blame me speak out of turn, spoken long ago and my mother called, the company has a lot of old lady to candidates cleaners.Who knows inadvertently chat actually reached the ears of his father, so he sprouted a desire to come to candidates.Luckily he think of this idea, I can not afford to lose this person.Besides, I had come to Beijing just to far away from his father, to save him all day I do not look pleasing to the eye.But I did not expect this unpleasant conversation became my father’s last communication, not a half a month, I suddenly heard from her, she refrained grief as much as possible with a calm voice told me: children, you come back trip it, your dad he did not.I sat on the night train back home, the way the ear is full of train bang bang sound, shook his heart tight.This direction is so many years I have been to resist, I had to go far away from the over and over again in this direction, just as his father did not want to forgive.Two of my father’s feelings and has been bad, compared to her sister’s cute, childhood naughty I do not always like his father.There is no way he dealt with cultural issues always simple and rude, the time of childhood, of her father’s beatings for me has long been commonplace.A child, my mother secretly took fifty cents to buy candy on the table, after the father knew was furious, pushed me in the white picket fence, picked up the belt go out into the hands of my body pumping, showed no Jiehen ground scolded: how I raised you such a disappointing thing, I see you later still dare steal!Wide and thick belt hit the body is intolerable pain, distressed mother was in tears at the side, took my call: kids, fast, and your dad admit you were wrong!Or was I just bit his lip with his teeth tightly not utter a word.After graduating from junior high school, I did not enter a key high school, will be given a free hand reported a vocational school, I think anyway, but it is not the father heart of the Phoenix bird, why waste money at home to see his father’s face, not as early to make money out of this house.In the ethos that poor schools, girls usually most of the time wasted re-dress, I had not been spared.The first time you come home from school, I think wore a very stylish blond hair, did not enter the house, all the way across furious to see his father came toward me, despite my resistance and shouting, all of a sudden I picked up to drag home.He pointed to the mirror makeup, I shouted: You look at what you are now ghosts, students do not study hard at home, thinking all day!I sneer in my heart, I thought this is not thanks to you, you also cursed me when I can think of, so I thought, thus revealing his face expression of disdain.Unrepentant father to see me the way, grabbed the flashlight on the table with anger toward my knees would not know the severity smashed down.I slowly looked swollen knees, as if this is not a piece of meat from his father who fell like, my heart suddenly into a desolate.Perhaps that moment, I swear I’ll never forgive my father.After three since then, even though the weekend I live in the school did not come home.I was mad to learn, this is the only way I can think of that time away from his father.Mother only every other period of time to put money to school topic between us are always bypass the father.Mother looked at me horrendous thin, distressed straight tears, she can do is put more money in front of me insisted refused to go home, his mother said: children, do not feel bad money, business is still your dad now Yes, they are not short of money.I listened, I thought one day I will earn a lot of money, used his father’s money a dime a minute I will be back to him, at that time, my father and two clear of the bar.Except perhaps my own, no one thought at a vocational school dawdle I can go to college.Can be thousands of miles from home, I really appreciate the taste of homesick.Dorm sisters are often distant parents holding the phone and talking heart to heart, only me, even to call home, and his mother only say a few words to hang, I’m afraid my father would suddenly received a telephone call, the kind Mohuazhaohua the atmosphere will only make both ends of the phone feel embarrassed.Year, when only the New Year I will go home, often at home for a few days I did not go back to school right again.I have used the extra time to work, earn money in addition to tuition, I will save a little bit with, two clear of the oath I have never forgotten.After graduation, while working and living difficulties, but I persuaded mother, she insisted to stay in Beijing.I secretly vowed, as long as there is food to eat here, I would never go back.Four just did not think that winter in the financial crisis, I unfortunately lost his job.I was going to stay in Beijing Spring Festival to continue looking for work, the mother may suddenly called: children, home for the holiday it, you want your dad say.I thought a move, this is the first time I can remember my father wanted to hear.But I hesitated and did not go back, thinking their own pair of abjection appearance, at home do not know how to have been the father of blame it.New Year’s Eve the night before, I was in a small rented house vaguely heard out there knock on the door, opened the door, the father and mother, the two are carrying large bags standing at the door, I can not stay in front of believe my eyes, it would be far away from their parents how I came specially and New Year?This is the great promise of Beijing and how they just relying address on the envelope to find me?Mother whispered to me: your dad this time talking about the old heart is not practical, have to come and see.I turned to look busy in the kitchen of his father, his father seems to no longer be the year that I grimace towards the man, where he rickets waist look at slightly difficult to cut the vegetables, his mouth still humming a ditty, my heart I do not know what it’s like.During that time, my mother and I talk, my father always pretended to cough twice, say you Nianger Liang Well, I go for a walk, you can often see him linger for a long time in the next, yet leave out.In fact, during that time his father’s body on to worse, just careless I only care about looking for a job, but do not know his father is ill and dragged all the way to Beijing to see me.After five to go home to see his mother, the mother seemed much older overnight, she kept repeating over and over again to my father before I left has been reluctant to sleep, he was waiting for me to go home.Although sad