Dumplings Wife

[REVIEW] Dragon Boat Festival is one of the four annual festival, is a traditional Chinese folk festival, is one of our traditional festival of Han Chinese, people usually called the fifth day of the Lunar New Year Dragon Boat Festival, also known in some places as also this festival “Dragon Boat Festival” and the “Festival day”, “Doll Festival”, “pediatric Festival”.  Myolie red, yellow wheat children, is the Dragon Boat Festival May tenth; door plug Ai, fragrant full house, Longchuan game radiant; night fragrant dumplings, Wu Liang package, peel rice dumplings wrapped in sugar; long years of happy life!I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival!    This is a friend sent me greetings and the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, read the blessing of friends in front of me seemed to smell the fragrance of a Unit dumplings, then, a yearning arises spontaneously!    Every festival pro, in our Chinese people’s eyes, care and miss the festival has become a culture, flowing in our blood!    Dragon Boat Festival is one of the four major annual festival, is a traditional Chinese folk festival, is one of our traditional festival of Han Chinese, people usually called the fifth day of the Lunar New Year Dragon Boat Festival, also known in some places also this festival as “Dragon Boat Festival ” section in days, ” Doll Festival ‘,’ children’s day ‘, etc..It is said that May is poison months, five days a poisonous day, five-day at noon is poison, ranking the end of the three drugs.Dragon Boat Festival is also called the “end of May”.And because May is the beginning of the whole hot day, five snakes become active, ghosts and monsters will be rampant, which will give a particularly cynical nor give children the ability to resist the disaster, we must end this day in May focus for the children to ward off anti-virus, and therefore, people again in May Dragon Boat Festival as “child Festival” or “doll Festival”.May 20, 2006, the State Council approved the folk have been included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.Dragon Boat Festival is also the official in a legal way to becoming one of the country holidays!    Dragon Boat Festival for different opinions, some say due to commemorate Qu Yuan, according to “Historical Records” and “Yuan Jia Sheng Biography” records, Qu Yuan is the grandson of the Spring and Autumn Period minister.He advocated the virtuous empowerment, Fuguoqiangbing, advocated Qi Gang Qin, vanilla aristocracy, who were strongly opposed, Qu Yuan was greedy resigned, were expelled from the capital, exiled to Yuan, Xiang River Valley.So, he was in exile, wrote a concern for the fate of “Lament”, “Heaven”, “Nine Songs” and other immortal poems, unique style, far-reaching (and therefore, the Dragon Boat Festival, also known as a poet).In 278 B.C., the Qin Army conquered the capital of Chu.Qu Yuan after seeing their country was invaded, heart, but still could not bear to abandon their homeland, in the May 5 this day wrote swan song as “Huaisha” bouldering vote Miluo River in his death, his own life to write the song magnificent patriotic movement.Legend of Qu Yuan’s death, Chu abnormal grief people have flocked to pay tribute to Qu Yuan Miluo River.Fishermen who is starting vessels, take the initiative to salvage his back and forth on the river Mami.Of these, a fisherman out to Qu Yuan preparation of rice, eggs and other food, “thump, thump” thrown into the river, that is to allow the fish to eat crab, lobster, it will not bite the body of the flexor doctor.People see below followed suit.An old doctor also brought a jar of wine on them poured into the river, that is to drugs halo water dragon beast, to avoid hurting flexor doctor.Later, for the fear of the dragon balls to eat, people come up with neem leaves board, Cai wire wrapped around outside, to develop into “Zongzi”, so after the fifth of May each year on this day, there is a dragon boat racing, eating dumplings , the custom of drinking realgar wine in order to commemorate the famous patriotic poet.Expression of the people who cherish the memory of loved!    This is just one of the legendary stories about the Dragon Boat Festival, now two thousand years later, the park in 2006, and then in the form of national legislation will be finalized this traditional festival, even a respect for history, but also of our loved ones miss the most vivid manifestation, is the most direct manifestation of human nature and culture!    Carry forward the traditional culture, it is one of the most direct symbol of national spirit, but also a historical responsibility, now is not the Dragon Boat Festival holiday in the traditional sense, and, like other festivals became our relatives, friends and loved deepest the thoughts of love.    Another four days that this year’s Dragon Boat Festival friends, to welcome the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival, every corner of the street has been picking up, sadly, some businesses take advantage of this holiday hawkers, deliberately raise the market price related items associated with the Dragon Boat Festival, take a glutinous rice as the price rise day by day, prices have become astronomical dates, dates turned up a pound of people think that price, his wife returned from the market have failed to have uneven, but this can not help it?Originally a period of deep feelings, reality always feel very much so, to see his wife’s situation like sitting next to the TV, I was also a look of helplessness!    Some businesses always like to make a fuss about our holiday for the Dragon Boat Festival is the same, turn a blind eye phenomenon, and some can promote the extension of traditional culture, but some may damage the image of traditional festivals most true in varying degrees, we helpless, but we have to think, because a traditional culture when it loses its meaning, even though the country then that is what is good form to record meaningless!A nation loses its own traditional culture like the blood off the outstanding missing source, it is a terrible thing!    Dragon Boat Festival is coming, write some text even my most vivid description of this festival, but also to bring my pen on the occasion of the current thinking on holiday, excellent traditional culture is everyone’s spiritual pursuit, we to think it, extend it, and then maintain it is a responsibility, a mission!    In my memory, the Dragon Boat Festival usually eat, “dumplings” based, of which there is an activity that day to come when the Dragon Boat Festival, our parents went early to cut the field of AI on both sides of the door, this in fact, the traditional approach characteristic of this crop and Ai have a great relationship, Ai, in some places, also known as mugwort, Asteraceae, perennial herb.Autumn flowering, whole aromatic odor, the aroma of rubbing thicker, leaves the medicine to medicine, warm, bitter, and the camp has blood, warm uterus, relieving wet function.Indications irregular menstruation, vaginal discharge embolism.Oil leaves the role of asthma, antitussive, expectorant and anti-inflammatory, a variety of moxa, moxa Ai column was made of burning moxibustion corresponding points on the body, while the hot gas temperature can reach through the blood, up through the meridians, let better blood circulation, which can treat a variety of diseases alpine.Shihai early with the leaves fumes in the countryside, it has a strong repel insects, kill bacteria and the role of viral suppression.    If we do a simple understanding of this crop Ai, the Dragon Boat Festival will better understand the origin of this plant and Ai Passion of the matter, a time when the Lunar New Year Dragon Boat Festival in May, Li is also the midsummer plague epidemic season, commonly known as “evil month”.So the “Big Day ceremony” on: “build orchid, also for bathing.”.The purpose of the cleaning bath, in addition to asserting poison gas, which is bad for the month of May, with Ai also taken measures against various diseases of positive prevention.    Now, to achieve scientific development now, measures to prevent heat has brought about a lot, but at the time of the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, some places still seem to be in a form on both sides of the door release Ai practice, however, is still interpretation of evil people in May bring day, relatives, lovers physical well-being of the most real blessings!    Dragon Boat Festival, still worried about heart and mind, miss, blessings of the text!    The end of this article, I hope my friends, when the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, physical well-being!    June 12, 2010 essay [Editor: Yuet Wah]

Do you like winter

Today is the beginning of winter, the winter has really come, think about this vegetation withered, flowers and birds gone, the world is not less of promise cheerful elements?In addition to winter Piao, silent, what is it desirable?Do you like winter? I like winter.In winter, you can put on your favorite colorful winter scarves, warm hid in his own self-cultivation own world quietly.But it was the winter compared to old age, it should be the future you and me, in fact, not so fast, not so terrible winter just natural and human law itself every season and stage of life has its unique charm, just enjoy, do not think the other is good. In fact, winter, sober, clean elegant, plain.It is like a cup like a touch of white tea, you need to savor, do not drink too fast too fast, otherwise it will feel tasteless, just fine chemicals, which it will gradually distribute sweet.Winter may want you to have patience and resistance at meditation, go alone, can experience winter serene and indifferent. Think about the silence of the snowy night, the winter sun warm day, no more than pursuits winter time, if there is no fog and haze days and then God grant us the sky was blue tile, plus earth goes to sleep, no noise, no bother, family members gather together, bags dumplings, boiled a pot of thick tea, joking frolic product for some time.Would not it be “Yang Hua Bai Ping snow cover” usher in “Another year of spring grass green.”!

Deciduous Zhiqiu

Morning, Wei Leng.    Looking back turn around, I give up and closed the curtain spring.    Inspired by a ray of light fog, walking, I walked into the autumn of the world.    Autumn road under my feet, the road is the kind of ‘light sand away the road dust’ like a mountain, the mountain despite rain washed was no trace of dust on, but the leaves have to stay on top, all the way to the left a full autumn leaves blots.Wind from the road leaves, leaves will immediately walk in the silence of the mountains with my feet.I do not know to follow their own wind or leaves.    Autumn and crystal clear springs, such as springs urchin in general, always so full of energy, vitality is so strong, it ran day and night in the mountain, the leaves will be floating on the water, and springs ran together, like a leaf boat, deemed the girl’s skirt, never-ending dance with his body, dancing is so light and graceful.    Autumn tree is the last coat of nature, despite the recession began, but his feet still deeply rooted in the soil, Siyangbacha head to the sky stretched, as if waiting for the emergence of dawn.Deciduous tree is the founder of the eternal, natural and ultimately, the trail leaves, leaves a thick layer in the side of the tree, with yellow, there are dry color, there are a few little pieces of half-yellow color is not dead, they each have a close hugged the body slowly turned into mud, they can end their lives in the tragic experience together.But they showed no fear, they used his crippled body warm each other with words and deeds of love inspire each other, they sang all the way to the front row, even if the upcoming incarnation in the soil, but technology was so calm and quiet, was so graceful of , of the world would be so moved.    Deciduous know, next spring their children and grandchildren will climb trees, but also hold up a green world.    If someone asks who understand the bleak autumn, my answer is deciduous!Only a deciduous to Zhiqiu!

Country lanes

Country lanes, with the mood of lazy walk.No trace of affectation, everything is so natural, I think I also.    When the sun came down, sunflower bowed her head, like a pregnant young woman, somewhat shy look.To see no one around, suddenly there is a feeling of want thief.Gently poke weed, and jump over the edge of a farm irrigation canal trail, I came to a place where sunflowers.I seemed so small, at the moment I reached out and took off once a sunflower, define my life will change.I can not suppress his urge to want to do in uprooted, like the monkey on his shoulder, like stealing palm-leaf fan, or screw head into the arms of the next sunflower?    I am a little tired of their ideas, are each thief before committing the crime are so entangled?    Or forget it, I think.Its so tiring, might as well do not be blue this country fresh air.    So when I climbed the trail, I found that I was in the middle of a large flock of.Although I looked very stalwart on the inside, those little sheep can one hide from me, I do not like life on Earth.Kazakh shepherd was a teenager, riding a white horse, singing I do not understand the Kazakh folk songs, from time to time make some loud whistle, directing the flock.    I would like to ask a whistle stopped him how could command so much brute?I was afraid to interrupt his pleasant voice!    I just want to start from tomorrow to be a happy man, or from now on?Is a minor carry a hoe hum, whistle or riding a horse name?    Came all the way, I do not want to understand.Only know that there is singing country lane, no comps, sings with the heart; country lane covered with poems, flowing creek in the field, hanging in the trees on both sides.