heart, but I comfort his mother: my sister had sent him away, he can be considered no regrets, anyway, not my dad sent me a.He listened to me, never played my mother gave me a harsh slap in the face, not bad you?Children, these words can really hurt your ears, ah!You know, your dad is you Zuiteng!You vocational school on those years, your dad is not good business, family life is very tight, but he always let me give you some money to, sometimes you can not eat a meal a few months younger sister meat.Children, your dad hurt the How about you.The original when I hated my father, my father still been thinking about me.Mother told me: you grew up naughty than the average child, stubborn temper, you do not learn to see your dad was anxious ah, which Dangdie hurt their children?Your dad was a child too spoiled by your grandfather, not love school, seventeen-year-old came out giving the coolies, your dad is afraid of you more detours ah!I quietly finishing his father’s possessions, in the bottom drawer of his father, neatly stacked letters I had written to his mother’s college, I played with trembling hands attached to the face, as if on top of that there is the father of breath that choking smell of smoke, and that love is thick, I could not help but let my tears flow down.From small to large, I always felt disdain for the simple rude way of doing things his father, originally, under the discipline of his father’s rough unreserved love.But I never tried to look closer, seeking only their own feelings and let yourself get rid of like a kite string, and farther away from him.I know, never left his father’s love, as long as I turn around, it can be tightly hug.

By: My favorite Ho

The first chapter for a long time did not write something, so I started to become vulgar life.But I am grateful to life, it makes me so lucky I met you, you give love and care slowly infiltrated my life.Honey, do not laugh at me, though hypocritical language sometimes pale, but this is what I can give you the best return.Remember when we first met, first conversation, the first time sent me back to the dorm, my first kiss, those eyebrows are still feeling the presence of mind deep.Not be blessed from the beginning, my friends opposition, now close friends of envy, I am not questioning the feelings between us, it is also deeply there.I remember reading one sentence: What is love?Love is infinite tolerance and inclusiveness.So my dear, thank you have been tolerant of me, my bad temper, my wayward, my stubborn.There are many ways of love, ways to express love in the same lot, every day, I do not need sweet talk, do not need a large bunch of roses, I do not need your efforts dressed manservant, but does not require the commitment of eachother, I want the only one my heart loves it!So far we are very happy, even if occasionally quarrel, but I clearly know such happiness for us just right.My dear, although I have complained to me that you have not bought a gift, you are not high enough to complain about not handsome, but I love you like I love you so.I also have rotting bear in the past, you can not get rid of them altogether, no smoking, no pub, no staying up all night, and not ambiguous man entangled.It is often said the most stupid woman in love most naive, because I think happiness can only be so be it.  The second chapter you sometimes too proud, childish, Xiong Baba sometimes talk to me, but I love is this you.I bought a couple of shirts, so we can put it on the streets, let others cast envious eyes, often this time I was delighted, I feel so good to have you around.Every time I get sick, you are rough on me while I took the side to the infirmary, I’m cheeky Shuaqi my shameless, I took the opportunity to let you back.Well, you always find it too although I am a little fat, I forgive you, because hello a few times I would sneak in the heart curse.You start to get busy work, a lot of pressure, you are trying to do everything, to come up with results, you can always take less than one, though I can not help you a favor, but I have in the eyes.I know you are working hard for the enterprising, motivated people.From the company came home from work, you never forget to kiss me, I know you’re a careful man, see you sometimes tired look, I am very distressed.In your home from work to give you something delicious nourishing food, and my heart silently absorb nutrients faster ah, let my dear point gain weight.Chi Chi, you have to be lucky to see it, I can be silly now.I said I was duplicity woman, you are no exception, while annoying chatters say I’m fat, she asked me what I eat to eat Buy Now.You see, we all love each other so.I did not find a job, but you always said let me take home reared, how could I so naive, you let a man struggling to take care of me.Sometimes life can be really unsatisfactory, we only have to work harder.  Chapter 3, July 1, we adopted a golden retriever from your friends, hot afternoon we take the car for a long time and only then the dog home.I know, you did for me this thing on the mind.Dogs over 4 months old, very clever, very obedient.I took the dog named Pippi, do not want it to me so lazy, mischievous point.During the day you are at work, no time to take care of it, I have a person to speak with me at home Pippi.It is good. I play with the computer, it is always lying at my feet.You hurt Pippi, coming back from work will always take it out for a walk, it starts to get picky eaters, do not eat rice, dog food too late to see me eat looked on helplessly, not to smell it eat, hey, really Nansi Hou’s master.I’m bored nothing to love to photograph it, and then spread to space, ha ha, it also, like me, love smug job.We have 100 days to the anniversary, it will be with us for the whole week, I will be more hurt you and Phi Phi oh.  Tomorrow is the fourth chapter we commemorate the 100 days, my plan: ① booked in advance to a cake, write a special blessing.② cook at night and you do it with a good dinner ③ shot put on our lovers and Phi Phi?Photos, a big show our affection.④ give you a mysterious little gift ⑤ with you to bring our old place to play Pippi.⑥ put this article to you.Chi Chi, the United States think hearts are dead.So if you see this, you must remember to give me a big hug, here all my intention to write down a little bit.In subsequent days, no matter what will happen tomorrow, I will still be there for you.In my best years there, bearing in mind our love!So I thank you for the love and tolerance, I will take seriously the feelings, as well as around you!