City “legless birds” under the bridge

Walking in this rapidly developing city, the hustle and bustle of a great space is perhaps one of the most commonly replaced each time through, is a kind of long stare, viaducts stalwart, heavy traffic congestion, flowing in the city every corner, but walking on a road, always through a familiar corner…..    Across the bridge in the city, filled with a lot of stuff dated overall total, beggars, hawkers and that everywhere lush plants, which are the norm in every city, over time, they will feel dull, but an industry practitioners back, so I kind of always find out the idea that this is a lot of money every city has a number of practitioners, relying on superb driving skills, living in the city, they have a precise name, call taxi driver, which is a mainly to the middle-aged group, they like me Useful food reform and opening up a bridgehead in this city.Only because of different occupations, means of livelihood just not the same.However, the extent of the needs of the customer point of view, people in the industry should be welcomed.With a motor vehicle and a binocular view of the Quartet, ears octahedral clever, he rambled ride on busy streets.But every noon, they will invariably come to the flyover, neatly arranged and the number of huge number of taxis parked in the street, squat with hands bites eating lunch.There are small Qi who squints in the car after the meal is finished, there is puff, is also useful in the hands of several bills dipped spittle who is more at home with the native dialect Dingning Zhao wife and children on the phone.Hunan staggering again in the ranks.In a taxi car, struck up a conversation with the master in the driving position, that he’s tough unknown.He said they just do not stick to the bird, always huddled in a small cramped driver’s seat, work up to ten hours a day or more.Lived two first-line life, it is a rental house, a wind and rain to accompany them to the taxi, as well as up to ten thousand dollars of the “elements of money”.Always make them like a top spinning forward, not the slightest neglect.In people who do not understand this industry, it seems a bit alarmist, of course I’m no exception, but it is really the norm in every city, but each city “elements of money” just not the same.    Although accompanied by changes in the work, I have lived in several cities in succession, but this is the first time I felt this group is not easy to survive.Put head around, how many like this group as hard to make a living, I think it should be a few.    Vehicles roaring past the car window, and footsteps on the sidewalk crowded rush of the crowd, one after another horn, stacked floor pavilion buildings, as well as the world’s best music from time to time came, filled with the city, accompanied by the rhythm of the city together running and people feel very impetuous.In this city’s breathing, he tells the story of an industry, where accompanied by a different kind of flavor, heavy rain beating on the glass of the front, slightly bent figure of the master shine unusual state, but this is a life of commitment to it, is put between the cities of infinite unexpected, until the car arrived at the destination, as if everything begins again, again and again alternately.    Inadvertently looked back still a steady stream of street.In the taxi master who wait for a red light, perhaps due to the exhaustion of the reason, being pulled out lighters lit cigarette dangling from his lips, the flames flicker moment, and see his premature graying Shuangbin.At this moment if he became a statue, set up in my mind. And I looked, it looks like no other.Suddenly a small sigh, a small city of people are not good living, bustling but that is only a human reality with another man’s fantasy.It makes me think of the parents thousands of miles away, they are still in hard to manage with this makes me feel warm home, though not rich, but contains too much affection, too warm, too many thoughts in a flash in my mind.    This is a lively land in subtropical marine monsoon climate, people from all over the world going to multiply life, this is a farming, animal husbandry and fishery occupies the southeast corner of the land, stands of tall palm trees tell the past and watching the changes now, and this is one full of hope land, the continued reform and opening up new wind blowing, people face the challenges, embrace the future, this is a promising land, people are hard-working, open-minded tolerance, this is a one thousand Wan stranger ten million inhabited land, willing to “tens of thousand, shelter the world are delighted Poor Scholar”.

Cheng pulls the old things

Thousands of days and nights, never seen you like butterflies fluttering in my window.I pushed open the long-closed window of heart, a burst of autumn seems to have hit, suddenly I feel so warm, perhaps too long to close the window of heart accommodate a bar.  In the early autumn of that round moon, I suddenly have the feeling array of pain, can not tell why, forget something, you do not come back yet?  Summer and autumn, the nature of the mountains and rivers fall imaging dress a bride to be married, at first glance, the mountains had put on golden dress, fields of crops with the joy of harvest tells the life of glory.  In September, ten consecutive days of rainy weather, has been completely wet this beautiful ancient capital, but also wet my heart, but moist tenderness grace of Qiu Ju.  Walking through the streets of Luoyang, next to one of the legendary cities with streets named, I slow Careless again and again as if looking for something, perhaps a person, perhaps some unforgettable memories.  That if I was in heaven being perplexed?Otherwise I will not suddenly have the feeling of heart bursts of pain, total determination to thoroughly forgotten, always inadvertently think they can.  All along, she is my shadow, not calm with me through the years.Sometimes always want from Pat is a writer, a concept to their own emotional story into a novel, it must be very exciting.  My story did not talk to anyone, just in time to open the annual Chrysanthemum, alone to the outskirts personally take Ju, into wreaths, put on your tomb.  Sometimes, I secretly told myself to forget you, next year, when no longer open to the Chrysanthemum mining Ju, can not listen to the command center of the brain, can not bundle their own.When Chrysanthemum bloom every year, no matter how busy, or traveling thousands of miles away, I will come back in time for the Chrysanthemum flower, for her taken to the undertaking of a bunch of chrysanthemums with dew.  Today, I still had left her pregnant with anxious I share the warmth, walking on the stage of life, over and over again bitter swan song written for her.  While a few decades ago, you go in a hurry, no time to do my bride.For decades, I can not get any messages from heaven for you, every time the dead of night, I just quietly opened the books that album, tears dripping on yellowing photograph.Time is past, it is impossible to change the star turn clouds, I stood helpless bridge, plunged into the memories of the old Cheng pulls things, the promise had been somewhat fragmented, but my heart is still deep bone marrow to you.However, I have not forgotten the original agreement, each year in the Chrysanthemum in full bloom, to adopt a daisy with dew to you.  I know deep in my memory, always moving collection of original TV drama, sometimes deep burn on heart, I know that only you can read my feelings at this moment, although we do not step into the wedding hall, leaving only some fragments, but I am also very satisfied, because you gave me the most beautiful on earth happiest time!  Everything has become memories, though I do not believe in Jesus, but I still have to thank God that he let me know what is love?