By light, each one time

The impression of those fragments, little by little re-re, miniature, leaving in the next life.  Memory of the clarity of the sky, and beautiful, and lonely…  –sissy﹏ time film carefully collect every moment a casual, blurred images continue to emerge, the heart, the slightest trace, thrown tender.  Memory, was shelved in a corner.  Is never-ending journey of life, whispering purple Ding under the stars, even have the urge to cry.  Spilled tears fill Rye.  The seas gang dry, rock melts, only I, but also have not changed.  Once exchange each other’s feelings, but it is years can never be recovered fairy tale.  With a waiting a find, a mere touch, the same weight can penetrate the eyes of life.  Even if you do nothing, in my eyes, it has consonance spend a happy look…    Memory lane my heart has always had a secret, the secret to the whole world come alive.  A person doing all the things that mouth showing clear smile, pure color drawing dream reality.  In this case, at the moment.That time, that hour.  Tight-lipped smile, engraved fleeting.Floating down time, see the clouds look back.  Years away, can not take away is the heart of obsession.Displaced firefly, is blazing desire.  Life, going around in circles, back to square one.  The impression of those fragments, a little bit of recovery, miniature, leaving in the next life.  Memory clarity of the sky, and beautiful, and lonely.    Scenery fleeting newly sprung lotus leaf, SJ strewn embankment.  Go past the light mottled shadows of the trees, the world’s most precious good, vigorous growth has been slow but steady.  Undulating emotions, floating in the air, heavy lingering.  Night limp walk, gorgeous dream, frequently look back, gently weaving memory.  Half-curtain You Meng Wah years, but since a bank of lilies.  Write fleeting, dye ink Dreams.Raving clear Huan, incense time.  Gently timely and memory storage, cross-strait years, been there, never changing appearance.As earthly noise hidden springs, translucent clarity.. Clove cloves diary mind mottled, weathered collection oath.  No greater distances, I’m here, you’re here, separated by insurmountable gully.  Right close horizon, a bank of lilies.  Once again missed, friend spend with each other, across life and death, but the two do not meet.  Wanton dumping, alone conceal miss.  Time will not again, life has too many unexpected surprise.  Forget the day in memory of the light and shadow recovery, restructuring, root.  Not in the habit farewell, the long life, if there is such a person, for a long time to turn around with you forever, encounter?    Comfort go hand in hand for a burgeoning, it was annihilation at the passage of time.  I lit my own loneliness with words.  A touch of warmth, no matter where it comes from, is a kind of consolation.  Streamer broken shadow, every detail hidden intoxicating content.  Coffee thick, full of mood, a person, not alone.  Set foot on the promenade memories, walk, look for.  Gently stroking his own shadow, quietly saying something.  The original sexual gratification with a person, that person turned out to be everywhere.  Truly present in the life of every corner.  No matter what time, no matter where they are, with their own, like a shadow, always together.    My Heart Will Go On time such as water, quiet flowing flashy vicissitudes of life, as well as that of the steady warmth…  Horizon clouds, facing us, shadowing the miss, shadowing the time.  Thoughts, go hand in hand, can not rejoice in the spring sunshine in.Melancholy, spread in this unforgettable China.  Way back in time and space and downs, thoughts tumble.  Sun placed in an instant, the mind slowly melting in river.  With tidal waves, sea glass.