Candlelight smile

REVIEW mother, I listened to the sound of the leaves shake, shake out the window I saw the shadows of the trees.But now, I’m not afraid, I would not like before threw herself into your arms, keep your hands to drive away all the fear and cold.    Mother, out of the window windy.I can not hear you!Mother, bright stars outside the window, but you light up my?Like how many times the cold night, you lit my support for the tiny Candle?    Front desk lamp, very bright, bright cold.  And I, now, mother, I sit here, I can not look up at it, it’s bright glare.I just stared out the window and saw himself on the glass that strange.  Mother, I sat there, quietly think once everything; you can feel my thoughts right now?In this strange place, I miss you so.  How many days, how many times, so I am looking out the window, not the familiar footsteps, and no familiar taste.This is because without you, mother.  Windy, I can feel anxious when they squeezed through the door, they also left the children at home do?They are also looking for the ultimate rely on it?They go through me, and I told the outside world boring.  They come from?They go?  They may have been where you are, they can be piggybacked Your message?  They did not leave, they take the greed plundered all my temperature.  Table lamp was unmoved, quietly issued the same light, they looked swept everything.Without your caution, you do not care, life goes on as if the movie does not pause.In the exchange of light and shadow, but I lost myself.  Day is like a slide, a picture appeared, I clicked all tomorrow, but no new gratitude.The lights are too bright, I see a clear image of your face memory.  I lit a candle, candlelit find you in, my mother.  With wind excuse to stay, they coerced the candle, trying to tear, you want to take it together.Mother, if you are, you will stop working, the hands on the joint, muzzle candle, mother, you with their hands to build up a small lantern, a small flame will be proud of the jump, your finger cracks will be revealed red light, where every dynasty has not finished your story, you will be 11 projected on the wall image for my Kingdoms, as I speak.Change of hand, lively style, simple thinking, unbridled laughter.You faint smile, the number of hidden intimacy and love?  I grew up watching snuff, I quietly listening to you, you tell me gently to my future goals and plans.You smile, that you’re looking forward to it I was growing up, my mother?  Now, I am in candlelight, I was able to see the silly, able to measure the gap before and after.Yes, mother, you use a faint smile, little desire to encourage me, so I slowly grew up in a small meet in.  Mother, now, on the ground without your physique, just opposite the candlelight projection of my own, like a given set of puppets waiting for the next instruction.  Mother, I listened to the sound of the leaves shake, shake out the window I saw the shadows of the trees.But now, I’m not afraid, I would not like before threw herself into your arms, keep your hands to drive away all the fear and cold.  Now, I just sat quietly, watching the shadows shaking, thinking once.Perhaps, everything has been shattered reality in no time coordinate system, you will find nothing has changed..Grass still soaring with their height, their own little cloud still Guzhang cheongsam.And I’m still looking for that smile in the candlelight.[Editor: Can children]

Books (2011 Hubei college entrance essay)

My home study sounded the wall in my books, is a witness, witness Taoshu my history, my history also witnessed growth.    I do not know what kind of disputes and book previous life, cause I have no interest in a group of wild child followed the arrest of a bird on the tree river and shrimp during their childhood, but to focus on the book.As I searched all the silly like mad people may have books, avidly read books or that no skin or missing pages or illegible scribble comic, magazines, language textbooks, history books and even geography textbooks.Then these books after I read countless times, become more worn, stacked in a small house, it is my treasure.    Yet it is these books, paved a smooth ride, made me stand out from the many children in the same village, feet ashore, went to the provincial capital from the county, the township became the only female students.    My four years of college life has nothing to do with the Excursion, has nothing to do with the love affair, go hand in hand, or the multitude of books, his alma mater, the China division of books has always been second to none in its class universities in the.Entered the library, I just like the fish into the sea, found his home.Indus thick window shade, quiet reading room, the old paint must not recognize the tables and chairs, yellowed books through the hands of countless students, I left permanent memories.Encounter a good book has long been admired my holiday, and school book sale will be held from time to time for me as much as Carnival.Every time, I Chuaizhuo month’s living expenses (50 yuan), piles of books in a row patiently looking after those familiar with the title and author’s name, pay fifty cents or a dollar, Gorky, Pushkin, Zweig, Mayakovsky, etc. outsize great writer, it was a wonderful reflection of my Yi Tangtang bedroom, accompanied by my pillow (there is no other place on display), fresh in my dreams outer.    However, from high school to college, from bookstores everywhere in the provincial capital to the Xinhua bookstore only one prefecture-level city, I have never experienced such a festival.My books have reduced instead of increased, if a new book tens of dollars of high prices does not make me flinch, then those titles shocking enough to make me wince.Thick black school, teach you fraud, rich history, Aventure, you just grab the first thing on the line, as you can not let a second look, it is not even booksellers care of things.    More and more new books bookstore, and those great names have turned away from our book, those moving and thinking also step down the stage of history, we read power, wealth reading, reading impetuous, reading from that the secret of a variety of tricks, gradually, a book for us, is no longer a book, made for thin bamboo former butcher case, lady’s lap dog, myopia on large sunglasses, sink were fascinated by opium.Those who have gone through a century of vicissitudes of years, all the world has witnessed the joys and sorrows, cheer generations reading spiritual books people do?Those ink lingering fragrance of the book it?Soulful warble those innumerable twists and turns it?    Tonight, the moonlight, accompanied by insects, holding a roll of old books, half a cup of cold tea products, sages and worthies expanded spiritual dialogue, it is that you do?