By leaps and bounds beyond the dreams

June 29, 2014, on the 30th, we have the identity of a director of a Union Life Insurance, the multi-purpose hall in Urumqi SOUTH CHINA – Hotel participated in a spectacular, unforgettable Union Life Insurance half summary of the annual meeting, and will start the second half, and finally also involved in a very humbling, the awards ceremony….This is a representative, challenging, remote training camp in charge of Xinjiang.They set up for every life insurance industry in the elite A look back at history, look to the future, set goals and achieve a dream platform, indeed, massive, magnificent, beyond offensive, fierce competition in every aspect, instant make you feel living in this industry has a great sense of honor, a sense of wealth, and happiness, but also shoulder a positive and optimistic challenge.    Accompanied by sweet music, a pair of handsome men and beautiful women two hosts frequent appearances, they introduced one by one come to attend the Congress leaders and elites from different camps clothes, as well as various agencies Xinjiang leaders, first of all by the Union Life insurance company Li Wei, general manager of Xinjiang Branch opening address, he summed up the Xinjiang Triangle outstanding results in the first half, indicating magnificent second-half goals.”Triangle market Xinjiang years’, indicating stable united foundation, Raoyou product features, worthy of the trust, the excellent performance of various agencies of Xinjiang, a new era of the times, follow the new plan of the Corporation, good policy, Blue Ocean strategy Triangle leading step by step, all the glory and fruits, have become history, facing the fire Sheng July, our Union will become increasingly stronger, bigger, to do better, our performance will be months May first fight, won the first prize every year.. Elite soldiers in the audience to listen carefully, take notes and occasionally, applause, cheers, one after another, a Union Life Insurance AI Jun, general manager of Zheng Jianglong and Urumqi branch managers are all delivered a warm speech, and give each mechanism for hopes and expectations.In the analysis of leadership, implementation, under the guidance of a solid, such as fine style of work hard, let us here, deeply shocking, new decade, new dreams, grasp the opportunity, do not waste resources, and keep up with the rhythm of the company, will enjoy the best quality of treatment, and make sure ” Teng pole peak contention honor, save to shed blood ” ” ‘view of the sea together across, glory’ “.United my family, united dream, my dream.Management team dream, the dream of the creation of wealth, access to the respect dreams, to achieve high-quality dream, the dream of self-worth, do not live up to the dream, to own strength across growth, ready to go, I united my family, my dreams I task.Enjoy good policy is superior system, listen to the voice line, build the foreseeable future, no regrets in Triangle.    Now that the dream of self-worth ,, no turning back, resolutely choose united, then we have to take a good solid sound in this industry every step, hundred percent target, method infinite wisdom to double revenue and more spectacular, the concept of success and failure, , hard work is not lazy, opportunity, the method can not be ignored.Not the hero’s life, we must be cast as heroes in this piece of fertile soil full of sun.We grow together with the Union ” Union ” a fresh word in the wind and waves, sailing, passionate active positive energy Sabian country thousands of miles, to forge ahead, the shock waves rose from the crowd and journeyed.    Listening to the leaders one by one to explain, we have mixed feelings, thoughts tumbling, let us once again excellent knowledge and understanding of the Triangle, Triangle’s growth across Triangle, Triangle breakthrough, success and victory always belongs to dare to struggle and courage of people, with good momentum in July, a wave of hopes and expectations after another, I seem to hear the audience of soldiers whispering ” we are united today, and struggle together, united in a rough ride of Lulu’s, overflowing with flowers, Xiangpiao Miles, took first place.’ “

By landed gentry hat (two outside)

Something borrowed hat landed gentry soil fiscal guy, going to a friend’s birthday, a full-dress, and sent a Covered child hat.He asked to be seven wave card at home, there are sub-Coral Gables top official hat ancestors.Then, write a note, called the Little housekeeper borrow.Small housekeeper took note, seven card door to wave it high throat big voice roared: wave seven cards at home it?At this time, the wave seven card is round the back garden Ru grass, I heard someone call his name, quickly ran out.Saw that it was a small guy soil fiscal steward standing in the doorway, Pompous, looked around.We asked: What do the card to find the seven wave?My lord find you borrow hat.There is a note, you take Kanma!Then, Alice mouth, waved the note.Wave seven card I thought: This guy Gouzhangrenshi, I wave seven cards, did you shout.Do not give you a little loss eat, you do not know the child is the iron pot.Pause for a while, it would be for young steward said: You got it wrong, right!It is written above by a mill, how side-tracked by the hat go up.Small housekeeper heard hesitated and said: I heard wrong, is borrowed hat.Clearly written on the paper mill is borrowed, I do not believe, you know, come home and asked to borrow.Seven card wave hit him head-on a stick.Butler is a small pole fell down not recognize the word of the people, by the sudden sweep to fight Sap carried away.Really a basket eggplant melon left a basket Basket (hard) the right basket (hard), I do not know what to do.Finally, do anything, but to reply with a wave of seven cards, the mill back back.One hundred kilos heavier the weight of a small mill housekeeper Khan Flows, stone back to back with great difficulty, and delivered a reply wave seven cards.Choi earth guy opened the letter and saw above wrote: come to call me wave seven cards, penalty back stone as punishment, to borrow a hat then, the mill rate return home.After reading the letter, the soil fiscal guys feel laughed, again small butler inquire about the situation, it discovered offended wave seven cards, then asked the butler small stone swift return, calling him Mr. seven card wave.In this way, only then borrowed back hat.Lazy story Once there was a slob, do not twist cross grass at home, do not take the vertical grass, dined on roast sun, sleeping like a dead snake, like, do not bother to move move about.He was too lazy too lazy wife, a fit of anger one day to go back home.That day, lazy sleep Rishangsangan slowly climb out of bed, feeling hungry, you touch the kitchen, and saw no wisdom for ready to eat, do not bother to light a fire to cook, and who feel cold, slowly moved to the door , sitting on the threshold against the sun baked.At this time, a barber came, saw lazy hair long, dark beard, and asked: elderly, you do not shave their heads shaved?Lazy eyes open just a crack to see Barber, motionless, not even bother to open the chamber.Barber thought, this man does is a paralytic or dumb?He put the lazy head shaved, his beard shaved.Lazy still do not see the move does not speak up, you’ll get some food into the house himself arrived shave money.When we go out, he helped myself to spend a lazy wife’s veil to lazy bag on his head, lest he be shaved bald sun pain.His face bare, his head wrapped in a veil of flowers lazy, or sitting in front of the sun baked.Then, again a woman selling talcum powder rouge.She saw lazy, thought it was a woman, and asked: sister, you buy talcum powder, rouge buy it?Still too lazy lazy lazy speak up.And I said: here today to open a sheet, made it a highly profitable market!So she gave lazy rushed face powder, put on some rouge.Lazy eye do not bother to open any of her mercy.The woman lazy to dress up is over, you go get yourself some food into the house to go.While, came a thief.The thief only see this woman at the door, she came to him, tentatively asked: sister, I am afar passer, to saliva Drink!Lazy heard, still collapse eyelids too lazy to speak, do not bother to move move.See a thief, I thought this sister was asleep, I thought, this is really the best opportunity to start!So he went into the house to lazy at home all the valuable things stuffed into a large pocket, from carrying around in a big lazy to go.

By knife

Qianlong, Town Gong County magistrate called spiked, after forty, fat head and big ears, small eyes should be diluted.He boasts that he is a veteran official, can settle down.Press down on the top apportion search, he mostly perfunctory, drag the yellow trouble.  Recently, he has encountered a Kaner, Choude answered the mood.It turned out to be pro-JAC governor Yuan Shijun Town County to patrol, sent word through before leaving, to two thousand two hundred silver-owned road.He knew it was directed just to the income tax silver.This year’s poor harvest, the people gave the four townships have largely been squeezed, then pressed no way out.How to do?  That day in the evening, he was depressed after the church, runners to report that there is dressed young scholar to ask to see classic.He upset not want to see, then it can be a: could there be something Xiangqiu?You may have the proceeds.He told parlor.  Come twenties, although the dress was a scholar, but a look ferocious, blood red eyes.Gong spiked somewhat nervous because, can beheld a man holding a long wooden box mounted precious calligraphy and painting, he flew to the spirit.Haha, nothing goes to the temple, this man backing.He invited people to sit drinking tea.The man unceremoniously, Duanwan sit down to drink, then wiped his mouth with the cuff, declared his intentions, I have come to something of adults by magistrate.  Gong spiked one jumped up, pointed a finger twitching come Q: What did you say?He thought this was to send something, but rather by how he never imagined things.A civilian population dared to borrow something to detract from the county magistrate, not crazy or want to live.He was about to call people to win this person, this person is not the anti-lock throat shot, this thing I borrowed a set!  Gong spiked too, that the strongman met, do not have to give in losing your life.He was unable to pronounce the sound, had trembling nod.The man let go of the hand pinch his throat, telling him that he would like to take the waist coming to a decision.He hesitated, pointed to a picture on the wall behind him.The man tore past painting, open hidden behind dark painted cabinet, remove the knife, then drew his sword scabbard, and the alignment table iron candlestick brandished a knife pixia.Just listen whizzed crisp, uniform iron candlestick split in two from top to bottom, look edge, intact.Well-deserved reputation, really good knife!The man lamented, the knife put into the wood box in his long, troubled road sound, walk out.  When the emperor that year to patrol the outskirts hunting County Town, is chasing a hare single ride alone into the woods.Gong spiked up just escorting see no one, saw a snake in the back juke channeling toward the emperor.He rattled his sword slash toward the snake, rolled edge knife cut on the tree section.He escorting the emperor reward meritorious, the player has given his waist, the words engraved on the knife Queen VIII.I think today was captive strongman.  Gong spiked wondering, strongman said that by the mouth, where there is likely to return!He did not know what to do with this knife, and if it were involved in the murder knife, then the Queen on the knife VIII will let him not get away.Besides, was found on top of the plaque was also lost to the Code of think of this, all of a sudden he’s bodice all wet.  Nervously survive a few days, one morning, he entered the hall, stood on stage to see the stars head case.He trembled before Minato closer look, it is recognized head JAC governor Yuan Shijun, he immediately fainted two black.He woke up, runners announce his After investigation, the governor cut-adult head is very neat, the weapon must be cut iron drunk Blade.He listened and almost fainted.The runners can be a reminder so that he did not dare to dizzy.Runners say, if not report the case to the judicial department as soon as possible, there is a suspicion of harboring the perpetrators, the magistrate adults Qinjuan and under must be affected.He Yi Gulu get up, and quickly wrote the merits of the submissions, sent rushed to the capital.  