Best of times, the most beautiful of their own

Wake up to, sunset has been warm pot of youthful, rippling, a man stood silently staring, rub it into the clear autumn dark eye, wind only rain habitat, formed the slightest hint of rain, gentle thoughts.Gentle, quiet, only the sound of sandy tidal pat.  Quiet very beautiful, Wan sleep, no noisy heart, silent.Not sad not happy state of mind to enjoy a touch of autumn silence, walking along the twilight, the sky and the sea unspoken feelings of each other in silence.Sunset reed wind and Yao, the autumn wind whispers also the fragrance.Autumn over the ear, such as tea-like odor smelling of precipitation.One of the most beautiful time, probably so, maybe is slumbering, she longed to fly light stretch and wanted to cross the sunset at the end, willing to do a bunch of Dihua bloom in this madding crowd dressed in Autumn Moon Shadow Lane, serene, gentle, chilly.  Withered petals, a lotus, the Tragic ending.And I, alone autumn calm, an atmosphere fascinated.Silent Hill is more, the water is more profound, eager smoke dispersed, leaving a calm.Heart, more quiet, quiet past are afraid, it will calm down a little bit dispersed.Everything is Shanfanjiujian up branches no longer tedious, not blazing sun, right and wrong are left to spend the time to heal.Your friendship between me, as the end of this Wang Qingqiu precipitation point of the ink have given many years to the fall of the lake levels become indifferent calm.And my mind, go with the flow more loving attitude, simple life.  You would like to pass along to bring a youthful heart, the place in the evening sunset Lake Placid Huanxi, busy busy corner in Lost prime time, do a spiritual life Hao Jie travelers.  Life is a journey, life is a silhouette of the trip. The people, it seems, there are four seasons.Four Seasons possession of mind, knowing bittersweet taste.We, more choice is no mention in the group were on the way.Looking reflection reflected on the water, the waves young thin cold section by section.Less time fine craftsmanship, solitude parallel, the achievements of a person’s temperament cool GuaWei.Quiet, it is a unique person Northland, like Heart Garden, joy silence, silent love.That year, someone has to break the boy’s flute late autumn, disrupting the flow of water go hand in hand over.At the moment, I suddenly remembered you, through another day like a drop of water falling in Autumn in crisp sound, and sincere thanks to all of encouragement along the way.Seen, you picked up the hairpin in the hair of a pink clouds for juveniles.  Less green, Akigusa also still flourishing.Aoyama only shadow, Swallow perched in a thicket of leaves.Carefully read the autumn under the white moon among pot of flowers overflow broken words, the wilderness coast of the stars blinking, the foot of the soil as well as yesterday, Yan pear rain leave a fragrance, seems to you through breath, still, like mint cool and bright, soft white, like the moon.Smoke rises gently floating in the river, low brow, I know that the wind will bring you the news.Like a person, has become the most monotonous melody autumn.However, you can not hear.When it before you write someone’s name in the Sansei stone, you will only doomed entangled in someone else’s dream.We meet each other in this life rub shoulders, and you step away, a look back you can see there is a man-made painted moon.But, after all, you never know, also not meant to turn around.Between people chasing each other with a dream, I do not want to wake up black and blue, more alone licking their wounds endure in silence, in the end, who is the title on your apex moon?  Shake off the autumn leaves, covering the same blue mind.Floc shadow displaced, the World bitter chapter written off, burning a light heart, a heavy past pages slowly burning, the mind looks more and more blurred, some people are increasingly out of reach.Reincarnation, karma phase transition, the wind blows, but a handful of ashes into the afterlife Chunni.Overlooking the river youthful, eye, passing a deep bay Hong; tears rolled into a Jianghao Han.This red ink who knocked Yan, dye penetration Manshan leaves, a river also washed youthful world Red Acacia endless pain.It found that when people come Pu Tizi is this, purely physical and mental.Go Shique is dust in the dust, life is a dream crazy bitter wind.Regret, Liu Yu Qing few achievements under the Bodhi tree beings, and more people like moths to a flame, cut, and chaotic.I, however, was a dust.  Cool autumn, the ripple time, noisy street standing knit time.Listen to crisp bell sounded repentant echo fingertips.They come, the security.On the road more willing to understand yourself, a little more compassion, harmony life.It is both a dust, but also free and easy in the dust.