In fact, the judicial department has received reports of escaped Yuan Shijun followers, saying that met the governor and his party reaches adult Town, County Ground robbers, guards have flocked to the front and fight all the robbers, the robbers do not watch out is a loophole slipped into chair, the governor cut off the heads of the adults away.That the robbers left, toward the bright light entourage knife.Zhaotingmingguan where the victim, punishment of vibration, and now, Town magistrate and declare Yuan Shijun heads appear in Town county government, the Board of Punishments great feeling strange case, immediately sent high-ranking officials went to survey the investigative County Town.See the name of high-ranking officials, named odd, puffy face, smiling tiger look.He looked at the bodies of followers back to the Yuan Shijun, but also the actions Yuan Shijun inquiries along the way, then rushed to the County Town.  See Gong spiked, see the odd horse smiles, says survey when he came to the incident, as if outside the Town County community, the governor Yuan Gong murder case and the magistrate should have little, no need to worry Gong magistrate the court was punishment.This remarks to Gong spiked relieved, he kowtow Zuo Yi to see the odd horse, moved to tears, offer a gift of silver two thousand.Originally, he was reluctant out of the money, but now involves murder him, and he had to spend the original capital misfortunes.See horse looked odd silver, smile froze, then as of ice-like smile faded a little bit.Gong met with spiked heart clench, cursed: horse see this odd kind Gouguan surface, but under the knife mercilessly, twelve hundred too few, how much you want to fill him ah.He had to squeeze laughs Zuo Yi, and even less prepared to say today, just take care of these, tomorrow another honor.  The next day, Ma odd to see the investigative grounds, with people over the county turn, saw shops and well-off people on the barge, said someone reported there hid the perpetrators to kill the governor, search, turn, beating, smashing , and made ruined and straight so much noise when the family took out 520 silver gold as collateral relented.Pro, caught on the street just a few of the innocent poor when the suspect, the county government thrown into jail.  At night, see odd horse walked Xianbu, turned into the county government after the Church.Gong spiked had readied 1200 silver, shining white pile on the table.See glanced at the odd horse silver, faint smile, cynical to say that today raided rewarding, it was said a man seen from the county government lent a knife.Gong spiked heard a scare, he speculated set is odd to see the horse had secretly pressed runners, and asked to borrow a knife to do strongman.  And then see the odd horse and pressing harder and harder, Yuan said the governor’s head had apparently been cut by extraordinary weapon, there is this extraordinary weapon in the Town of the county, I am afraid you are the only magistrate Gong.Gong spiked cry day rush, Lianhu wronged, he dare say, why adults do key governor.See the odd horse sneered, governor Yuan Road all the way to receive funding, appreciable gains, pours, inevitably arouses envious, heart murder of birth.He suffered Gong spiked breath, pressed the emperor coming to a decision what sword, such as take no, he had to Gong magistrate on suspicion of the crime of murder Chaotingmingguan speak to the Board of Punishments.Gong spiked paralyzed, he was about to see the end of horse Qiche clothes soft, promised to buy life with all family-owned, Suddenly the door runners briefing, asked to see a merchants.  See the odd horse listened hopping Rangjiao: he how he came into the hospital?I guard those doing?I had not told anyone not to enter this moment the door opened and a dashing young burly, face fierce air, holding a long wooden box man stepped into the house.He looked odd to see the horse arch hand over, like a mockery said: horse adult escort waited at the front door, it is due.I did not go door, came over the wall.He turned Gong spiked hand over: Laid to borrow the next object to a magistrate adults.Gong spiked early recognized that this is the last time strongman to borrow a knife, he was hated and said: Last time you kidnapped the sword coming to a decision, which led me by the murder involved, but also by Ma Man Who Was not see these goals are ambitious and want what causing me!  To humanity: It was only in the Town County magistrate adults have, is coming to a decision sword.The words came out, spiked Gong Qi and Ma were aghast to see.They see Shaleng, the man do it yourself.He had ripped off the wall paintings, open the dark cupboard, removed a knife from the inside.His sword scabbard, Queen VIII the words engraved on the knife impressively into the head.The man also handed the knife Gong, in front of two horses, let them identify a moment, and then insert the knife into the sheath, put in a long wooden box.Then the guard who flocked in, that person is a dwarfish body jump to the window, he looked back and said sound disturbed, floating fly away.WWW.5aigushi.COM Gong spiked never dreamed, was abducted last knife still being dark cupboard, it must have been stolen strongman sent back, and then he sent to borrow, trying to do it?See more frustrating horse odd, I thought pressed out from the mouth runners sword has been taken away if true, not wanted in the sword in the county government, but was abducted in his eyes strongman, who guard again They came to witness this scene critical juncture, just to throw a knife Gong spiked to blame excuse the officer’s head, seeing the hand of million consistent money so wasted.Even more frightening is that captive strongman knife exactly what to do, could there have to assassinate Zhaotingmingguan?He felt a chill on his neck birth.

By killing cattle

Chenjiazhuang a man named Lin Feng Jiao’s powerful wife, is a generation harden hand poison in the name of the wedding less than a year, she put her husband rushed outside to earn money, and then they tortured her mother at home.She tortured her mother very special way, not for cooking three meals a day to nurse her, but to her home the other end to put big bull.Mother of small stature, and senile, while the other end of the big bull big height force my temper stubborn, just like every mother in cattle suffer punishment, she will not pull cattle, but was pulled cattle ran the place.Finally, her mother really can not stand, and ran out of his son’s new home to the old man lived in a house.Wind Johnson saw her mother ran, very angry, thinking, no matter where you go, in short, to make the big bull to follow you, you just do not want to be trampled to death you dragged to his death, which is called by killing cattle.So wind Johnson again led the cattle go to the old house, she said to her mother: Mom, you move to live in the old house I have no objection, but the cow still have to give you, I’m there every day laundry, light a fire, do farm work , toes, no time for cattle.Finished speaking, and regardless of her mother 答应不答应, the big bull of a series into a tree in front of the house, and sped away on a.Nanbian her mother, she knew no match for the powerful wife, stroking back and had a large bull, and I hope it made some crazy strength after less.But the beast understand where people say it?This morning, old lady holding big bull grazing on a nearby hillside, the big bull suddenly saw in front of heifers, raised his head just bolted past, the old lady caught off guard, was thrown far away, suddenly unable to move.The villagers are busy divvying carried her to a clinic in the village.Feng Jiao heard that her mother was hurt, very happy, hypocritically I went to the clinic to see.But to a clinic she could not be happy, the original mother’s life is not right, but spent several hundred dollars for medical expenses, which is a few hundred dollars all owned wind Jiao burden.There are even more angry Feng Jiao it, because her mother fell and legs need to rest for a long period of time, not from cattle, and cattle had the task fell on her own body.Wind Johnson sour mood, bad attack, begins with the cattle pen the other end to pull out the big bull, took the whip hit a ball, while also playing side of the curse: the damn thing, I told you to get into trouble, I tell you that trouble was beaten cow pain, a sudden run forward, Feng Jiao are not careful, a reel is pulled down to the ground, next to watch the people saw him, laughing.Since then, more wind Johnson hated her mother, she began looking for new ways to torture her mother.On this day, the wind put Johnson finished cattle back cattle lost in a poplar at the west wing wall of the old house to recover, she’ll get straw for cows.When she took the straw back, the other end of the big bull was found on the walls of the west wing of Cabei, suddenly friends of friends suddenly, the walls polished ringing.The original hot day, cattle break full of mosquitoes, which bite can not stand, rub itch on the wall.This has given rise to even rub Johnson inspired the wind, she suddenly thought, why not put the cattle after line here, rub it every day, one day put this to wipe down the wall, so that you can run over that old fool of the.You know, this is an old house in the late 1970s to repair adobe houses, already dilapidated due to disrepair, especially in the west wing of the wall, above the wind and rain erosion was bumpy, where withstand this big bull head every day to rub it?So Feng Jiao regard the Department of cattle a day here, the cattle long rope more freely, every time I go when cattle also look carefully and see how polished the.One day, two or three days on the wall of white scratches constantly widening, deepening, it seems that before long, this old fool doomsday is coming.But at this critical juncture, Feng Jiao her parents there is some children do, she times her parents two days.On the third day come back early in the morning, she could not wait to run into the old house, to see how progress scratches on that wall.The immediate scene to her surprise, the cow next to the west wing was gone, the Department of cattle Waibo poplar gone, and that block is polished cow a large white wall thickness sized more than a wood, the wall holding up firmly Dangdang.Approached look, leather or green wood that’s it, is it not a poplar tree trunk system of cattle it?Who pulled by cattle, cattle Department again saw the tree to do?Feng Jiao very angry, and ran to the old house and asked her mother: cow it?In the backyard.Mother answered.She ran to the backyard to look, and sure enough, there was a large bull leisurely eating grass.She questioned her mother back to: Department of the cattle in the backyard, let others steal