“Base canteen,” the lonely beauty

In my mind, the “base” is a historical origin, cultural heritage, some kind of a symbol of the spirit of the word monument, which is reminiscent of barren mountain village, harsh environment, good honest farmers, soldiers of bloody war.Most important, it is reminiscent to that roar in the unique beauty of silence.    Our school, the “base” is composed of a plurality restaurant “dining room”, we love to call it “base canteen”.Its position relative to other canteens some remote, ordinary, or even hesitate to say some simple.They located the position of the foot, a number of restaurants reshaping a row, the front comes wrapped crooked rows of tables and chairs, dirty scenes, behind a group of trees with tall and straight out of the original, towering momentum, the row was crowded restaurant Against the background of trees seemed so insignificant, vulnerable, like a group to be surrounded by the enemy, scared paralysis of the legs remnants, so the embarrassed, embarrassed, full of fear.In my opinion he is so spineless, and the university’s newly built up style, exudes confidence in the taste of the cafeteria in stark contrast.    Our school, the “base” is composed of a plurality restaurant “dining room”, we love to call it “base canteen”.Its position relative to other canteens some remote, ordinary, or even hesitate to say some simple.They located the position of the foot, a number of restaurants reshaping a row, the front comes wrapped crooked rows of tables and chairs, dirty scenes, behind a group of trees with tall and straight out of the original, towering momentum, the row was crowded restaurant Against the background of trees seemed so insignificant, vulnerable, like a group to be surrounded by the enemy, scared paralysis of the legs remnants, so the embarrassed, embarrassed, full of fear.In my opinion he is so spineless, and the university’s newly built up style, exudes confidence in the taste of the cafeteria in stark contrast.    The first to go there to eat in the old university report on the first day to take me to wear, I still remember she asked me to eat.At that time I still do not understand a lot of things for the university, she will those college application procedures and the need to pay attention to things are all tell me, then took me to visit the school, taught me to know the way.In my opinion, she is definitely the future that most men like wife and mother.But unfortunately, he said at that school for a month, I know the road is not more than three, really a little confused.The only impressive, never forget that the first time she took me to dinner “base canteen”.Heart Antan heard: “worthy is the number one food goods!”In the beginning because they do not know what else the cafeteria located in the corner of this huge school, and he is a rare find, for fear of getting lost, over time they got used to in the ‘base canteen’ Tiandu Zi.To be honest, I really just started not used to eating in there, probably because facilities condition, I always feel that there’s something dirty, smelly, then my heart will not consciously think of waste oil, I added to my heart that points nausea.But after all, emotional animals, stayed there two months later, I’ve been able to find in other stores can fill my stomach the cafeteria, I found that I actually can not do without some reluctant even some where the.This is what I had never expected!    Perhaps because in that short span of two months, there are too many things that attracted me!    Base is very small, even cramped little narrow, but there were gathered from different parts of the boss, can make different flavors of snacks, as well as different sectors of the rules, rather regional characteristics!I was also able to meet this kid curiosity for different areas of knowledge to food.These are all attracted the arrival of my food goods.In front of several major is open a restaurant, which comes with a few barbecue ah, small stalls selling like pancakes Shandong.Intermediate selling drinks, followed by a noodle north.My favorite food before and two restaurants of the North Noodles.Two former restaurant food spicy, but tasty.Who told me it was a girl flavors!North Noodles has its unique qualities.The most important, some aspects of which several shop owners temperament and temperament is very appealing to me.    North Hall lived aspects are “man”, say things neat, is like pulling a voice to speak to others is a direct feeling.Otherwise it will not directly at the door hung a sign: “face the museum bandgap all food, otherwise confiscated!”At first, I think this family is sick now, the rules also eat something so much, made dinner here also appears to be particularly valuable as!And my heart still thinking, certainly not more in this rule, engage the shelf noodle eating.Then listen to my roommate said, “This is north of the rules, this is a common phenomenon in the north, this is the people follow their own customs, you do not make a fuss!”After listening to her, then I’d feel a little embarrassed for my own ignorance, and so I thought this noodle shop to a sudden and devastating bit of respect.A few minutes later my eyes have looked at the piece in front of the plaque, then firmly into prepared beef noodle eating their skilful manual.To the surface, I asked Aunt: “Auntie, you are a northerner it, why have such a plaque hung it fast in the South?”Auntie smiling at me, he said:” My home is in the north, although his family lived in the South, but is powerless to change long-term habits, but also a home to read to!”I saw her smiling while chatting with me while readily give me scoop a few tablespoons of beef.Roommate next Zhizhi, Xiao Ming, had red eyes and know your mouse are the envy of jealous hate.I am unique in my treatment was secretly delighted.    