it good?Mother disgust cross her, she no longer ignore, laundry holding basin to the outside.Johnson had the wind to inquire about others, turned out, she was gone after her mother has been able to get out of bed to walk, she saw the cow tied next to the west wing, the walls were rubbed a large, startled, then put her a one thousand nephew called and the cows to the backyard, a tree cut down again, made the one strut shore up the wall.Fengjiao wishful thinking, and it was a piece of wood to crumble.She can not wait to kick put the wood aside, but the one in front of so many folks face she did not dare to do so; and secondly, she was afraid to kick wood, walls will fall down and killed himself.Back home, Feng Jiao eat is not fragrant sleep instability, how can we put the wood to move away without being overwhelmed by it wall?She would like to think, ah, suddenly thought of a big bull, frowned and got the idea a few days later to night, Feng Jiao wait until the middle of the night in bed, finally lost patience and begins to climb up on the bed, put on clothes , bring a flashlight, went to the old house.Feng Jiao first four with a flashlight according to a photo, no one, then crept to come to the cattle pen, pulled out the keys to open the door, taking advantage of the dim moonlight to pull out the big bull, led to the west wing of the Wall side.Feng Jiao up cattle next to the wood Flanagan at the wall, then pumping it through very far with a whip, we want it to run forward, knocking down wood Flanagan.Such dead cow down the wall, slept in the room of the old woman would kick in until dawn others found, would be seen as cow ran rodeo break the curse, really anybody knowing it.But she was not even drawn a few whip, that cattle would not go, apply again and again, cattle move around, but look back, do not run into the wood Flanagan.Feng Jiao furious, thinking of her little one, thought a sure way.Then I ran home, got in the root of the thumb thickness Gala Li rope, twine carefully put in a line on the wood, and then following up cattle wall, the other end of the rope system in the neck of the cow.Then she went to the front of the cow, straining to move forward pulling rope cattle, cows are forced to move forward, tom bang, wood crashed and fell under the pull of cattle, but strangely, that wall did not fall, still sit safely stand there.Feng Jiao disappointed, it seems that old fool duong tho not tried it, she had to walk past, trying to rope down the solution, creating the illusion of naturally fallen wood.But just when she walked beneath the Wall Solution that rope, suddenly too big bull went under the wall, made a move to her surprise: it firmly against the wall with a body rub, which, boom bang, that the wall fell down suddenly, Feng Jiao were buried alive inside, and that cow was surprised to find the line machine, fled in panic.

By honing suffering soul

Looking back at my life, Kyocera since its inception, in order to allow employees to be able to create a work of outstanding enterprises peace of mind, my tireless, hard work.    Thanks to the assistance of all parties, companies grow quickly.Many employees not only get a guarantee on the material, but also for the future is entrusted with the dream, are working diligently every day.    However, enterprises bigger and stronger, the ultimate goal is to do it in my life?When I ask myself again, I think the conclusion is negative.    If someone asked me: What is the purpose of life is?I would not hesitate to answer: honing his soul.    No matter how much accumulated possessions, status, fame, can not be taken to the world.When death comes, you can take away the only thing the same, that is the soul.    Ushered in 74 years today, I think, death does not mean the end.All things of this world to create all abandoned, with only his soul departure, the beginning of a new journey.    If so, then, with slightly better than at birth, slightly noble soul to die, which is the purpose of life.    We encountered various tests, is the temper of our souls.Sometimes, we from the right path, then we should seriously reflect on, to continue to move forward.It is in the process of unremitting efforts, it reflects the purpose of our life.    Some people may think that life is suffering more than happy.Why is that they will encounter so much suffering it?They will even generate resentment.    However, it is this time, should have such a concept: suffering is God giving us the opportunity to exercise the soul.    How to take the road of life?My thinking is: the long journey of life, there are peaks and valleys, rough and rugged, we should be step by step, get down to move forward, temper the soul in the process, enhance the mind.    We need to temper the soul of life seen as a practice field, for their tireless efforts, more effort.In this way, as a traveler in life, we can truly feel the meaning of life, to spend a colorful and fruitful life.