The first restaurant I first met was an old couple Shandong.Because often there to eat pancakes, I always forget to take money’s sake, often eat there again pay the bill, but next time will pay them on time, grandmother and grandfather So remember me, so trust me, and I also became good friends, every morning to teach four classes, take the piece of the street, they would say hello to me, makes me feel good every morning special.We therefore conversational up.Each week even if not hungry, I will go there several times holding field, then chat, be thanks to this elderly couple.And they will be on my being, encouraged me to work hard in school like.    These small action to me is not no little touches that make me feel warm in a strange city, in a way please let me alone invasion.But I had moved to the base, far more than these.    Another time I was impressed by the time winter break fast at home last year.I remember last year did not buy tickets because I had to fly back to Yunnan Chinese New Year, when the last day and they say goodbye, and I always like a second home for dinner in the restaurant, but the meal card money, less a few cents, in advance I did not know, Who I was a little confused sometimes in life it.Not any have any money to pay him, I asked receivables Can uncle next time comes along, he was very refreshing and slightly graciously said, “It’s okay, baby, soon after school, when I ask you this meal!”Then smiling, say hello to me to say goodbye.I am full of gratitude to him, but do not put money against his party, always a little ashamed credit behavior.    Take the time to be strong in my heart suddenly remembered the supermarket to buy a day before a meal to eat duck neck, the kind of special spicy varieties, but I only with a card, no money, I told him: “Uncle, can I put the card first put you here at night to get the money to you?!”It was a look of happy owner immediately become a zombie face, as if who owed him one million, would also cut my hands ready to duck neck, immediately set up his legs, he pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, gesture flexibility to playing under lighter, and as fiercely as marijuana cigarette to puff, staring eyes like beauty, like peering.People want to catch the pair of ghosts look out, people looked at nausea and vomiting, and my heart hated teeth itch!Of course, I’m really greedy and there are not enough factors to!Remember the incident, then the attitude of the base relative ratio uncle, said that if the “tall” in tilted his legs to sell things uncle gave me the impression that some heartless, cold, let me slightly disappointed if human , then the base of those who gave me the impression is more of a simple, kind, tolerant, generous and beautiful.I love them dearly, like love my family.    Let me want to stay there another reason, because that is where the night.Every night the evening, when 90.1, almost invisible shadows School Road, mountains often nameless wind blowing a few shares, which makes the confetti hit the ground spinning, dancing jump.Occasionally, a few hypertrophy rats will jump out live scurry about it, and then proudly return to his secret cave.In such cases I saw a few back.But the base will still stood a few old records, that’s some of their classic songs.I believe that to some extent these songs are written in their hearts that some kind of complex about their age.This form of seed playing music, or so the old record player, I really have not seen.Since I can remember, most of them are more directly with computer.I do not know is not out for one particularly miss the old things, often, I have to listen to these songs, rather than fill the stomach, in the evening to go there late at night alone in a cool, despite those classic music in my ear spiral.Listening to the lyrics, my mind almost always from time to time some old music scene that appears in.I think I probably there is some kind of warm feeling of the old stuff, this complex enough for me to suddenly burst into tears at some upscale places, enough to make tears.I think this feeling is worthy of people in intensive care.    Later, the first base because the restaurant business is operating bleak and transferred to another home to a group of slacker, every morning, do restaurants have already began to raise when they get up, and the group of people occasionally forget to reprove each other to work less , each time complaining about it.For nostalgia for the past that restaurant, although for the people, I will go there from time to time to eat breakfast, want to feel a certain sense, but the result is indeed they even went to brush my card to be passing the buck to each other about it!Then I had to help their own credit card, be paying the!Still later, I heard a base to accept reform, the new boss for sale again to someone else….    Yes ah, new things are always in place of the old things, new people are replacing the old one, compared to new things, old things are always lonely, he is not to be understood, not valued people, and They are ignored, forgotten, or even eliminated.We like to accept new things for its fresh, exciting as well as advanced, adapted to the trend of the times.We rarely even stop feeling lonely secluded corner of the city in which the unique beauty of the hustle and bustle of the world.We gradually lose that feeling lonely even things sensibility.As everyone knows, deep in our hearts, we miss is the old, things that have a particular significance, not only because they have our unforgettable experience, more experience because there are honest, kind, beautiful people, has spawned over our deep friendship.In fact, maybe in the end we will find that we are in need of food lonely existence, the value of which has its own existence.    ”Base canteen” is lonely, it is walking on the road gradually being forgotten; it is also beautiful, as compared with those emerging in people and things, it is easy aphrodisiac, let nostalgia, people to tears.